Video: The Benefits of Using iGuide Virtual Tours | Video courtesy of Shooting Real Estate YouTube Channel | 26 February 2022

From the Shooting Real Estate YouTube Channel

Photos of Real Estate properties are great but to really add value is to have more property information at your fingertips to fully understand the layout of a home.

Virtual tours offer navigation around the home but iGuide offers even more! Accurate floor plans, 360° images, room dimensions, photos, and more help the home buyer make faster decisions whether they want to view the home or even put an offer on it right now.

Since Covid, virtual tours offer a safe way to view homes and this is essential in keeping everyone healthy. In markets with reduced inventory, more buyers have a chance to walk through the property to make a decision if they want to even book a Realtor to see the home. If they really love it, they have a chance to throw in an offer.

I will share the top 5 reasons to book an iGuide Virtual Tour with Real Estate marketing partner.

Source: Shooting Real Estate YouTube Channel


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