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Transcript: Meet-Present-Collaborate Inside Matterport Tours via SuperViz17053

Atlanta, Georgia
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WGAN-TV | Meet, Present and Collaborate Inside Your Matterport Tours powered by SuperViz | Guests: SuperViz Co-Founder and CEO Russ Rive and SuperViz Head of Sales, marketing and Customer Success Marcelo Franco | Episode: 151 | Thursday, 30 June 2022 | SuperViz website

Video: SuperViz Recording During WGAN-TV Live at 5 show (above). Video courtesy of SuperViz


Video: Meet Inside a Digital Twin with SuperViz for Matterport! | Video courtesy of SuperViz YouTube Channel | 29 March 2022

WGAN-TV Live at 5 | Meet, Present and Collaborate Inside Your Matterport Tours powered by SuperViz

Hi All,

(Transcript below)

1. Do you have a need to meet, present and collaborate inside your Matterport digital twins with a sense
of presence?
2. Would you like to meet with multiple participates within a Matterport digital twin?
3. Want to get started today?

On Thursday, 30 June 2022, my guests on WGAN-TV Live at 5 [5 pm ET] are:

1. SuperViz Co-Founder and CEO Russ Rive and
2. SuperViz Head of Sales, marketing and Customer Success Marcelo Franco

Russ and Marcelo will show and tell about SuperViz: video conferencing designed from the ground up for spatial data.

WGAN-TV Live at 5 | Meet, Present and Collaborate Inside Your Matterport Tours powered by SuperViz

In addition to the demo, I will ask Russ and Marcelo about:

1. Participants have independent camera views and freedom of movement in the Matterport digital twin, as if they were really walking around the project.
2. Hosts can transport participants between Matterport spaces without changing meetings.
3. Lasers, avatars, and mouse positions are visible to everyone for directing focus and discussion.
4. Unique hover and click view options like follow-me, gather-all, and go-to allow for precise guidance of participants through the Matterport space.
5. All integrations include a full-suite of video conferencing tools including record, screen share, and chat.
6. Meeting set-up is instant with clickable links for participants.
7. Accessible to everyone - All you need is a browser to meet face-to-face inside your Matterport digital twins. No downloads or software necessary. Guests don’t need an account or technical experience, they just click the shared link and join you inside the project.
8. All-in-one pricing with unlimited meetings with up to 16 participants and simple set-up.
9. SuperViz API and SDK

Want to get started with SuperViz today?

1. Start a 14-Day Free Trial
2. Schedule a SuperViz Demo
3. SuperViz Pricing (scroll down)

Questions that I should ask Russ and Marcelo?


P.S. Assisting with the live demo on WGAN-TV Live at 5 will be SuperViz Head of Sales & Customer Success Marcelo Franco (@Marcelo)

SuperViz Links

1. SuperViz website
2. SuperViz on LinkedIn
3. SuperViz Co-Founder and CEO Russ Rive on LinkedIn
4. SuperViz on Facebook
5. SuperViz on Twitter
6. SuperViz YouTube Channel
7. SuperViz Direction of Marketing Áine Kmen (@AineSuperViz)
8. SuperViz Head of Sales & Customer Success Marcelo Franco (@Marcelo)

If you are a Matterport Service Provider, this is a "must watch" WGAN-TV show (above) to help you:

1. Increase revenue from existing clients
2. Get new clients verticals you are already shooting
3. Get new clients in verticals that you are NOT yet shooting
4. Differentiate your Matterport Service Provider business
5. Earn recurring revenue

Visit to get a 14-day free trial and/or sign-up for a 1:1 conversation with SuperViz


Transcript (Video at the top of this WGAN Forum post)

Dan Smigrod: Hi all. I'm Dan Smigrod, Founder of the We Get Around Network Forum. Today is Thursday, June 30th, 2022, and you're watching WGAN-TV Live at 5.

We have an awesome show for you today: Meet, Present, and Collaborate Inside your Matterport tours; powered by SuperViz. And here to talk to us about how to do that.... Russ Rive, Co-Founder and CEO of SuperViz. Hey Russ, good to see you again.

Russ Rive: Good to see you, Dan. Always a pleasure to be here.

Dan Smigrod: And, Marcelo Franco, Head of Sales for SuperViz. Marcelo, thanks for being on the show today.

Marcelo Franco: Thank you, Dan

Dan Smigrod: Before we jump into a tour and I'm super-excited to jump into a tour not only of the front-end but of the dashboard back-end of SuperViz, Russ, how about giving us the big picture on SuperViz?

Russ Rive: Great. SuperViz – an easy way to think about is; we've created a simple system that's very similar to video conferencing, but it's designed for subjects when the location is the subject, so we really have to be somewhere together.

Almost as if it was a mini-group teleportation machine running in a browser. The idea of – we would love to meet some way remotely, but really have the sense of presence and talk about it. That's what SuperViz really tries to recreate. The sense of presence remotely in many different 3D contents.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. I'm ready to teleport into a location and have a conversation. Perhaps you and Marcelo could take us on a demo of SuperViz from the front-end?

Russ Rive: Yeah, I think I'm good. Let's just jump right into it. I think the best way to know what SuperViz is, is to see it. What I'm going to do is share my screen.

Russ Rive: In this case, a Matterport tour, that should come up on your side. I'm in a Matterport tour that I've pasted inside a SuperViz and generated a SuperViz meeting link. Send it to Marcelo.

You simply click that. The experience for him to come into this meeting is the same as you would expect from a video conferencing system.

It'll give access to the microphone, camera, and that's it and you're inside of it. You can see here we are walking through a Matterport tour, as you would expect it to work.

The difference here is that I have Marcelo in here with me, so there's two of us and you can see Marcelo walking through the space.

Now, every one of us has loaded the tour individually. When I'm looking around, it's as if I'm there, I can look where I'd like, Marcelo is looking somewhere else and so you really recreate that feeling of being somewhere together.

Now you can see Marcelo's avatar here, so I know where he is inside of the [Matterport] space and the little laser pointer is showing where his mouse is, so that's really useful too.

