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WGAN-TV Training U
| Why Attend the Real Estate Photography Conference (REP Training Conference) | Guest: Real Estate Photography Training Conference (REP Training Conference) Co-Organizer Zach Molino | Episode: #128 | Thursday, 16 December 2021

REP Training Conference | Real Estate Photography (REP) Conference | Speakers

WGAN-TV Live at 5
Real Estate Photography Training Conference | (REP Training Conference) | Thursday, September 1 and Friday, September 2, 2022 St Louis
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Hi All,

Transcript below ...

Will I see you at – REP Training Conference – the Real Estate Photography (REP) Training Conference Thursday, September 1 and Friday, September 2, 2022 in St. Louis, Missouri (at the Hilton at the Ballpark)?

On WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 16 December 2021, my guest is 2022 Real Estate Photography (REP) Training Conference Co-Organizer Zach Molino to talk about:

WGAN-TV Live at 5 | Why Attend the Real Estate Photography Conference (REP Training Conference)

I will ask Zach to talk about:

1. the 2022 REP Training Conference Trainers/Speakers
2. the 2022 REP Training Conference Topics
3. why attend the 2022 REP Training Conference?

Questions that I should ask Zach during this WGAN-TV Live at 54 show?

Plus ...

REP Two-Day Workshop/Conference Includes

✅ What I wish I knew before I started
✅ How to get your first 10 clients and un-tapped methods to obtain more clients
✅ How to take and edit stunning twilight photos
✅ Licensing Images / Copyright Infringement / Intellectual Property
✅ Contracts for contract photographers

✅ Taxes, accounting/bookkeeping, business structure, liability insurance
✅ Hiring and managing contract photographers
✅ Lots of Q&A
✅ Tons of constructive criticism and tips for improvement
✅ Managing your in-house team and maximizing their production

✅ Photo-balance and framing shots
✅ Improve your photos with composition and managing the light
✅ Creating floor plans, tours and other add-ons to increase revenue
✅ How to obtain and photograph more luxury listings
✅ All things Matterport and 3D

✅ How to quickly shoot and edit video (drone and camera)
✅ Scheduling and tour platforms - pros and cons of each
✅ Having a Client Relation manager can save and expand your business
✅ How to shoot and edit Flambient and/or Flash Photography
✅ Outsource editing, how to find and train the right company

✅ How to take stunning Commercial/Architectural photos
✅ How to add various drone services
✅ Brand management - growing and maintaining your brand
✅ Social media and SEO marketing
✅ How to price your services

✅ How to increase your prices with little to no complaints
✅ Balancing your personal life with your photography business
✅ How to maintain a boutique experience - even as you scale
✅ How to take your business to the next level
✅ What agents are really looking for - the customer experience

✅ Do my photos look good, how can I improve them
✅ How to get started in this industry the right way
✅ How to transition from part-time to full-time
✅ All of the gear used by all of our speakers and coaches

REP Training Conference | Real Estate Photography Conference Speakers

✅ Amir Frank - Senior Evangelist, Matterport
✅ Amy Thorp - Owner/Lead Photographer, Amy Thorp Photography
✅ Brendan Hsu - Conference Host and Managing Partner, Aerial Canvas
✅ Dan Smigrod- Founder and Managing Editor, We Get Around Network Forum and WGAN-TV
✅ David Deal - Founder, The Law Offices of David Deal
✅ Charly Simon - Founder & CEO, Charly Simon Photo and Charly Simon Training
✅ Chris Miller - Founder, One Point Media
✅ Christopher Bradford - CFO & Architectural Photographer/Cinematic Creator, Dream Home Images
✅ Darryl Stringer - Real Estate Photographer Coach/Consultant,
✅ Eli Jones - Founder, Norman & Young and Real Estate Photographer Pro
✅ Greg Hansen - Chief Operations Officer, Dream Home Images
✅ Josh Mais - Founder, Show & Tour and Sherpa Media
✅ Krista Abel - Founder and CEO of Dream Home Images
✅ Samantha Ward - Founder, Picture KC
✅ Vic DeVore - Founder, DeVore Design

REP Conference Links

✅ REP Training Conference Website
✅ Register Now for REP Training Conference
✅ Ask Questions about REP Training Conference (Photographers)
✅ Ask Questions about REP Training Conference (Vendors)

I look forward to meeting you at - REP Training Conference - the Real Estate Photography (REP) Training Conference Thursday, September 1 and Friday, September 2, 2022 in St. Louis, Missouri (at the Hilton at the Ballpark).


Dan Smigrod
Founder and Managing Editor
We Get Around Network Forum and WGAN-TV

Transcript (video above)

Dan Smigrod: Hi, all. I'm Dan Smigrod, Founder of We Get Around Network Forum. Today is Thursday, December 16, 2021, and you're watching WGAN-TV Live at 5. We have an awesome show for you today: Why Attend the Real Estate Photography Training Conference: REP Training Conference. That will be Thursday, September 1 and Friday, September 2, 2022 in St. Louis.

Dan Smigrod: Here talk to us about it is the Co-Organizer of REP Training Conference, Zach Molino. Hey, Zach. Good to see you again.

Zach Molino: Good to see you, Dan. Thanks for having me on, appreciate it.

Dan Smigrod: Thanks for being on the show today. I know you're struggling with the cold. You're a real trooper for being on the show today. Hey, Zach. Before we jump into the topic about: Why Attend the REP Training Conference, and what it is, why don't we begin with the backstory? Since you're the Co-Organizer, tell us a little bit about Zach Molino, and how the conference came about.

