Urbanimmserive eBlast received Tuesday, 18 January 2022 | Urbanimmersive (Tourbuzz) 3D Tours

This announcement is to inform you that we will soon be modifying the pricing of [Urbanimmersive] Immersive 3D Tours. The price guide of the [Urbanimmersive] Immersive 3D Tour will now be calculated according to the number of square feet of the photographed area.

You will now be able to download at no cost the standalone lifetime license of all [Urbanimmersive] Immersive 3D Tours (“Immersive 3D Tour Export”) created with the new pricing guide. In addition, this price update will allow us to improve the quality of our services related to [Urbanimmersive] Immersive 3D Tours as well as the development of new features such as UiMeet3D, the greeting bot, the FP Creator and more!

Please note that when creating a new tour in Tourbuzz, it will now be mandatory to enter the estimated number of square feet of the area photographed. Once the modelling of the [Tourbuzz] Immersive 3D Tour is completed by our post-production team, we will obtain the number of billable square feet, then proceed with the payment of the 3D Tour.

You will find below the new price list that will be implemented at the beginning of February 2022. We will send you another email once the changes are active.

Source: Urbanimmersive (Tourbuzz)