So not only do I know where he is, which way his head is pointing, but, I know exactly where his mouse is pointing as well. For example, if I come and say, "hey Marcelo, take a look at this pot plant on this table over here with my mouse."

He would see that too and you can see his mouse is moving over that as well. It's very easy for us to have very context-specific conversations inside the location. As I'm moving around here, say I was a real estate agent giving a tour of this house. What we want to try and recreate is being there together.

Not just send someone a Matterport tour link and then ask them afterward what it's like. It'd be taking someone down the street and then tell him, "take a look at a house. Call me when you're done." In this case, we go in there together, so we are free to look around.

Say I wanted to give a tour to Marcelo and I would like him to follow me around the place. I can activate the Follow Me function, so if I click the Follow Me and I could either follow Marcelo in this case is following me. You can see he is joining me here.

But again, this is not a screen share follow me. He's still looking around. As we walk through the space, he comes to the same coordinates, the same scene that I am in. I'll walk quickly here and you'll see he'll come over. If I turn around, you'll see him.

Marcelo will come down the corridor and join me, and this entire time he's free to look around. Just like you would if you were actually in the space together. I'm not locking his view into any specific place, so if I'm trying to sell this house to Marcelo, he doesn't have the feeling that I'm controlling everything he's looking at. He's still free to look around.

He's not looking through a special lens that I'm only pointing out the wonderful things and hiding everything else he might not like.

But he's free to look around as if we're on this tour together. Like I mentioned, I can unfollow, we can decide, or in this case, now, I'll give Marcelo the buyer, the opportunity to lead.

Marcelo, why don't you walk around the place. In this case now, I'm following Marcelo around. Again, I'm giving the other person the freedom to control the tour and me as the consultant, as the person helping comes through and be able to see where he's going and again, I can decide where I'd look and we can have a discussion. You can imagine this is useful in many ways as it would be useful being in any space together.

Maybe we're in a situation of a real estate agent selling a place. Maybe it's an interior decorator that's walking around my place with me remotely and we are discussing the furniture – thinking about what we could do – what we can change.

Maybe it's a home improvement person. Maybe there's a crack in a column and I'm calling in a structural engineer. We walked into this place together and simulating an on-site presential meeting, which is the last frontier of remote video conferencing experience.

It's just when you actually have to be there together, that's what SuperViz is trying to do really well and really make that really simple and easy to do.

If someone's never heard of SuperViz, even though it feels a metaverse avatar application, if someone hasn't experienced that before and you invite them to a meeting, they simply open the web link, allow access to the camera and microphone as if there we're joining any video conferencing system and that's it. They're in. They're there. There's nothing to download or to install to start using it.

Dan Smigrod: Can you use all the Matterport controls in the bottom left? For example, if you went to the dollhouse view and you wanted to get back outside to the patio?

Russ Rive: Exactly, absolutely. All the Matterport functions work here. So if I go to the dollhouse view, you'll see here. For example, if Marcelo goes out on the deck in the house right now, but if I move around.

Marcelo Franco: If you zoom, I'm there. If you zoom in.

Russ Rive: There he is. You see Marcelo walking around the house. You can actually see them in the Matterport 3D dollhouse view. Here he is. Even in the dollhouse we still maintain the three-dimensional space data of where everyone is.

So I can see Marcelo's now in the top bedroom and I could jump straight to him. I can say, "let me go straight into this room. I know Marcelo is right there." If I turn around; there he is. Floor plans, measurements, all that stuff works here as you'd expect it to work inside of Matterport.

Dan Smigrod: Could be the other Matterport controls because I think of MatterTags. So, if I had a video or photo, text, etc.

Russ Rive: Absolutely. All the Matterport functionality will be working inside of here. Basically what you do is you prepare your Matterport tour using the Matterport Workshop editor, add your Matterport MatterTags. Anything that you want to customize in such a Matterport tour.

Once it's ready, you simply copy the share link into SuperViz. Generate a meeting link and that's it. I'll take you through that when I go into the back-end and the dashboard to show you how to add these projects in a bit.

Dan Smigrod: I see a menu at the bottom. It looks like there's lots of other things that you can do within a Matterport tour powered by SuperViz.

Russ Rive: -There's quite a bit here. I'm just going to go through these interface elements, and I think that'll be the best way to show you. Firstly, there's one over here, which just brings you back to a regular grid view.

There's moments when the discussion is between two people, and then you can have a real video conference and not be distracted, so maybe the tour is over, and now you have a human-to-human contact, you can choose to do that. Me, as the host, what's important is, different to other video conferencing tools, as the host, I am controlling the interface for all participants.

In other words, when I do this, the same thing happens to Marcelo's screen or anybody else that's in this meeting, so I can control the attention span of anybody I'm presenting to, anybody I'm trying to sell to. Now, no one's looking at the Matterport 3D model.

I know we're here. Now we're all able to look around again. A couple of cool things that we can do while I'm in here. Firstly, I'm the host. I could also pass the host onto Marcelo if I'd like to. In this case, I'm not going to let him become the host. ;-) I've maintained the power, but if I go along the bottom list here, you'll see there's a couple of things. Firstly, the first one we have here is being able to change the project mid-meeting.

This is really nice because the meeting is not associated with just one scan. You can actually change mid-meeting, so maybe I want to show multiple scans, multiple properties. I can do that without leaving the meeting and just going through selecting any of the projects I've added to my dashboard.

This is my car garage. ;-) It's a Lamborghini store. But this is a good example to show you all the Matterport MatterTags, so you can see in this case, all the MatterTags have been added here as you would expect. They work just as you'd expect. All the videos. All the images.

Marcelo is walking me around here. We can go and walk around. I can say, "Follow me. Let's go sit inside this one over here," and now I know Marcelo is going to be in the seat next to me, and we can be discussing. You'll see Marcelo's laser coming in.

That means he should be standing right next to me here. There he is, and now we're in here, and we're discussing everything. Very easy for us to change projects mid-meeting. The next one over is the video recording. What's nice about this is this is a screen recording of the host's point of view.

Everything that happens inside this meeting, from my point of view, gets recorded and saved as a video recording. Now what's nice about that is, it's not only saving the webcams, the conversation, the product, where I'm looking, but it also saves his avatar and where he's pointing.