Zach Molino: Yes. A little bit about me, growing up, I had office jobs, desk jobs, never did any service jobs. Got into real estate photography mostly because I was laid off and had a severance package. I took half that severance, and I said I'm going to go do home staging. When I realized that's not really something that is a high volume thing, I said maybe I'll get into real estate video. I went out and bought two cameras.

Zach Molino: I bought all the equipment, lighting equipment, and so on, so forth. I started to learn the services, and learn how to offer the services. Then I started to market those services. Then I realized really quickly, videos are more of a supplemental thing, as opposed to a bread and butter type of thing. Then I got into, what am I going to do? How am I going to make it? It was do or die. It was a really tough situation for my family and I. I said maybe real estate photography. I started learning through YouTube,

Zach Molino: online videos, just various things. That's how I started to teach myself, or learn from these other videos, and I started a business. I had to do it a little bit differently than most people, but I made it work. We had a situation, where I was working two jobs, we were behind on our bills. I've got a funny story about this. We were behind on our bills, we were really struggling. Here I am, trying to get jobs,

Zach Molino: get my first few clients under my belt. That's what I was doing. I was out there trying to learn, trying to do, put it all together. Then you have to act like you've been there before because nobody wants to hire someone who's just a beginner. I remember, as I was doing all this, I finally had gotten a couple of clients. I was behind on my bills, behind on my car. It's trying to do everything I could to stay afloat. Getting up at 3 AM, working at the recreational center. Then I ended up working as a, not a paralegal, but an assistant for a law firm.

Zach Molino: I do that job, then I go to the paralegal job. Then I would go, and I would try to run my business. Meanwhile, I've got, at the time, five kids. We have seven kids now. I just started going for it. I just started putting myself out there. Anyway, the culmination of it all, I finally started to see some light at the end of the tunnel. I was in a position where I had just come home from doing four shoots.

Zach Molino: It was my biggest day ever. I was so happy that I had had that many shoots. Then I thought, "Now, I got to come home and edit these." I'm going to be up all night, but I was happy. I come home, I put my memory card into the computer. I have literally no money in my bank, very little. I put the memory card in, and it says that my files are corrupted, as in I couldn't view anything that I had shot that day. My heart just sank. I could not believe what was happening.

Zach Molino: I'm in my home office, which was a bedroom that I had converted to an office. I'm like, do I even tell my wife this? She's stressed out. Anyway, I looked into my credit card that I had. I have, I think, $300 left to my name. I spent $79 on this memory card recovery software, and I was luckily able to recover every file, with the exception of five. I thought, "Oh my goodness, yes, I'm going to be able to do this."

Zach Molino: Then my computer either had a virus or something happen. As I was editing, everything shut down. My computer didn't work. I thought, "Oh no, this is turning the worse." I get on the phone with Best Buy. It's close to their closing time. I said, "What is your cheapest computer?" At the time, it was $200 for some cheap computer on sale. I rushed down there, get there at 9:55 before they close at 10 PM, and walked out with this computer. Now, I got to go home, deal with how slow it is, set it all up, edit these photos, and all this.

Zach Molino: I get the computer. I pull up to my house, and my neighbor is blocking my car. From a tow truck guy, a guy came to repossess my other car, when I came and arrived home. Here I am, my wife's crying at the door, my neighbor's stopping the tow truck guy from taking my car away, and I'm holding the last bit of money in the form of the computer in my hand next to me. I just started laughing. I could not believe it. I go to my neighbor, I say,

Zach Molino: "Let the tow truck guy take the car." My wife's crying. Let's just go to bed. I set up the computer, I get the photos out. It's about 5:30 in the morning. I play basketball with a group of guys, and it was 5:30 when I finally had finished all my edits. I'm like, well, it's the next day. It's time to go play ball, and I went and played basketball. I remember after that experience, I thought, "Here I am, trying to start this business on my own, trying to learn everything, try to do everything, and try to figure it out on my own." I don't remember there being really any classes that I could participate in,

Zach Molino: other than watching online videos, although I could be wrong about that. But I remember that was the point where I'm like, I can only go up from here, and it did. We got our car back eventually. We just kept going, and kept going, and kept going. Then my business took off. It became more and more successful. I thought, "Boy, if I could ever teach anyone what not to do, or how to do this in the beginning, I would totally do it." Now, you fast forward. Here we are nine years later,

Zach Molino: and I started coaching people. I started helping people, people I had advertisements out. People would pay me, and I would train them as best as I knew how to start a business, the whole backend. It was the whole shebang, and I did everything. As I started going on from that, I said, "Well, here I am. I own this business. It runs itself. I've got great office staff who work from home." I've got a great team of people, as it's now grown. My wife and I purchased a Cold Stone Creamery,

Zach Molino: which is just a few buildings to the east of where my office is, where I'm at right now. I've got seven kids, they work. Here I am, I wake up every day, and I'm like, the Cold Stone runs itself, and my business runs itself. We do other things, we go on vacation. We have these other interests that we have. I thought, "Boy, maybe I should try to do something else." Should I start another business? Should I do something? I remember going to work,

Zach Molino: and realizing that I wasn't needed there. Then I would just sit in a parking lot for two hours. My wife thought I was at work, and I was just sitting in a parking lot. What more can I do? What's the next step for me? I started spending a lot more time with my kids, not that I didn't before, but I would take over my wife's responsibilities, and drop them off at school, pick them up from school and be home when they were home. My wife very quickly said, "Well, now, I'm not doing anything," and she didn't want to live that life. So she kicked me out of that real fast.

