Video: Introduction to Photogrammetry: Capturing Your World in 3D | Video courtesy of Knight Center YouTube Channel | 6 June 2022

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Free MOOC Course: Introduction to Photogrammetry: Capturing Your World in 3D

I’m writing to let you know first-hand about an exciting and innovative course the Knight Center is offering: "Introduction to photogrammetry in journalism: capturing your world in 3D"! Our amazing instructor, Ben Kreimer, will teach you the most authentic way to capture the real physical world in 3D and will show you how to add this skill to your digital toolkit.

In this four-week massive open online course, which runs from June 27 to July 24, you’ll learn how photogrammetry allows you to tell stories about the world around you by creating three-dimensional replicas from photographs.

Don’t miss this opportunity: register today!

No tools or applications are required for the course, but an Android or iOS smartphone, or digital camera and computer, will allow students to follow along with photogrammetry capture and processing exercises in modules 3 and 4. Additionally, students can use a free trial of photogrammetry capture and processing service Polycam for the exercises.

Please help us spread the word about this course by letting your friends and colleagues know about it! Consider, for example, retweeting this tweet or sharing these posts on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

For more information, please visit the course landing page here, where you can find the syllabus, an introductory video from our instructor and step-by-step registration instructions. I also invite you to read our blog post about this course.

Like all Knight Center courses, "Introduction to photogrammetry in journalism: capturing your world in 3D" is asynchronous, meaning you can complete the course activities on the days and at the times that best fit your schedule.

If you have any questions, please write to the course assistant Filipa Rodrigues at or

We can’t thank you enough for your support and interest in the Knight Center’s Distance Learning program!



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