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Openhaus Pro Podcast — Greg and Tracy Welch from Step by Step 3D17568

Heber City Utah
Carson private msg quote post Address this user
This was a fun convo!

Step by step 3D
Openhaus (Openhaus for Matterport Service Providers)
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Osaka, Japan
Meidansha private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you for sharing this video.

For me it was interesting to understand where my local market maybe going in the future.

At this time where I am in Japan we are in a much earlier stage in the development of the market.

Most clients are not aware of Matterport or even of the technology to show buildings in 3D in general.

Against this most small companies do not have direct control of their websites so even introducing an iframe to a webpage may lead to an exhorbitant fee bigger than what my company charges to scan a facility.

Typically MSPs in Japan charge close to 10 times what is charged in big US cities for scanning but with less than a thenth of the demand. I had two months last year without a single order but I did 100,000 dollars total revenue for the year.

In this respect I hope that companies like Open Haus will continue to offer solutions that I can offer to clients that have particular needs as I am not able at this time to create a mass produced solution to suit a large number of clients.
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Heber City Utah
Carson private msg quote post Address this user
@meidansha, of course! We will keep trying to share content that might be helpful to the WGAN.

Very interesting to hear about your experience in Japan. Congrats for the success over there. If you happen to have any requests for the Openhaus team, just yell. We're actively building the features / capabilities that are of most value to msp's everywhere.
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Club Member
Buffalo, New York
GETMYVR private msg quote post Address this user
I'm always looking at the local market and 98 plus percent of agents still are not using 3D tours. So the opportunity all across North America is still in its infancy. Matterport is the gold standard, and I'm very content as an ambassador for their platform.
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