Zach Molino: Here I was, back to square. What am I going to do? I started to have ideas for, what if I did a real estate photography conference? I knew that there was the PFRE Conference, which is a great conference. I watched the last one, I thought it was fabulous, but I wanted to take a different approach. I wanted to do something that was training-based, classroom-based. As opposed to having speakers get up and speak to you, as inspiring as that is, I wanted people walk away,

Zach Molino: and say, "Not only am I inspired, I know what to do because I was just taught how to do it." I got in touch with Josh with Show & Tour, and I started talking to him. He put me in touch with Brendan. I had always been in touch with Eli, just through email about various things.

Dan Smigrod: Brendan Hsu, Host and Managing Partner of Aerial Canvas, and, let's see, Josh Mais, who is the Founder of Show & Tour and Sherpa Media. I think I heard one more name in there.

Zach Molino: Eli Jones.

Dan Smigrod: Eli Jones, the Founder of Norman & Young, and also the creator of Real Estate Photographer Pro, as well as other courses for real estate photographers.

Zach Molino: Exactly. We'll go through them in just a minute. Yes, I got in touch with them. I was in California on vacation, I met with Brendan who, as you mentioned, owns Aerial Canvas. Well, I went and met Brendan, I was, this guy has such high energy. He would be such a great host for the conference. But I started talking to everybody about what their goals were, what their influence was, what the next steps were for them. Anyways, I formulated this plan to say,

Zach Molino: "Let's have this conference-based training." That's the birth of how the conference started to be. That's the long story of my life, and how it transitioned to where I'm at now, and the birth of this conference.

Dan Smigrod: What I'm hearing is that, Zach, when you started your photography business, Simple Shoot?

Zach Molino: Simple Shoot, yeah.

Dan Smigrod: You're super-successful today with Simple Shoot real estate photography agency, but it probably took you many years longer to get there, had you had the right resources and training along the way to help accelerate that path. That's what I-

Zach Molino: Exactly, yes, so when I had started, like I said, I looked at YouTube videos, articles, lots of different material out there and it was for me a lot of trial and error. It could have just been that I was naive to what was maybe out there and at the same time trying to balance that with I need income, I need to make money, but I've got to offer a good product. I just remember spending in my office about 24 hours straight one

Zach Molino: time just going through trying to learn everything I could and then going and shooting my house, my family members houses, and trying to learn everything that I could and I always I think had that thought in the back of my mind like, what if there was some course? And again, I hate to say that because I'm sure that there was a course, Rich Baum probably had, of course back then and I watch his videos and they're fabulous and in other videos, just awesome videos and I remember saying, "Man! I wish I would have thought to look more" and …

Zach Molino: I probably had looked at some of their videos, but that's why I thought, "if we could take that and bring it into a conference setting and have people training, learning, asking questions and having everything at once, that's what I wanted to do and that's where this idea stemmed from."

Dan Smigrod: If a real estate photographer attends REP Training Conference the two days - Thursday, September 1 and Friday, September 2, 2022 - in St. Louis, describe the feeling or the experience that you would like to have those photographers feel or experience, by the time they're done with the two days.

Zach Molino: We want it to be more than just a feeling. Like I said, when it comes to feeling inspired, a lot of people can achieve that and you've had that feeling of inspiration only will carry you so long. What carries you beyond inspiration is knowledge and how to do something. That's the experience we want them to receive. When somebody comes to this conference, and I think I mentioned this before, we want them to feel like, wow,

Zach Molino: Eli did it or, Josh did it, or Krista did it, or Amy did it and look how experienced they are and look how beautiful their work is. I feel so inspired, but beyond that, I want them to walk out and feel like, okay, not only do I feel good about this, I now know how. Amy taught me how to do this thing and she'll be focusing. We'll talk about her on a twilight photography … We want people to walk around saying, "not only do I feel good about this, like I was taught how I was able to ask questions,

Zach Molino: I was able to get that knowledge and then to say, ``Listen, I'm surrounded by so many other people that have experience and because it's classroom-based, I can turn to next to them and say, hey, tell me about you, tell me about what your experiences are." We want people to know, not just the gear that's being used or the story behind the person, we want them to know the how. When you look at different real estate photography groups and questions that are asked,

Zach Molino: It's a lot of technique based questions. Or a lot of how do you do this? Or how is everyone doing this? You already have that collaborative atmosphere there and you'll get 30, 40 replies, sometimes, sometimes more and here at this conference we want it to be like 300 replies like all of that times 10.

Dan Smigrod: Dive deeper into the how to's of what will be learned.

Zach Molino: In the Real Estate Photography Training Conference, the way that it's structured is, we have the grand ballroom and so that's a stage with a lot of tables, which is rarely going to be used. It's really just for a general assembly so to speak. Brendan will come in, he'll kick it off-

Dan Smigrod: I said in St. Louis, but it's actually at the Hilton at the Ballpark in St. Louis.

Zach Molino: The Hilton at the Ballpark in St. Louis. Thursday, September 1 and Friday, September 2, 2022 and so Brendan will come and he'll kick it off with just an introduction speech, 15 minutes and then the way that we have this structured and then ultimately get into what's going to be taught. People will then leave the Grand Ballroom and they'll break out into a series of between 2, 3, maybe four classes, none of which are competing with each other. You'll have one route with all of the photographers

Zach Molino: who are wanting to learn a skill or a technique. It could be composition, it could be twilight photography, it could be just lighting, flambient, teaching somebody flambient. The second class which will be happening at that same time for about an hour and a half will be business development. Okay, I have the technique. Now I want to learn the business side of things, how to make things more efficient. What are your processes? Who are your editors? Give me some ideas, tell me who you are using.

