Video: Learn LiDAR data processing in 60 minutes | WEBINAR | Video courtesy of Candrone YouTube Channel | 20 January 2022

From the Candrone YouTube Channel

LiDAR processing has been a hot topic, so our team has created a simple workflow with our partners at GreenValley. In this 60-minute webinar replay, we go through the process of strip alignment, removing outliers, classification, accuracy assessments, and finally generating surface models from aerial LiDAR data.

What is Lidar360 4:07
Data compatibility 6:37
LiDAR strip alignement / Boresight calibration 7:45
Removing outliers in your data 16:38
Classifying ground points 18:45
LiDAR accuracy assessment 21:33
Generating surface models (DEM, DSM, Contours) 29:03

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Source: Candrone YouTube Channel