Video: ArchiTwin Partners with Matterport to Enable 3D Construction Documentation and Facilities Management | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 3 May 2022


Transcript (video above)

Chris Christophers: ArchiTwin is a multiple integrated platform utilizing multiple SDKs. In the past, it was very hard for the maintenance people to know exactly how many light bulbs that they need to order for certain service area.

Or exactly how many air duct or electricity plugs that the facility half from the architectural plans only.

We provide the virtual staging platform, making it easy for our customers to create their own customized multiple spaces. Having the complete 3D walk-through of the buildings, they can now view the exact situation without visiting the site after hours of driving to get there.

As we were getting a lot of inquiries about virtual staging, we started creating a simple interface for people to freely import 3D FBX models and OBJ files or MP4 videos into the multiple space to empower customer to use these virtual staging already more freely.

We now have about 400 multiple Pro2 customers in Japan who are interested in ArchiTwin can provide. Having the ability to walk with the multiple SDK and those are the Matterport spaces opened up new business opportunities for us.


Video: Matterport SDK開発事例(ArchiTwin) | Video courtesy of Living CG YouTube Channel (有限会社リビングCG) | 4 May 2022 [Video in Japanese: translated sub-titles may be available in your language]