Zach Molino: Let's go through and figure out what my process could be to become more efficient, so that's what lacks a lot in training. Everybody learns a lot about how to shoot the photos and focuses on that, but a lot of people, or a lot of businesses fail is business management and so how to manage my business? That'll be like another class separate than the technique based class it's going on right next door. Then a third class would be something like, scaling my business like I now have contract photographers, I need legal help.

Zach Molino: We have David Deal is our attorney there or maybe platforms. I am scaling, I need a better platform than what I'm using. I'm stitching everything together, I need something different than that and so that'll be the third avenue. Over the course of the years of this conference, we hope that people will graduate to the next section or just continue to learn other skills and techniques. Then the question is, now you have these classes, you have this intro, you have this breakout,

Zach Molino: you have then lunch after that it will have a catered lunch and if you don't have a ticket for the catered lunch, you'll go get lunch, come back, we'll have three more classes and then we'll have three more classes after that. What's going to be taught? We're going to be teaching everything from composition, lighting, flambient, twilight photography, how to get your first 50 clients. What platforms are being used? What I wish I knew before I started in this business? What are your processes like?

Zach Molino: How do you find an editing team? How do you train your editing team? Taxes, bookkeeping, how to quickly shoot and edit a video. One thing that we're adding to the conference that wasn't there before, is a lot of people have their iPhone 13 Pro Max and they're seeing some awesome looking videos. Obviously, not quite the – same here – the quality of a DSLR camera,

Zach Molino: but there are people like Amy posted a beautiful video of this-.

Dan Smigrod: Amy Thorp, Owner, Amy Thorp Photography.

Zach Molino: Correct, yes. She posted a beautiful video and it's just a walk-through of a home in, and it's just something that a value-add to your clients, “Hey! We're going to throw this on for a $150” or whatever. Again, not quite DSLR quality, but still something to offer and people are like, "well, how do you do that?" "What equipment are you using? What are your techniques?" And all these things. How to brand management, how to get luxury homes, how to get started in this industry the right way.

Zach Molino: Just so much stuff like and it's on the conference registration page which-

Dan Smigrod: I'll point that out, the shortcut to get there:

Dan Smigrod: www.WGAN.INFO/REPconference

Zach Molino: All things 3D, which is where you come in and so we want to as we get feedback, now, let me backtrack for just a minute. When I initially received permission to post about this, it was months and months ago when we had had the concept and had some speakers. I knew that I was going to get torn apart because I had just joined the Facebook group that I was posting in and I knew what was coming.

Zach Molino: I posted on a Sunday and then I sat there the rest of Sunday just replying to everybody and it was fine. I get it. I'm a big boy and anyways in my inbox, in my instant messages that night on Facebook, I had 119 personal messages of people either saying they wanted to participate, they wanted to sponsor, they wanted to attend. I thought, "Wow! That's a large amount of messages." So clearly I'm on the right path.

Zach Molino: When we did our soft announcement, several weeks ago, a month ago. Same thing, I had about 50, 60, I'd have to count it again, but it's somewhere between and just responses of I want to go, tell me more, which has led to me just responding back and forth to various people.

Dan Smigrod: You've decided to describe the how to, the tactical things to learn. If I am thinking about starting a real estate photography business is this conference for me?

Zach Molino: Yes. I actually just got off the phone. When I had my training business, when I would do personal coaching, a guy had saved my number and he's actually, I think probably watching right now because I sent the link about 20 minutes before this show started. He called me saying, "Hey. I work in logistics. I want to get out of it. I saved your number, I'm interested." I said, "well, I'm not doing the coaching right now but you call me at a perfect time because in

Zach Molino: 20 minutes you're going to be watching this show" and I sent him the link to your show and I basically explained to him why the conference would be good for not just people who are in the industry or trying to develop their skill, but people who are trying to either transition from part-time photographer to full-time photographer or I'm not yet a real estate photographer or I'm some other photographer and I want to become a real estate photographer. The conference – because of the three tracks that we have of classes –

Zach Molino: you can come in. Again, if we have enough people who are literally brand new to photography, maybe just bought equipment or haven't bought equipment yet, we may create because this conference is flexible we'll create a separate four-hour class for them. And I know for hours isn't enough and we'll have a trainer, someone to sit there with those people and say, "Okay. You're brand-new, get out your camera. We're talking square one."

Dan Smigrod: Well, who else is appropriate for the REP Training Conference?

Zach Molino: You have the people who want to break into the industry. You have the people who are in the industry or they are in it part-time and they're just trying to improve their lighting, their composition. Trying to figure out the best equipment to use, the best lens to use. How can I improve these photos? You'll see a lot of posts on real estate photographer groups about, "take a look can I get some critique on these?" There's that group. Then there's the group that's like listen,

Zach Molino: "I've been doing this for 5, 6, 7 years on my own, I'd like to hire someone else." Maybe I want to have an exit strategy. Whatever it may be, everyone has their reasons and those people that have the experience but want to expand and grow their business. That's another avenue as well and then obviously the people that have a group of people that are, "Okay. I have 6, 7, 10, 3, 2." Whatever amount of photographers working for me, now I have a whole new set of problems that I'm trying to figure out.

Zach Molino: With each stage of someone's progression. Or maybe just each stage. Maybe they don't want to progress to the next stage. They like to keep it boutique style. But with each stage that someone's in, there is something for them at this conference and we're making sure of that. The conference is flexible. For example, Chris Miller.

Dan Smigrod: Chris Miller, Founder of One Point Media.

Zach Molino: Correct. Yes. His stuff is beautiful. He's working 18 hour days. If you look at his post, he's doing a twilight in the morning, first slide in the morning and a sunset at night and then doing his bread and butter in the middle of the day. His stuff is stunning. You'd look at his stuff and he could easily train on, twilight, flambient. I mean, anything. What he's going to focus on one of the days is going to be quickly shooting video of a house.