This is really useful if you're, say, wanting to do change requests, approvals of something because it's not just the conversation. I know that Marcelo is pointing exactly at this table, exactly at the screen, and then says, "Yes, I approve."

Or, "This is what I want to change." The whole recording has actual three-dimensional context to everything that's been said as well, which is really useful.

Now I'll show you where to retrieve those recordings afterwards. That works just as you'd expect any recording to work. You go in, I'll say "Recording". When I start the recording, it'll tell Marcelo, "Hey, someone's about to record the screen." Everybody says okay, and it goes in and records that. Just going along the bottom here, the classic buttons you'd expect from videoconferencing.

Dan Smigrod: - Excuse me, Russ, could I trouble you to record a segment, while you're even going through a demo?

Russ Rive: - Sure. Here we go. I'll say "Record". Let's say I want to record where we are now, so we're in the Lamborghini. I'll start recording. You'll see it'll start recording. It'll let Marcelo know that we're recording, and there it is.

Now it's being recorded. You can see the little button is red. The timing there, we've got 5, 6, 7 seconds going and then after this is done, I'll show you where this recording is saved that anyone can retrieve it. The recording then can be shared through a shareable web link.

It can also be downloaded, so maybe you want to edit it, and chop it up. We give full access to the recording afterwards. I'm going to go ahead, and stop this recording. The recording has ended, and it's telling me that it's been saved. The other buttons here are pretty obvious. It's muting and unmuting my microphone; "Webcam", turning it on and off. We also have "Chat".

It's just the basic web conferencing stuff you would expect. As I'm chatting here, I can put in links. Now if I want to send you tabs, any PDF documents, things like that, I can just put the links into the chat as we're going.

Sharing my screen, there's many times, let's say, we're in here, and I want to, say, share the instruction manual of one of these Lamborghinis, I have full screen-sharing built into it as well. The meeting link is very simple. I just click that. I can copy the link.

Say Marcelo goes, "Wow, this car is amazing, I just would like my wife's approval. Let's invite her into the meeting." He would share the link, and she would just jump into it straightaway, whether she's on her phone, on the streets, in her laptop, it doesn't matter. The last one is the "Hang Up". Really, really simple. If you know how to use video conferencing, you're going to be at home using SuperViz.

Dan Smigrod: -Did I miss one? It looked like a gear?

Russ Rive: -The gear is the settings to change what camera I'm using, what sound device, speakers. It's basically the video conferencing device settings.

Dan Smigrod: -Okay. I noticed there's two of you meeting together, collaborating together within a Matterport space. Up to how many can participate and have this full experience?

Russ Rive: -Today, we let up to 16 people come to a meeting, so 16 webcams, 16 avatars. The limit is less a technological limit, it's more of a productive meeting limit that we've established. Imagine you start having over 16 people in this meeting with different avatars.

Everybody is trying to compete for space. It'll start looking like a Star Wars battle inside of this, and people get a little distracted. We have come up with a pretty neat solution to get around that, which we're calling the Broadcast Mode, which would be released in July this year, 2022, where we're going to have two different links very similar to, say, a presenter and a spectator link you might have in other video conferencing tools.

You'll have what we call a Presenter Link, which gives you a webcam and an avatar, so up to 16 people can be presented, but then up to about 250 people can be what we call spectators, which means they can log in, they have the full independent view, walk around experience.

From their perspective, looking through my eyes here is exactly the same, except they're not represented with an avatar or a webcam, but they're in the room together, as if they were ghosts in the meeting, so they can follow the presenters.

If I click "Follow Me", all 250 people will follow me around the room, and it's a nice way if there's some moment that you're, say, doing a product launch or a big real estate launch, and you'd like to invite 200 people inside here and not let it become chaos.

There'll be two different types of links that you can come into to experience them.

Dan Smigrod: -Will that Broadcast Mode enable literally hundreds of potential people?

Russ Rive: Yeah.

Dan Smigrod: So it's almost like an auditorium. Well, that's not really the right experience, is it? Because you do have the Follow Me experience.

Russ Rive: -Yeah. We used to call it Auditorium, but that really creates a separation between the stage and the people, whereas in SuperViz's case, everyone's together all the time. We just hide them.

Dan Smigrod: -So use cases for that Broadcast Mode; maybe I'm a real estate agent, I want to have an open house, starts at 2 p.m. I could actually publish that link in my social media and say, "Live guided virtual tour. Come Follow Me as I take you and other potential buyers through the house."

Russ Rive: -Yeah, we've also had use cases where a large developer is going to be launching an exciting new development, or an architect is going to be showcasing their design for the first time, and it's actually quite newsworthy. And so that's an example of someone doing that.

If you think of Matterport, it's not only limited to real estate, although it happens to be the number one use case, it's because it's about scanning locations, but we also have customers using it for museum tours, so you can imagine a curator of the museum giving a presentation of the art and then in that case, hundreds of people would like to come in.

An artist himself walking through the museum showcasing his art, discussing the art. Those are the kind of the things where there's a presentation that you mentioned that multiple people wanting to come in to take a look at.

Dan Smigrod: -I think in Atlanta, where I am, that real estate agents often have a lunch that they're trying to bring other agents to come see the property. It seems like SuperViz plus Matterport would be an awesome experience to be able to bring lots of real estate agents – one-time virtually – without the lunch expense.

Russ Rive: -Exactly. Also for training. Oftentimes, where, say, new real estate agents are joining or there's someone wanting to show how they show a place, what's the technique you need to be using. As a training tool, that's also very effective.

Dan Smigrod: -Were there other use cases that you had in mind when you thought about launching this Broadcast Mode feature?

Russ Rive: -It was more of coming from the customers asking us that they really like a way to be able to do it. There are many different ways.

Talk about different use cases. We have a customer that is a forensics course for crime scene analysis in a university, and she has a class full of 50, 60 students. They go through a Matterport scan of a crime scene, and she discusses it, all these different elements, what are the clues, and so that's an example of a –

Dan Smigrod: -Don't step on that. ;-) Don't step on that. ;-)

Russ Rive: -Exactly. That's an example where you're showing it to 50, 60 people at the same time.

