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VIP Matterport Service Providers meeting in Dubai16738

Branding and Marketing
Gliwice, Poland
Jedrzej private msg quote post Address this user

SIMLAB Register Now Link (Free)

Together with Matterport, we want to show you our vision of the world in which 3D scans are intertwined with time travel and control of environment you are in.

Take part in SIMLAB presentation of brand new possibilities for smart home control and construction management with a revolutionary Matterport timeline feature.

Find out what benefits our digital twin solutions will bring to your business. Receive a FREE, 3-month ENTERPRISE subscription to the SIMLAB app. Get fresh insight on Matterport technology updates.

Are you from Dubai or will be there next week? [Week of 26 April 2022]

Register Now (Free) | SIMLAB/Matterport Dubai Event

More about SIMLAB

WGAN-TV: Intro-SIMLAB STAGES+Matterport for AEC Design/Build Communications


SIMLAB STAGES Micro-Website Screen Grab: Time travel through your project history | View building history with timeline | Review recorded changes through the timeline. | You can go back to older STAGES of build, check notes and add new ones. All in a clear and simple way. (Source: SIMLAB) | SIMLAB STAGES
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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Thank you for posting.

What day/date is this SIMLAB/Matterport event in Dubai?


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Club Member
Buffalo, New York
GETMYVR private msg quote post Address this user
@Jedrzej what's the pitch current Matterport service providers should use for these companies to utilize this type of software? I see the real money in this business is finding companies with locations that need to get scanned, picture products such as 3D inventory control with photos of whatever, and being the mediator between getting the client and hiring the subcontract scanners to do the work, well you take about a 50 to 75% cut. Does that sound about right? How else do we really achieve substantial profitability in this industry, that's what we're looking to grab, those of us are just getting tired of being paid for single scan job.
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