Zach Molino: Quickly shooting and editing video of a house because he can do it really fast and he wants to train people on how to use your DSLR to shoot and edit video quickly. But he could do anything. If the need comes and we say, "Hey Chris, we've got a group of 75 people over here who need this," he'll easily and quickly turn and say, "Okay, that's what I'll do."

Zach Molino: Obviously, we've left room for growth and flexibility but as the conference gets closer, we'll nail down what everybody's needs are and we'll have set classes and so on and so forth and be able to even tailor, make it to all the attendees even more.

Dan Smigrod: Great. Not a beginner photographer, someone who has been shooting for a year or two and this is a full-time job, is their content...? Is there how to...? What's in it for someone who's been in the business for a few years and this is a full-time job for them?

Zach Molino: That person could be in a crossroads. They could be at a point where they're saying, "I've been in it full time for one or two years. I either want to take my portfolio to the next level or I want to add certain services that I haven't added yet." For example, I've been in it for nine years. We didn't start offering 2D floor plans until just last month.

Zach Molino: I know that sounds sad. We shoot for just over 3,000 agents, and so we stay busy year round. Obviously, the winter slows down a little bit, but we stay busy to the point where now in the winters, I used to be scared about, "Am I going to have enough business?" "Why am I not having customers come in?" Are they all going to someone else when really it was just no one is wanting to move around Christmas. But, then transitioned into, "Okay. I'm confident in my customer base now. I spend those winters either trying to do something else or what other service can I add."

Zach Molino: Back to the two-year photographer. They could be in a position where they're saying, "I haven't had a chance to look into this. I want to offer this service that I don't currently offer, and I think it's just going to be too time-consuming to add it to my business." This conference will teach them all of the various Add On services that they can offer and how to do them. Then that person says, "I'm going to go this route." Now maybe that person says, "I'm a little burnt-out, it's been two years,

Zach Molino: I need to hire someone else. How do I hire somebody? How do I train them? What are the contracts involved? How do I lock them in with me whatever it may be." That person could easily want to go that route. This conference is for them. Not only that, the people that are training at the conference, they've all been here. They've all done that. They all understand how to keep the boutique style of a business,

Zach Molino: that customer first feels and then scales the business. They're going to get a little bit of everything. It's really what path do you want to go down and also I'll say this to finish answering your question, there are three sets of classes over two days. You could attend six different classes. You'll have the video to all of the classes, but you may say, I want to learn a little bit about business and I want to learn about

Zach Molino: this new technique that I want to do or something I want to add. They could easily go to a technique or a skill-based training for the morning class and go to a business development training in their afternoon class or one morning they do this class and the next morning they'll jump over to this one. There's something in it for everybody at all levels and that's what we're most excited about and to bring it into a classroom-based training so that people are getting questions answered. They're actually seeing the work done live.

Zach Molino: Obviously, we're not going to walk outside and take pictures and then walk back in with a 100 people in a class but everybody will have their computers, they'll be a projector. It's going to be showing you this is how I do it. Here are some other options and write these down. Let's learn from this and then re-watch this video that's going to be for you because you're going to get this right. We want to make sure you get this right. Not only that, message me after we're done. If you're having any questions, be in touch with me and I'll answer your questions.

Dan Smigrod: That sounds like a good time to go through the list of speakers. If I may, how about I go through the 15 speakers? I'll give you their name, their title, their company and perhaps you could tell us why you reached out to each of the speakers and then in addition there will be training on. That work for you?

Zach Molino: Sounds great.

Dan Smigrod: Amir Frank, Senior Evangelist, Matterport.

Zach Molino: You can probably tell us more about Amir Frank. I think he was on a week straight with you, wasn't he? That's what he had mentioned. The purpose of having Amir there and it really could have been any representative for anyone that offers 3D but Matterport seems to be pretty prevalent. We went with Amir, because he's got extensive knowledge on everything, the technicality of everything,

Zach Molino: various Add On options, how to do everything there. We went with him because that could be a value added. That could be something that people want to use as an Add On service.

Dan Smigrod: Zach, I said let's do this alphabetically, but I'm actually paired with Amir Frank, I will be attending. I'm the Founder and Managing Editor, We Get Around Network Forum and WGAN-TV Live at 5. I'm paired up with Amir, Senior Evangelist Matterport. We're going to do training on two different sessions. The first one is: 25 Advanced Tips for Real Estate Photographers for using Matterport.

Dan Smigrod: An example of that, I'll give you a couple of examples: what's a Matterport sandwich? How do I know I need one? How do I do it? If you're shooting Matterport dollhouses with swimming pools and the water is coming out black, how to make the water blue.

Zach Molino: Which I didn't even know you could do.

