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Cupix Announces Launch of CupixWorks X 3D Digital Twin Platform16706

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Cupix Media Release

Image courtesy of Cupix

Image courtesy of Cupix

Image courtesy of Cupix

CupixWorks April 2022 Update | Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Video: Cupix Announces Launch of CupixWorks X 3D Digital Twin Platform | Video courtesy of YouTube Channel | 12 April 2022

WGAN Forum Podcast #88

Cupix Announces Launch of CupixWorks X 3D Digital Twin Platform
Advanced Capabilities Include Enhanced AI, 360-degree Video SLAM, and ClearVision Technology

SAN JOSE, California--Tuesday, 12 April 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cupix™ ( today announced the release of CupixWorks X three-dimensional digital twin platform empowered with the Gamma Engine, a 3rd generation artificial intelligence (AI) engine providing a 360° video SLAM with ClearVision technology.

The Gamma Engine enables everyone in AEC to communicate the situational and visual context of the site with high fidelity among stakeholders and ensures as-built vs. as-design comparisons are significantly more intuitive and insightful. It also provides an unrivaled SLAM performance, including 3D walk-path mapping that is elevation aware and minimizes motion drift. Cupix has made it simple for project owners, general contractors, BIM/VDC engineers, and facility managers to see spatial context remotely from the office accurately.

"With the launch of CupixWorks X, we see a monumental step in the history of 360° image-based site documentation. CupixWorks X will drive built-world industry adoption of digital twin platform technology and 360° cameras as an everyday device to capture site context in 3D with high fidelity,” said Simon Bae, founder, and CEO.

Bae continued, “For decades, I have been democratizing the method for mirroring physical assets into the 3D virtual context and understand the significant challenges that AEC professionals meet every day when documenting and tracking the progress of their job sites. Builders want an exceptional quality of visuals, accurate spatial representation, and easy-to-understand and actionable data analytics. CupixWorks X delivers. Its Gamma Engine makes true-to-life site documentation effortless."

1. The Gamma Engine 3rd generation AI engine for remarkably clear image quality of 360° video-based virtual walkthrough. Users benefit from ClearVision, a unique technology with the motion-blur analyzer sorting out clear image frames from video footage, synthetic lighting which can brighten low-lit scenes and enhance grainy noises
2. The Gamma Engine 3rd generation AI engine, maps the video walk-path within a 3D space, minimizes motion drift, and provides unique 3D elevation tracking from unlimited length of 360 videos, offering accurate spatial context
3. The SiteInsights™ easy-to-deploy analytics dashboard enables users to manage the progress of multiple job sites on a single monitor. SiteInsights features automatic percentage of completion records and BIM to point cloud deviation analysis. The entire team can review quantifiable results to support billing and payment and identify and share exact measurements of building elements with stakeholders
4. The fully customizable annotation templates enable sharing issues within structured information and 3D locations for unmistakable communication among stakeholders
5. The unified reality-capture-data fusion-processor integrates 360° images, mesh, orthomosaic images, and point cloud, and provide a single source of truth

The CupixWorks X launch comes with expanded partnerships and a new office opening in Australia along with fortifying sales coverage of Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Seoul, and Tokyo.

Additionally, the company announced a key hire. Tina Whitfield joins as Vice President, Marketing to lead growth marketing worldwide and reports directly to Simon Bae, CEO. Whitfield has a background in artificial intelligence, geospatial, and wireless. She comes to Cupix from Senstone, where she was Chief Growth Officer. Previously, Whitfield held leadership positions at DigitalGlobe, Verizon, and Qualcomm.

The launch of CupixWorks X positions the company to take advantage of the financial boom in built-world digitalization and appeals to a broad range of decision-makers looking to invest in a unified platform that integrates and fuses information from data sources, assets, people, and job sites with analytical decision-making tools for smarter building with greater visibility.

About Cupix

Cupix ( advances digital twin high-fidelity situational and visual context for the ENR Top 300 architecture, engineering, and construction firms. We believe a true 3D AI engine, unified reality-capture-data fusion-processor, and scalable API platform can empower people to digitally transform the built world into clear, accurate, and actionable insights. Learn more about us at:

Cupix and associated marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cupix, Inc. All other company and product names are trademarks of their respective owners.

Source: Cupix via Business Wire


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==> 17 June 2021 | Transcript: WGAN-TV CupixWorks 2.0 versus Matterport for Construction (AEC)
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WGAN Forum
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WGAN-TV Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia
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Cupix eBlast received Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Cupix Book a Demo Link
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