TRANSCRIPT: Hey there wanted to show you the manage client accounts page. So if I scroll down once i'm in my dashboard scroll down and you can see this client account section i'll click manage client accounts here and what you can see is it will list all of the client accounts that my portal account has access to and that i'm managing.

The way you can think about this is your portal account is like your businesses account it's your account and then you have sub accounts which we call client accounts.

So all of your clients accounts are listed underneath your portal account and so here there's a list of some demo client accounts but on this client accounts page you can see a list of all of the clients that you are currently managing, you can also add a client account right here.

I'll click that, it takes me to where I can add a new client account but if I go back you can see I just have a list of all of my client accounts right here, so what i'll do is i'll kind of demonstrate what you can do in each row. So if i click on this Austin Avenue one on the bottom I can manage the styles for this client account.

I'll go back, I can manage the matterport connection for this client account, I can manage the forms for this client account, I can either view the responses to forms for this client account or I can actually manage the forms themselves for this client account and then i can manage commerce for this client account and finally i can view orders so this commerce section and this orders button. They will only be enabled if commerce has been enabled for your portal account.

So anyways this this page pretty self-explanatory but this is kind of the the center of all of your client accounts and gives you quick links to be able to manage the styles, matterport connections, forms commerce orders etc for that client account.

As always if you have any questions about client accounts or managing anything in your open house portal please hit us up in the chat, thanks!