Dan Smigrod: That's why we're doing 25 Advanced Tips for Real Estate Photographers Using Matterport. This particular training session is targeted to those that are already Using Matterport, and want to take it to the next level, or those that are thinking about Matterport, And if they knew what kind of techniques were available to achieve a result, then that might be helpful. That's our first session:

Dan Smigrod: 25 Advanced Tips for Real Estate Photographers Using Matterport. I'm going to tee-up some questions for Matterport Senior Evangelist Amir Frank, and then we will do a second session on Matterport Platform Partners: Add Ons for Real Estate Photographers to Make Money. Anyone who's spending some time in the We Get Around Network Forum or WGAN-TV Live at 5, knows that I am all about business and how to make money,

Dan Smigrod: and I really want to focus on Add Ons and Matterport Partners. There's now more than 100 different Matterport Partners using the Matterport API and SDKs to create tools that add value to Matterport spaces so that photographers can get paid more money. If you're already shooting Matterport and you're not doing virtual staging or taking advantage of single property websites, or the fact that you can do live guided tours within Matterport spaces,

Dan Smigrod: and how do you do that, then our session is going to do a deep-dive talking about specific end results that are possible with Matterport when you pair Matterport with a third-party platform, which essentially is an Add On for a photographer to make more money. Probably make more money without taking any more time either on-site or in post-production,

Dan Smigrod: just by knowing there's a third-party tool that can be added on and then make some more money with that. Again, that session: Matterport Platform Partners: Add Ons for Real Estate Photographers to Make More Money. I know Amir Frank is super-excited about that. I see this as a how-to and the tactical... and if you just knew this, this, and this, then, wow, you could be making more money with Matterport by pairing it with Matterport Platform Partners.

Dan Smigrod: Alphabetically we skipped from Amir Frank to Dan Smigrod, let's go up to Amy Thorp, Owner and Lead photographer for Amy Thorp Photography. Why did you invite Amy? What's Amy going to be training on?

Zach Molino: Let me actually, before I talk about Amy, the Matterport situation. I think what you're there is fabulous. Because most people, at least us anyway, we have time to go do a Matterport, send it to the client. Although we know that there are some Add Ons, we almost sometimes think like, "Oh, if we start offering this, are we going down a rabbit hole that we don't want to go down," what is the time versus what we're going to make on it. People are going to realize, "Wow! you can do all these other things and it's not that time consuming,

Zach Molino: and we want to maximize our profits." Now onto Amy. Amy, I saw a twilight picture that she took that I swore was flambient or flash. It was beautiful. I said, "Wow!" Then I ended up talking to her. I found out that it was HDR, and I said, "Wow! What is your process to make it look so stunning?" Everyone that knows her or follows her knows what I'm talking about.

Zach Molino: I got her and I said, "We would love for you to teach us shooting interiors," because her interiors are fabulous, "or shooting twilights." She felt like her real expertise is in interiors, but also she really felt twilight was where to go. She's going to teach her techniques on how she shoots twilights, she brackets her shots, and how she edits her twilights, so that they just look absolutely stunning. That's going to be a technique or a skill-based course,

Zach Molino: and so we're happy to have her on, her work is wonderful.

Dan Smigrod: Brendan Hsu, Conference Host and Managing Partner, Aerial Canvas.

Zach Molino: Brendan bought into Aerial Canvas in the early years. He basically took that business, which is a premium business, and he scaled it, and he did a fabulous job. I talked to him over lunch at Oceanside at the Harbor, and learned a little bit more about him, and was really impressed with the kind of character he is, what his goals are, and the way that he runs his business.

Zach Molino: It's fabulous. I couldn't have been more impressed. I didn't know what to expect, but Brendan was fabulous. The energy that he has, and the positivity that he has, just good energy. I knew right away, I said, "If I'm going to have someone host this conference, it's got to be Brendan." Not only that, even though he may not be teaching a class, he's available too. He could teach a class just as well as anyone else, especially on the business development side and how to scale your business.

Zach Molino: He took Aerial Canvas from what it was and just multiplied it exponentially, and is becoming an influencer. I really like Brandan. I think he's awesome.

Dan Smigrod: David Deal, Founder of The Law Offices of David Deal.

Zach Molino: David Deal works with intellectual property, copyright infringement. Every conference you need to have some attorney present to answer a lot of those questions. When I look at the various Facebook groups, a lot of questions are: someone took my photos, somebody posted my photos, what can I do? What kind of recourse do I have? Should I fight this battle? Should I not fight this battle? Then you have those questions. You don't see them as often, but they're certainly there.

Zach Molino: What kind of contracts should I have with my contract photographers? What kind of contract should I have with the agents that I work with if I choose to do that? Some people don't like contracts, some do. We want to make sure that he's there to teach about that and answer any questions. When you have an attorney there, oftentimes they can steal the whole show because there's just so much that you want to ask them. He'll be having his own class all together: Q&A,

Zach Molino: speech, answering questions, going over various laws. Obviously he's not an attorney in every state, but he'll do a fabulous job. We are so excited to have him on as well. He's going to do great for us.

Dan Smigrod: Charly Simon, Founder and CEO, Charlie Simon Photo and Charly Simon Training.

Zach Molino: Charly Simon, he's based out of Spain, we're flying him in from Spain. His expertise is going and shooting luxury product.

Dan Smigrod: When we think of Spain, we think, "Oh,

Zach Molino: it's beautiful, it's awesome, great atmosphere." I didn't know this until he told me, but Spain is one of the poorest countries in the world. He goes out and he basically, his expertise is, how do you get those luxury listings, how do you pitch those clients, how do you find those clients, how do you shoot those luxury listings, what's different about the luxury listing than your cookie-cutter type houses. He's going to train us on all things luxury.

Dan Smigrod: He also has a lot of experience managing teams.

Zach Molino: He has a team of photographers as well, and how to manage teams. I think, the way he put it is, his real expertise is client services, how to retain your clients, how to keep them happy, how to make sure that everyone is happy. When you're in the luxury market, that goes hand in hand with having absolutely fabulous customer service. He actually was a PGA golfer as well. He was on the PGA Tour. That might be what some people want to chat with him about.

Zach Molino: We're happy to have him. We're flying him in from Spain.

Dan Smigrod: Chris Miller, Founder, One Point Media.