Russ Rive: The thing about digital twins and this idea of meeting, it's a new concept and the more people use it, the more they realize that it actually applies to many aspects of life.

Anytime where the location is the subject of being there together matters., It starts opening up more and more people; as the first-movers topic, as it becomes more and more common for people to use these types of tools.

Marcelo Franco: -I have a quick comment here, Dan, that you also asked about the use case for the Broadcast Mode. It's funny that one of our first clients, when we started, is a school. They really used SuperViz to present their science fair projects and everything.

Most recently, we have a couple of customers who are using SuperViz and requesting for that Broadcast Mode also for education of kids, so they could take them places around the globe like to the Seven Wonders of the World, to Egypt, or whatever, and give them a class of history or geography or whatever inside those places virtually. It helps a lot with distance; education and all that.

Towards education is where we see the most interest, when we talk about the Broadcast Mode as well.

Dan Smigrod: -Awesome. Marcelo, Russ, before we do a back-end demo, the SuperViz Dashboard, the "secret sauce" of how all this magically comes together for the organizer, the user-

Dan Smigrod: Perhaps this is a good time to go back in time to say, "how did you end up here?" "How did SuperViz come about?" What problems were you perhaps facing that you felt hadn't been solved in that you wanted to solve?

Russ Rive: That's a great question. I've always been really fascinated in the human-computer interface, creating intuitive immersive experiences using technologies. We have a company that I founded before SuperViz called SuperUber, where we specialize in creating high-tech immersive interactive environments.

But think of most virtual layers of the real-world. Interactive museums, high projection mapping, all that stuff.

Then when VR made a big comeback, we thought, why don't we take all this design skills we have for thinking in 360 degrees and creating these immersive applications in the real-world and take it to the virtual world and see if we can apply it to that, and we did a little side project where we brought 360 degrees photos into an application, put avatars and played with it and started showing it to architects and to educators, and right away people saw the potential of this.

SuperViz actually started out as a VR application.

We started building it that way, and then very quickly we realized that it's a bit ahead of its time for VR even though one day I think, but once the form factor, everything gets there, this will be coming much more common, and we end up doing a complete rewrite to do it all through the web using WebXR.

Again, it has always been about solving – having to be there together; remotely problem, the last frontier of videoconferencing. Then when the pandemic hit, it just became even more obvious. It's like the one thing we couldn't do is get together in the real-world. It was like the one thing we couldn't do and SuperViz was really solving that problem.

It was really cool to see how it's helping all these people to be able to meet in the real-world and solve these problems.

Since then, it's really been an iterative process of building what we hear that the customers want, putting it out there, getting other feedback and just iterating and iterating. You can see how SuperViz started out as a dedicated Unity VR app and has become much more of a platform for integrating collaborative meetings – immersively – in existing spatial content.

Previously, we'd have our own world creator, now, we're much more interested in bringing multi-person collaboration to Matterport tours to 3D architectural files, to Sketchfab and all these other types of applications, which is also something that we won't really get into this that much, but we are building an SDK which will allow any customer to be able to build this type of SuperViz functionality inside of their stuff.

We have people building applications on top of Matterport already that are doing things like virtual staging and many other really exciting stuff using the spatial data from Matterport that are then coming to us, and we're going to be integrating the SuperViz functionality inside of their platform and offering it as a web service.

It's growing. The way we decide what we're going to be doing is really based on customer feedback. The first part is kind of a feeling of what you think the future and the vision of the future might be. We see an exciting future where the line between the real and the virtual, it's blurry.

The way we have multiple tabs of information on our browsers, we'll have tabs of realities running in parallel. We'll go in and out of them, turn them on as layers. We see a path to the future.

It's way out there and that's how the spark starts. But then you've got to build something that's real and you build the first little prototype of something, and then it's just iterative feedback from the market and the customers that are using it.

Dan Smigrod: I'm sorry. I missed what you said.

Russ Rive: That's how we got to where we are now, and it'll be as far as you're going forward again.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. I think that probably leads us to a back-end demo of the SuperViz Dashboard.

Russ Rive: Yeah.

Dan Smigrod: I think while you're calling that up, I'll go ahead and mention because you had mentioned being able to use SuperViz with CAD files,

Dan Smigrod: we're going to do another WGAN-TV Live at 5 show with you called: AEC Team Meets Inside Your BIM Model Powered by SuperViz. That's on Thursday, August 18th, 2022. Super-excited about that show: the ability to meet within a space that doesn't even exist yet.

Russ Rive: Yeah.

Dan Smigrod: Take us through the SuperViz Dashboard. What are we looking at?

Russ Rive: Basically I've just logged into my account and you can go to this site and create a free trial and do this yourself. But I've logged into my account.

This is the SuperViz Dashboard. These are basically all the projects that I've linked to my SuperViz account that I can create meetings inside.

Now in the case of a Matterport integration, it's really, really simple to add projects. Here is a Matterport tour I got online.

You just take the share link; copy the share link. I go to my SuperViz Dashboard and I said, "I'd like to add a project." And in this case it's a Matterport project. I just say, "I'd like to add a Matterport project." I'll throw in the share link, create it, and that's it. Bam, it's in my SuperViz Dashboard. That's as simple as it is to put your projects into the SuperViz Dashboard.

Once it's there, you can choose to create meetings. I say "Start an Instant Meeting", or "Create a Meeting link for Later". Starting instant meeting does exactly what you expect. It'll start a new meeting. You'll see it looks like a video conferencing system.

I copy the link, I share it with someone. They come in and we're in a meeting, and that's what I demoed earlier. I had jumped straight into what you saw earlier. The other option is to say I want to schedule a meeting. You said create a meeting for later.

Again, copy the link, throw it into your calendar, send it to someone, and that's it. The meeting is scheduled. The interesting thing here too is you'll notice that this is a different ID for every meeting link that you create. If I can copy this link and send it to someone, and then if I click it again, it's going to be a totally new ID. Every time, there's a totally new one. I can show the same house to multiple people on the same day and not have to worry about them dropping in while I'm speaking to someone else.

