Video: Matterport: The Silver Lining of the Pandemic & Beyond | Video courtesy of JPT Architects, P.C. YouTube Channel | 3 May 2022

From the JPT Architects, P.C. YouTube Channel

The Built Environment has recently become more accessible, collaborative and interactive than ever before with Reality Capture Technology in Matterport.

Matterport is a powerful 3D mapping tool that scans a space and then presents an extremely detailed 360-degree virtual model. Essentially, Matterport creates a digital twin of the area it has just scanned that was synthesized from immersive 3D images with spatial and measurement data. This digital twin can be viewed, via URL link, by anyone in any location, provided they have a connection to the internet.

With the permanent integration of Matterport into our Healthcare Design strategy for the long term, JPT will continue to utilize Matterport to reduce follow up surveys, get projects started faster and to provide designers with more information on the existing utilities, among many other reasons. Overall, Matterport has allowed JPT to provide more responsive client services.

Source: JPT Architects, P.C. YouTube Channel