Zach Molino: Everyone knows Chris. He's just stunning. He's a humble guy, he goes out, he learned his trade, he learned it really well, and he does a fabulous job. I'm surprised he hasn't been asked to speak at a conference before. He does such a good job. Like I said, when I talked to him initially, I was thinking, "Okay, maybe teach us twilight, you'd do a lot with drone. Teach us your flambient technique." He has some YouTube videos out there.

Zach Molino: He actually had approached me and said, "Hey, I've got some stuff out there." I knew right away his stuff was awesome and I had to have him there for the people. I initially thought, "He would be great to train on flambient photography," and he probably will. But his thing was, "Hey, listen, I've got a technique that I use that I can shoot video with the drone and the DSLR and edit it really fast, so I can get it done this quick and get it out to the clients."

Dan Smigrod: He'll be training on that. But we're happy to have him.

Zach Molino: Christopher Bradford, CFO and Architectural Photographer/Cinematic Creator, Dream Home Images. Chris does a lot of architectural photography. We want to make sure that we have that element at the conference for those who are trying to get into architectural type of photography. He's also all things drone for the Dream Team. We're happy to have him. He'll do a great job.

Zach Molino: A lot of people, once they develop their skill to a certain level, oftentimes they want a new challenge. Usually that next challenge is, "I want to get into architecture, it pays more, I think I can do it. How do I do it?" We want to have that element there as well.

Dan Smigrod: Darrell Stringer, Real Estate Photographer Coach and Consultant for

Zach Molino: Darrell is awesome. He is one of the admins of the Real Estate Photography Facebook group. He's been great to work with. Very good, very responsive. We're flying him in from Australia, and he actually had recommended Samantha Ward, who we're going to talk about in a minute. He is a coach. He's worked with a lot of people. He had his own business that he ended up selling, got into coaching, and he has these various modules that people go through. Great trainer. Fabulous trainer.

Zach Molino: Very steady and even-handed. Very composed. He's going to talk to us. There's, again, a couple of roads there. But his focus is going to be pricing your services. How to price your services in your market without necessarily low-balling it or overpricing it. How do you price it? How do you do price increases without losing clients? That's where some of his focus is going to be.

Dan Smigrod: Eli Jones, Founder, Norman & Young, and the creator of Real Estate Photographer Pro.

Zach Molino: Eli is the Founder of Norman & Young, and then he developed his course. Eli is probably everybody's first, not everybody's, but when people are looking for some kind of course to take, oftentimes they'll run into Eli. Eli does a great job in his courses. I actually bought his courses. I didn't need to have his courses, but I wanted to support him and I thought what he did was awesome, and I wanted to offer something similar because I was coaching at the time.


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Zach Molino: I looked at his courses and I thought, "Wow! He really lays this out in such an easy-to-understand way and cuts through a lot of the clutter." He has opinions on why he does things the way he does things, which you could take or leave, and he lays out his reasoning, which is very sound, and his stuff is awesome. He's a great personality, a lot of people want to meet him. He's got a really good following, and we're really excited to have him as a speaker.

Zach Molino: He's fabulous and he has a lot of experience. He could really train about anything, especially business-related. He'll be talking to us about new concepts on how to get those first 10 clients, how to get those first 50 clients, how to grow your business quickly from the beginning, when you're just getting started or if you're wondering, "Man, how do I get these clients? How do I get more clients more quickly?" Obviously there's not a get rich quick scheme here, but he has methods that he has employed that have worked

Zach Molino: for him and those who he has trained that help them to obtain clients in a unique way and to scale your business quickly.

Dan Smigrod: Eli's been a guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5 a couple of times. For our audience, I would suggest for those that attend the REP Training Conference, who are Matterport Pro2 Camera users, to ask Eli why he switched from Matterport Pro2 3D Cameras for all his photographers, to Ricoh Theta Z1 cameras. That's a really interesting conversation. We'll save that for the REP Training Conference.

Dan Smigrod: Greg Hansen, Chief Operating Officer, also with Dream Home Images.

Zach Molino: We have the Dream Home team, and maybe now would be a great time to talk about Krista as well.

Dan Smigrod: Krista Abel, Founder and CEO of Dream Home Images.

Zach Molino: That's a husband and wife team. Krista and Greg just have a great story all together. They're working on a new concept right now, they just have a lot going on. They work really well with their clients. They're going to be training on, you name it, but it's going to be mostly on the business side of things, and scaling your business, how to work with different agents,

Zach Molino: conversations you should be having, how to be in touch with your agents, everything, then obviously, other business things: how you're going to scale your business, how you're going to grow it. They're coming as a team and they're going to do a fabulous job for us. I don't want to get into what they're going to talk about quite yet, but their marketing is phenomenal. They're really honed in on SEO, all platforms of marketing,

Zach Molino: and they're going to really hone in on that at the conference.

Dan Smigrod: I know a number of Members at the We Get Around Network Forum are husband and wife, so that may be an interesting question, is if you are running a real estate photography business in conjunction with a spouse, how do you make it work?.

Zach Molino: Samantha Ward actually, who's going to be speaking, she's the Founder of Picture KC, and maybe we'll just talk about her now, she is the same way. She's a husband and wife team. It's interesting, when I heard her story, I was like, "Wow! I was blown away, because she had a young child, was into real estate, she was, I think, being coached by Daryl Stringer, had a young child," forgive me, Samantha, if you hear this and I'm butchering it, and then she was pregnant with her second child while trying to run this business and shoot,

Zach Molino: and her husband got involved and they became a team, and so they had an interesting setup as to how they handle the shoots, how they handle the editing, getting out the images, delivering everything. She has a great story, and not only is it inspirational, but she's going to teach you, this is exactly what I do. If you are a single mom or a single dad, or you are a husband and wife team, this is how you can do it. These are certain things you can employ to make sure that your business stays successful,

Zach Molino: and that your image stays the way that it should. Because people can pick up pretty quickly on, "Oh, my photographer seems like they're always there's kids in the background," or there's this going on, how to keep that image while maintaining a busy lifestyle, especially with young children involved. She'll be talking about that at the conference as well.

