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Video: WGAN-TV Gear Accessories-#2965-Ricoh Theta X 360 Camera + GoPro Accessory Bundle www.WGAN.INFO/10 ($800)

Matterport Gear Tip: Ricoh Theta X 360 Camera + GoPro Accessory Bundle

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Why is a Matterport Pro using a Matterport Pro 2 3D Camera and also carrying a Ricoh Theta X 360 Camera + GoPro Accessory Bundle? (www.WGAN.INFO/10 | $800)

Watch the WGAN-TV Short Story video (#2965) above (or see the transcript below).

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Transcript (Video above)

Today's show: Top 10 Gear and Accessories for Matterport Pros. Why is your item here? Ricoh Theta X with card, with battery, www.WGAN.INFO/10 for $800. Why is a Matterport Pro using a Matterport Pro 2 3D Camera and also carrying a Ricoh Theta X?

Kevin Dole: Well, we have a couple of Ricoh Theta Z1s that we've used for years for isolated circumstances, and also when we do our hybrid tours for example in 3DVista, then we're using the Ricoh Thetas a lot because we're not doing 3D scanning, we're just shooting 360s.

The new Ricoh Theta X came out just this past month and we picked one up to work with it, it's got many improvements over the Ricoh Theta Z1. You've probably heard some of them already from Ben Claremont, and other people who make videos even before the product is on the market.

But a couple of things about it, on a downside, it does have a smaller sensor, and I would say from a data-gathering standpoint just in terms of image, it's a little bit weaker sensor.

Dan Smigrod: For today's show, because we're not going to review the product, you're carrying this for I'm going to guess two reasons, one is you need standalone 360s that you need for your 3DVista tours that you're creating your Hybrid Tours, but I suspect you use that camera in conjunction with Matterport for some very specific reasons, do you want to talk about that?

Kevin Dole: Yeah, we do. When doing Matterport, sometimes in our work we will actually wait until the sun is going down and scan a whole yard. We've done many things like that where we've taken the infrared camera outdoors. But often, then on other occasions, you just want to add external 360s in the front of the house, and the back. You can do that with the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera, of course, just switch over to 360 View mode, push the button out on the front walk, and do it.

But there are some houses that architecturally, or because of the terrain of a hillside or something, you would get a better external 360 shot by elevating the view of that 360. With the Matterport camera, you're not going to get up 15 feet in the air safely.

This you can. You can essentially turn off the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera, turn on the Ricoh Theta X or Z1 – link it to the Matterport Capture software, and then use an extended selfie stick which will go up 10 feet or more, you can raise your arm, you can get up 15 feet, and you get potentially a "drone shot" in the air as your outdoor 360.

Dan Smigrod: You're using that as a 360 View versus a 360 Scan?

Kevin Dole: Correct. Yeah

Dan Smigrod: Are you using it also, is the 360 Scan for a different purpose?

Kevin Dole: You could, but we're not particularly enamored of Matterport's capabilities at the present time in terms of taking 360s from non-measuring cameras and converting it to 3D, it's just not that dependable.

Dan Smigrod: You are not a fan of Matterport Cortex that does the conversion, but do you want to talk about swimming pools?

Kevin Dole: Yeah, exactly, and we used to because I'm going to give Eric, our cameraman here. We used to use the Ricoh Theta Z1 to take 360 pictures, to put water in the pools.


WGAN-TV eBook | MSP | Top 10 Gear Accessories for Matterport Pros | Guests: Virtual Services Consultant and Creator Kevin Dole and Photographer Eric Dole | Episode: 145 | Thursday, 12 May 2022 |

WGAN-TV eBook | MSP | Top 10 Gear Accessories for Matterport Pros [31 Gear/Accessories]

WGAN-TV | IMSP | Top 10 Gear Accessories for Matterport Pros | Guests: Virtual Services Consultant and Creator Kevin Dole and Photographer Eric Dole | Episode: 145 | Thursday, 12 May 2022 |

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