I’ve been asked to use MPEmbed to augment a Matterport tour for a data facility, but I’m a (brand) new user, and I’m struggling with figuring it.

I would like to hire someone as a tutor to help me learn the best way to build this tour and coach me through this project:

The data center has six key rooms with engineering features that requires explanation.

It contains long hallways of dead space connecting the rooms, that would ideally be skipped or sped through in the tour. I will be collecting thermal and drone images to use to supplement the audio narration.

I would like the guided tour to be able to take the viewer to each major room, and on entering the room they’d hear the audio narrator and see images of supplemental info.

When the narration ends, I’d like to move them to the next room. I’m not sure if all that is possible, but that’s the kind of experience I’m trying to curate.

I’m brand new to all of this software and would be grateful for any help or ideas: trying to learn new skills without a guide is tough!