Everybody has their own unique ID, which is their own instance of a meeting. It's as if you're creating a property and creating multiple parallel universes of this property.

Something you would not be able to do in the real-world is have five different agents showing the same house at the same time. Whereas with SuperViz, they would be in the same house at the same time, but because they have different meeting links, they don't see each other. They'd silos in-between them.

It's also a way for you to send appointments to multiple people and not have them show up while you're still showing the place to the previous person.

That's also nice about the SuperViz virtual meeting. That's as simple as it is to get the meetings in here and create meeting links. We also have a Workspace.

This is all based on a Workspace concept. In your Workspace, you can also control your members. Members are people that can come in and host meetings.

For instance, these are all the members in our Workspace. These are people that can either come in, create projects, edit projects, create meetings. Every one of these members have a subscription to be able to host meetings, but then they can host as many meetings as they'd like with up to 16 people within many projects, so it's really easy to do.

But also you can control access to the projects based upon members. I can go in and say, I would like to edit the project. I would like to manage the members. Which of my agents can see this project? Which of my agents can then go ahead and host tours inside these Matterport projects? You can do that per project. The next one over is the recordings.

These are all the recordings that we did during your meetings. You can see right here is the one we just did earlier, the Lamborghini, Mexico City, I'll go ahead and press "Play". You'll see it'll bring it up. Here it is. It's showing me the recording.

Dan Smigrod: How would you share that video with me?

Russ Rive: Yeah. Here I can say I'd like to share it. Then share, I can say, well, let's make this a public shareable link. That's it. I copy the link and I can share it to someone. Now this video is public. I mean, it's a very obscure URL ID so no one is going to stumble across this video, but if I share it, anyone who has this link then get access to it.

Dan Smigrod: Now that says a link. If I wanted that as an MP4 file, do you have that option?

Russ Rive: You can download with full access. You can download the file and when you download it, it'll let you come down and have the file and edit it in any way you'd like.

Dan Smigrod: Marcelo, could you send that to me after this WGAN-TV show?

Marcelo Franco: Sure, no problem.

Dan Smigrod: I'll post that video in the WGAN Forum as well. Did that video include audio as well?

Russ Rive: Yeah. All the audio, all the webcams, everything.

Dan Smigrod: Okay. I think you had some other features within –

Russ Rive: Other settings down here are really simple. You just basically what you would like to call your Workspace. Put maybe a logo, that stuff, but that's pretty much it. I mean, it's a really simple but powerful tool. We've put a lot of effort into trying to keep it as simple as possible.

Dan Smigrod: A few questions because I still see some additional features within the SuperViz Dashboard. There's a filtering function –

Russ Rive: I can filter by the types of projects that I have in my SuperViz Dashboard. In this case, the Matterport projects. I can search.

As soon as I start typing. You'll see it start filtering them as well. It's really easy to find the project you're looking for to start a meeting inside of it. As you type it will start filtering them out. In this case, I have multiple Workspaces, so I can also switch between Workspaces on the side here.

Dan Smigrod: The examples of why you would have different Workspaces?

Russ Rive: We have situations where you might be part of multiple organizations. Imagine it is a company that has their projects, but you are an agent for people that have multiple SuperViz accounts. Maybe I'm selling properties for company A, but also for company B and their Workspaces are separate.

We also have a SuperViz Partnership Program where Matterport Service Providers or any Partner really can come in and partner with us to add SuperViz as a part of the service that they're offering their customers, whether it's reselling SuperViz or whether it's a value-add and bundling it.

In that case, they could create a sub Workspace for every one of their customers to organize it. When their customers login, they have access to only their Workspace, but then as the partner, you can then see all the Workspaces that he's managing as well.

Dan Smigrod: I'm a Matterport Service Provider. I'm watching this show on WGAN-TV Live at 5. I go, "Wow, SuperViz! That's awesome. How can I make money, get new clients? Do you have thoughts on this topic?

Russ Rive: Yeah. Everyone is slightly different. Like I mentioned, we have a SuperViz Partnership Program. The simplest form is just if someone would like to say just re-sell SuperViz.

We have a SuperViz Partnership Program for that. What I think is more interesting is when people are bundling SuperViz into their existing services package that they offer. If a service provider includes the scan, includes the hosting, includes the support, and then also as a value-add includes the ability to meet inside of Matterport space. They've been bundled as part of their package.

Then we just deal directly with the partner for them to get their subscription at a discount. Then they can bundle it in price and add value in any way they'd like on top of that.

We also, in that case, offer them a branded experience so they really can offer the customer a complete experience from their point of view with the customer's brand or their brand in that situation.

At that point they can put it inside of a larger package of services anywhere they would like as a differentiator for them.

Dan Smigrod: Marcelo, additional thoughts on that?

Marcelo Franco: Yeah. Wow, it brings a lot of high-value, mostly for providers because you turn that marketing asset that the Matterport tour used to be. Instead of just being out there on your client's website, it becomes an actually very powerful tool for sales.

For example, if you think of real estate or museum guided tours or something like this. It would definitely bring a lot more value when the service provider is actually just selling the tour itself. Making that a lot more powerful and with a constant usage for their clients.

Dan Smigrod: That might be the difference between offering Matterport as a tool or offering Matterport plus SuperViz as a solution for meeting, presenting and collaborating within a Matterport space. Which seems like it is a lot of value-add for the client, particularly someone that's in a selling role that can do this virtually?

Marcelo Franco: Exactly.

Russ Rive: Absolutely.

Dan Smigrod: Then Russ, I think I heard you say differentiator. If I'm a Matterport Service Provider and there are a lot of Matterport Service Providers in Atlanta, then offering Matterport plus SuperViz may be a way to differentiate the offering that other service providers really don't have a clue about.

They haven't watched WGAN-TV Live at 5. They haven't figured out SuperViz adds a lot of value to the Matterport tour. Differentiates me as a service provider. If I offer that together, then maybe I'm moving my conversation from price to value to helping generate revenue.

Marcelo Franco: Exactly.

Russ Rive: We find it super-charges the value of just an individual Matterport tour and just becomes so much more useful. The value of that solution goes way up.

