360 Virtual Tour Use Case: Solar Panel Rooftop Installation

Hi All,

The rooftop of this commercial office space will get a solar panel installation shortly (and EV charging stations in the parking lot).

Our client (initially) asked for drone 360s or Matterport, but I thought that shooting the 360s with a pole – and a Labpano Pilot One EE 360 camera – would be a better solution, so we did this "before" solar panel installation shoot.

We included annotation examples in the "before" 360 virtual tour to show what's possible with the Asteroom virtual tour platform.

The client was happy with the "aerial" 360 photo spheres.

"After" the solar panel installation, I will share the completed 360 virtual tour.

What camera and virtual tour platform would you have used to create the "before" and "after" rooftop solar panel installation?