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Wording to put in a floor plan to reduce the risk of wrong square foot?16808

Laserpro3532 private msg quote post Address this user
Does anyone have good wording to put in a floor plan to reduce the risk of wrong square footage?
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Club Member
Buffalo, New York
GETMYVR private msg quote post Address this user
Sizes and dimensions are approximate, actual may vary.

This is what matterport puts at the footer of all their floor plans and should suffice.

If they want perfect exact measurements you can go in with a laser device and produce those for a fee.
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
Like @GETMYVR pointed out, a good starting point is discuss the need that your customer has and is looking for.

Like @GETMYVR also pointed out if accuracy is the prime objective you may want to consider the tool your using MP camera, the drafting tech from MP that is producing the floorplan and square footage quote.

There can always be a % off using MP camera and if they are compounded then you will have some issues.

If they are standard real estate sales you should be fine but if you are working for a commercial agent leasing or renting space and they base the price off your quote then you may have more issues.

If you are providing documentation for engineers or architects their quote for work may be based on your representation of square footage may be a concern for you.

So bottom line know your customers needs and limitations of your equipment.

I am not saying go get a scanner because I have seen scanner techs use the equipment wrong and definitely come up with the wrong overall use of the scanner impacting the accuracy. So again get to know your equipment and work accordingly.
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Expertise private msg quote post Address this user
Simple- we delete the Square Footage info in Photoshop, leaving just the disclaimer.

Matterport SF is calculated form the interior walls, our county calculates from the exterior dimensions, so the SF is almost always low as compared to tax records.
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