Dan Smigrod: My observations of looking at Matterport plus SuperViz from a Matterport Service Provider's perspective, I would say three things:

1) Matterport Service Providers should be offering SuperViz to existing clients as a way to broaden and deepen the relationship to add happiness to the client. Who then, perhaps, will either be having you shoot more Matterport tours or referring, recommending you as a Matterport Service Provider to other trusted colleagues.

Russ Rive: Yeah. I would also say retention is a pretty big one because once the customer starts using SuperViz and the recordings are in SuperViz and the whole setup, everything becomes very sticky.

For them to then have to change, it creates a barrier for change. If it's really working well, the solutions there, it's all integrated. It's just someone that's going to make them much more loyal customers as well.

Dan Smigrod: If you're a Matterport Service Provider and you've ever lost the client and maybe you lost it to another Matterport Service Provider – "Ugh! Somebody else is in charge and a couple of pennies less" and I lost them because I wasn't offering value to differentiate my agency; now by offering SuperViz plus Matterport, there is stickiness, that makes it harder for someone to want to move away from the relationship.

Russ Rive: Exactly.

Dan Smigrod:
2) The second piece I would say is, if I'm a Matterport Service Provider watching today's show, I want to be thinking, how do I get more new clients? Maybe Matterport wasn't sufficient – I was thinking, "oh, Matterport is a solution."

No, Matterport is a tool. That tool is not powerful enough for that client to say yes. But now that I go back and say, "hey, let me show you how you can meet, present, and collaborate within a Matterport tour." It really changes the dynamic to help get new business.

Russ Rive: Yeah, that's actually a really good point. If you, for instance, you're trying to sell a Matterport tour to someone and they've never heard of what it is and why it's cool.

This is a tool for you to show them. You can say, "let me show you what I'm going to do for you, and I can take you through my portfolio. Let me show you how my scans are better than what you've been shown by other providers."

It's a sales tool for the service provider. Let me show you what I do for you and take them into one of your scans that you're really proud of and set up a quick 15-minute tour, so the customer can go around and take a look at it. This is the experience that I'm going to be able to do for you to help close the sale to, then go out and do the scan. It becomes a powerful sales tool even for the provider to self-service.

Dan Smigrod: Even if I'm in an age of COVID where maybe some of my business development is actually done by Zoom, instead of meeting in Zoom and trying to share a Matterport tour and it's clugey and it's herky-jerky and it's not smooth that I could say, "hey, why don't we meet within a Matterport digital twin."

"Oh, what's that? I have no idea what you just said." "Well, here's a link. At 4 p.m. click on this link and I'll meet you in one of the properties that I've shot."

Russ Rive: Exactly. It's a powerful tool.

Dan Smigrod: It's a powerful tool to demonstrate the power of Matterport plus SuperViz as a way to perhaps get new business from clients in the category perhaps that you're already doing, but you're not getting.
3) What I really wanted to say is that the third category is to say, "how do you get new business within a different vertical that you're not presently doing?"

This Matterport plus SuperViz may be that way to break that barrier because you are just as you said, taking a meeting, presenting, and collaborating with a potential client within a Matterport digital twin.

Russ Rive: Exactly. The sales process is all about listening and communicating during that process. It's one thing if you send the customer a link and say take a look, this is what I do, and they go alone in a Matterport. The other one is you actually meet with them and you walk around and you hear them and you offer and your change. Then they say, I have a different scenario.

Let me show you another tour. Just keeping the conversation going. Even if in the end they decide all they want to do is hire you to do the scan, SuperViz is still a good way for you to show your work. Because there is a big difference between people that do this well and people that don't do this well when it comes to Matterport scans. If you are someone that has done really good quality Matterport scans, it's a way for you to showcase your work to customers.

Give me 10 minutes. I'll take you inside the property that I've scanned and you'll walk around and you'll have the conversation while the customer is looking, you point out why you've done a good job at lighting? Why did you do a good job at the lens flare problems? You can really point out your differentiator and your skills in Matterport scanning.

Dan Smigrod: Are there other reasons for Matterport Service Providers to discuss SuperViz? For example, the four things we talked about.

1) The first one is, you brought up, differentiate yourself from any other service provider to add value to your existing clients to keep it sticky so it's really harder for them to leave because they love what you're offering.
2) Two, to be able to get new clients and the verticals that you're presently doing.
3) Three, to get new clients within verticals that you're not doing where the power of Matterport plus SuperViz intersect –

Russ Rive: There is also an opportunity to add more revenue to the deal, and also recurring revenue. It's not a one-time Matterport scan. It's monthly recurring revenue that you're going to start getting on top of your customers because they are paying a recurring fee to be able to host these meetings.

It is an opportunity to increase the value of the deal size and turn a piece of it into recurring revenue.

Dan Smigrod: Perhaps it would be helpful if we talked a little bit about pricing and then understood that recurring revenue piece or at least in general. Your pricing is on the website. Do you want to take us to SuperViz and show us that, it's:
Three things at:
1) look around,
2) sign-up for a 14-day free trial or
3) sign-up for a one-on-one discussion. That presumably is NOT going to be a Zoom call. ;-) It's going to take place within a Matterport tour powered by SuperViz.

Russ Rive: Exactly. Our pricing is straightforward. It's very similar to, say, a Zoom subscription or video conferencing subscription.

We charge $25 a month, well, $24.99 for a person to host meetings. They can host as many meetings as they'd like to host with as many projects linked to their SuperViz Dashboard, it doesn't matter. They don't pay for the guests that come in.

That example that I did here earlier with Marcelo, I had the SuperViz account. He's a guest. We'd like to keep it really simple. Then with our SuperViz Partners, it's a partnership agreement.

There's a couple of ways we do it. Sometimes it's for packages, sometimes we do a discount on list price so they can up it when they sell to other people. If I take a look at –

Dan Smigrod: If you go to the Features tab and you can scroll down to the pricing.

Russ Rive: Starting a 14-day free trial is really easy. It's also when you start chatting here, Marcelo will start speaking with you. As we go down the page full of features you'll see here there's the – basically, we try to keep it as simple as possible.

It's $24.99 per month so you can have all the integrations that we have done. Meeting, recording, unlimited meeting times, empty theater, which is the broadcast which is coming soon.

Then for enterprise that's more, if we want to start doing things like SDK integrations, if you already have a tool, maybe you already have a very sophisticated listing website that has a scheduling button and all that stuff, that stuff will start getting into the SDK and custom integration. That's also really easy for us to do, maybe just through the API, maybe through the SDK, maybe you need white-labeling.

Russ Rive: We are trying to keep it simple.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. It's super-simple. Is there a limit on the number of Matterport tours? No. Is there a limit on the number of minutes of people communicating?

No. It's unlimited. It's very straightforward, $25 a month. You mentioned one of the opportunities for Matterport Service Providers is recurring revenue. You mentioned – and I want to say – an affiliate program. Do you want to talk about that or is that just to reach out to Marcelo, request a one-on-one meeting, and have that conversation.

Russ Rive: The basics is to reach out to Marcelo. But we try to make it work depending on the situation. Typically, the simplest way that we end up doing it is we just give a discounted rate. Even if they're just doing a straight partnership resale, there's still an opportunity to make revenue.

The more interesting thing is if you start doing something at scale or if you want to add it to a package of solutions you are already doing. But it's a conversation to have with Marcelo. We have a couple of template-style agreements, but we're open to discuss.

Dan Smigrod: I think I hear two, maybe three things, and sometimes this gets a little bit confusing for Matterport Service Providers. Let me see if I can either ask a question or clarify. If you're a Matterport Service Provider and you go, "Wow! I love that SuperViz thing, but I really don't want to incur the $25 a month for that client."

Yes. You can just show it to your client. Your client can subscribe directly to SuperViz and you can collect a percentage of monthly recurring revenue.

Russ Rive: Exactly.

Dan Smigrod: Once you've talked to the SuperViz team, Marcelo, for example. That's one option. Let the client subscribe to SuperViz directly. I think the option to which I would say you were recommending Russ and I would agree with you is just bundle that SuperViz into your quote.

Now, I recognize that it's hard when you're maybe talking to a residential real estate agent and they're used to paying per tour. They don't want something to do with recurring revenue and that can be a little bit harder. But broaden your mind to say, I'm shooting businesses that are on an ongoing basis, then there's an opportunity here for recurring revenue.

Dan Smigrod: This might be you're used to just charging a fixed price.

But you might come back and say, and for $25 a month, it may be hard to charge more than that because it's a public price on what SuperViz is doing. But hey, for another $25 a month paid to the photographer, you can have unlimited meetings, presenting and collaborating within your Matterport tours, doing both one-on-one or 1-16 people tours, plus coming soon.

Sounds like July 2022 is the Broadcast Mode feature. Works nice is an example with Open House to have a date, time, and place for everyone to come. That's an opportunity and you say, "well if I'm charging $25 and I'm paying $25.

That doesn't seem so good. Talk to Marcelo because he's going to give you a Matterport Service Provider special rate because you're offering your services to third parties and then you can make the difference.

Russ Rive: We also offer the custom branding, so you could actually brand it yourself if you want to do part of your offering in part of a package as well.

Dan Smigrod: In that case, would SuperViz be totally transparent? I'm not going to see any words that say SuperViz in any –

Russ Rive: There are levels so that the total white label, which means there's absolutely no SuperViz, is a volume commitment. It can either be a little bit more serious.

If you just want to put it like it's a custom branded, which means the URL, will say SuperViz but it will be your logo and on the Dashboards and things like that. That's much simpler. There's not that much of a commitment at that point. It all depends on the situation.

Dan Smigrod: Sounds good. It's really a conversation to say, "what's the problem or opportunity that you would like to discuss today and then we can tell you how SuperViz will work with you on that." There is really an opportunity to even at the level of $25 a month, to get a special rate, have it white-labeled.

This really may be new for many Matterport Service Providers that are used to, for lack of a better term, "I eat what I can kill." It's like you shoot, you get paid. You shoot, you get paid.

No. You really want to have your shoot, you get paid and you get recurring revenue, passive income that just keeps coming to you every month.

That may take you a little bit of extra effort in helping your clients buy into that. But, you at least have two options.

1) You can say, "hey, you can get it direct from SuperViz,"
2) but I'm a trusted, reliable source for you so you might actually buy the same solution from me, it doesn't cost you any more.

Yes, I get paid some but you at least you know, I'm around, I'm local to help support the process. Whatever that pitch might be. We talked a little bit about two different options for a Matterport Service Provider where they simply refer SuperViz to their client. I'm going to guess there's still a way for the photographer to get paid for that referral.

Russ Rive: Absolutely.

Dan Smigrod: Talk to Marcelo or bundle it, offer it yourself, and probably offer it as a white-label solution to your clients. There's a way to make money on that.

Marcelo Franco: Exactly.

Dan Smigrod: Was there anything else in terms of Matterport Service Providers meets SuperViz? I'll call it SuperViz affiliate marketing that we should cover?

Marcelo Franco: No, from our side one thing that is worth mentioning is that we help our service providers, like the resellers or the partner program with some marketing assets. Of course, they will have access to branded content, to videos, or to anything that will help them put that onto their website so they can also sell that faster. That also, we provide the type of help for them.

Dan Smigrod: Now, we may have covered this topic, but just switching gears, I just wanted to make sure we haven't left something off the table, which is that we talked a lot.

I've talked a lot about residential real estate. What other applications are a sweet spot for Matterport plus SuperViz for either a Matterport Service Provider, now that you're doing this, this becomes obvious or just in general, that someone is searching for Matterport plus live guided tour, stumbles on it and the We Get Around Network Forum use cases, is it generally by salespeople? Is it other use cases other than business development?

Russ Rive: As we started seeing that the real estate – the sales process was really powerful, we ended up looking at the whole value chain of real estate.

Everything from the moment that people are designing it, pre-construction, then remote construction management and accompaniment, which is a really nice place to get into as a scan service provider, because you need to go in every week and do a new scan, basically being able to keep up-to-date with the remote construction site.

SuperViz is really useful for that because all the stakeholders can go in, they can call in the architects, people can tour the place. That's something that people scan a lot, that's not just a one-time scan.

Dan Smigrod: Can I pause you there just for a second just to elaborate for a Matterport Service Provider that may not presently be doing weekly construction documentation or monthly construction documentation.

It may be helpful to know that often there are a dozen or so stakeholders that meet regularly, including the owner of the building, the manager of the property, the general contractor, the architect, subcontractors, or maybe a government person.

By the time you get done, there's a dozen or so people that are having a conversation around a place, and what better way to do it than to meet within the Matterport tour. We're going to talk about it on another WGAN-TV show: AEC Team Meet Inside

Your BIM Model powered by SuperViz. But in this context of this conversation, it's probably super-helpful to understand as a Matterport Service Provider, when you shoot the initial scan on a building that's about to be redeveloped, let's call it a renovation project, you're shooting the as-built.

There's going to be a CAD model that's prepared, and it's possible not only to meet within the Matterport tour, but within the BIM model, which is essentially the space before it's been built. If we're not talking about a renovation, we're talking about from the ground up, then we're really talking about meeting within a three-dimensional space that doesn't exist yet. We're going to do an entire WGAN-TV show on that.

Again, that's: AEC Team Meet inside your BIM Model powered by SuperViz – that's architects, engineers, construction (or general contractors), the 18th of August 2022. That's on a Thursday. Did I leave any stakeholders out when you think about general contractors and construction?

Russ Rive: For example, we have use cases obviously where the owner is out of the country. We've had use cases where someone's international and they want to know what's happening. But then we've also had situations where something unexpected happens.

They thought this is what the house is going to look like. Then open it up, there's a beam, it's not looking that safe. Now they want to quickly call an expert in for an expert opinion. They can do that in a matter of minutes. You take a photo and scan, call someone in, and they're meeting there. It's ongoing, being able to call people in.

Dan Smigrod: This is really a huge opportunity for Matterport Service Providers. If you're not doing construction documentation on a weekly basis, monthly basis, there's a huge opportunity to get multiple scans through the entire life cycle of a building and understanding that you can meet within the Matterport tour, meet within a CAD file, really let you understand that as a Matterport Service Provider, a huge amount of value to offer companies, particularly companies where all their people they're in different states and/or different countries.

Russ Rive: Think about it, if you take a scan every week or every month on a construction site, you're building a time travel machine for having meetings. The air conditioning ducts have already been closed up behind the wall.

Let's have a meeting in this room as it was six months ago to see what the ducts were looking like at that time. It's not just a current situation, let's meet there, it's an archive of exactly every phase of the construction site. It sums up a valuable package at the end to give to someone.

People also use it for getting vendor quotes.

They need someone to be doing like say painting or do something, then the producer of the construction site can have really quick sanity check vendor quotes because Matterport, you can do the measurements, you can meet in and you can say, look, this is the situation, and within a matter of one hour, give three different vendors a tour of the place and have them send the quotes out without actually stepping on site. It's a really, really powerful tool whenever replacing or getting out there.

That's the whole real estate area, but then there's also the whole education side of things which is getting a lot more interesting. The museum tour space is getting really interesting.

Marcelo Franco: Hospitality for example.

Russ Rive: Hospitality, tourism, exactly.

Marcelo Franco: Like for conferences. Insurance, for example. If you have a place that is on a fire, maybe it's dangerous to go in, one person would go do the photos and Matterport you can meet inside that place virtually, of course.

Russ Rive: Dangerous locations.

Marcelo Franco: Exactly.

Dan Smigrod: It is safe to say there are gazillions of possibilities when you pair Matterport with SuperViz. Before we wrap up, Russ, Marcelo, is there anything that you feel like we haven't covered that we should discuss?

Marcelo Franco: Well, there is one thing that I've seen most recent interests on, also for service providers when they would offer to Matterport tour for, let's say real estate agencies or something like this, usually they say, but this won't help my listings to sell faster, because that's what actually real estate agent is looking for.

I've participated in some of the Matterport forums as well when I've heard that.

There's an interesting thing we found out. Some of the users that are just trying to search listings or everything, if they like a tour or if they like a Matterport tour, they would try to set up a visit in that place, and then maybe they need to wait for two or three days, and they might lose interest or maybe lose the opportunity.

If they are able to right at that time, schedule a meeting or ask for a live guided virtual visit, and a real estate agent is waiting for it, he can just jump into the meeting, engage with that lead, and warm it up much faster than he would just wait for two or three days, even show other properties if he has the tour.

The chances of closing the sale were understanding what the user needs or taking him to actually physically visit a place that he would actually like, it's much higher.

We know there are cases that people buy houses without seeing them physically, but we also know that that's rare. Usually we like to see the place physically, but we have a very powerful usage in between on that middle of the funnel when you capture the lead and before you leave that out.

Dan Smigrod: Marcelo, I would add to that, particularly in a tight housing market with limited inventory, what a great way for real estate agents to differentiate themselves to win more listings, win bigger premium listings, and repeat that more often – win more listings, win bigger premium listings more often – and enabling the agent to be that much more efficient given that people these days are willing to make offers based on walking through a Matterport space.

Now, you can actually have that meet, present, and collaborate with SuperViz.

The last thing, Russ, I want to ask you the hardest question. We've been talking for almost an hour. If you had to summarize what SuperViz plus Matterport are about in thirty seconds, how would you summarize that?

Russ Rive: I said telepresence software for meeting in places when the remote location is the subject. It's about being there together.

When being there together is important, that's what you use SuperViz for. It's videoconferencing when the location is the subject.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. Russ, Marcelo, thanks for being on the show today.

Marcelo Franco: Thank you, Dan.

Russ Rive: Thanks Dan. Was a pleasure.

Dan Smigrod: We've been visiting with Russ Rive, Co-Founder and CEO of SuperViz, and Marcelo Franco, Head of Sales of SuperViz. Their website again:

Sign up for a 14-day free trial. Now that you spent the hour, I'm sure you still have some questions. Sign up at to schedule a one-on-one conversation to take it to the next level.

For Marcelo and Russ, I'm Dan Smigrod, Founder of the We Get Around Network Forum, and you've been watching WGAN-TV Live at 5.
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