Dan Smigrod: Josh Mais, Founder Show & Tour and Sherpa Media.

Zach Molino: Josh, he loves all the different platforms. Even though he competes with other content delivery platforms like REO or Go Full Frame, his is a little bit different because he doesn't have as extensive of a platform, I shouldn't say that, but he doesn't have scheduling or other elements of it, but he knows everything about all the different platforms. He's going to be talking to those who are interested in possibly REO,

Zach Molino: or Go Full Frame, various content delivery providers. He's going to talk about what's great about each one to help people who are in that arena who want to stop piecing things together. A lot of people say, "I do my email through here, and I schedule on this, and I deliver through Dropbox, or Box, or whatever," and he's going to explain the pros of each one to help people to guide them on that path as to what might work best for them.

Zach Molino: He's going to present it in such a way that's going to be beneficial for everybody.

Dan Smigrod: I would add parenthetically to that if you're thinking, "I'm way too busy to go to the REP Training Conference because there's so many things about my business... " I can imagine if you come to the conference and you go to Josh's session, you'll go, "Oh my gosh! There's ways to run this business so much more efficiently. I had no idea!" For those... You don't know what, you don't know. If you're so busy that you don't have time to attend the REP Training Conference,

Dan Smigrod: then this is EXACTLY the right REP Training Conference for you because you'll find out how everybody else is using tools and solutions to make the workflow much faster, much easier and probably cost less money.

Zach Molino: To add to that, with this conference, it's like what I mentioned before, people shoot in different styles. I look at some pictures and I say, "That's not how I would shoot," but clearly the agent likes what they're doing because they have clients. Agents sometimes are hard to please and sometimes they just don't know the difference between a good photo and a bad photo, and everywhere in between. The issue oftentimes is not how good am I shooting, it's

Zach Molino: "What am I doing to become more efficient in my processes so I have more time for me and for my family, or for whatever my goals are, and how am I going to make this business continue to be sustainable?" My highest and best use as a business owner is not photographing a home, necessarily, it's, what am I doing on the back-end to manage this business so that it stays profitable for a long time to come, or how do I make it automated, or, again, everybody has different goals,

Zach Molino: But oftentimes it's not necessarily the shooting, it's how efficient are you in your business, and that's where a lot of people struggle. We want to make sure that this conference teaches people all the different things they could be doing, and how to do them, so that they can be more efficient, have more time for themselves or for whatever their goals are. One thing that is both good and bad for me, and I mentioned it before, is I have a lot of time on my hands. My typical day is, I wake up, I may go play basketball with a group of guys.

Zach Molino: I come home, I get my kids to school, and I'll take a nap for two hours, and then I'll wake up. Other days I don't have time for a nap. But the good thing about that is that I have time because I've learned how to make my business efficient, I have time to do other projects, to do other things, to purchase another business, to reach some of my broader life goals. But if your goal is just to shoot photos for the rest of your life, then that's fabulous as well,

Zach Molino: but we want to make sure that people have those tools.

Dan Smigrod: Yes. I was tuned in at the very beginning of the show where you talked about your very first day with four different shoots and you spent the night editing your photos. I imagine that there'll be at least one trainer talking about alternatives for photo editing and outsourcing so that you can spend more time with your family or your friends, or playing basketball or taking your two-hour nap, so there really are other workflows than how you're presently doing business.

Dan Smigrod: It might be nice to hear what are the other workflows, what are other photographers to my left and right doing, and then if I still decide I want to keep my workflow, that's great, but at least you made a conscious decision knowing what the options were. You mentioned floor plans. I can name probably at least a dozen solutions for offering floor plans, and which is the right floor plan solution for you, or photo editing, does it makes sense to outsource or should I do it myself,

Dan Smigrod: and I'm going to do it myself, what might that workflow look like and what are different workflows for doing that? Vic DeVore, Founder, DeVore Design.

Zach Molino: Yeah. Vic, I liked his Facebook posts. He had some very good Facebook posts that were just casual, not pushy, not formal. He always is a part of some event, and he does good business and he's expanding and does a great job.

Zach Molino: You can view me as an idiot or you can view me as a genius. Because if you look at my Facebook page and it's been pointed out to me plenty of times. There's nothing there and yet we shoot for over 3,000 clients. So I'm either an idiot or I'm a genius or I'm totally lacking and could have 5,000 clients. I've just never been super-involved in Facebook and he does a great job at marketing himself, his services through events and other things.

Zach Molino: Obviously, he could train on everything because he owns the business and he's done such a fabulous job with it. But Facebook and honing in on Facebook, Instagram, other platforms is also his expertise. A little bit different than the Dream Team, which is going to be focused more on SEO and all of that. But Vic is fabulous, and he is so easy to get along with, very casual, so approachable and he'll do a fabulous job.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. Zach, I'm going to mention a special offer for the REP Training Conference. While I'm doing that, why don't you give some thought to any topics that we haven't covered that we should cover after this special offer.

Dan Smigrod: You're ready to attend the REP Training Conference? You're going to head over to the website www.WGAN.INFO/REPconference That's a short URL to get you to the longer URL for the Real Estate Photography Training Conference: the REP Training Conference. We have a special offer that Zach has been kind enough to extend to the We Get Around Network Community, the WGAN-TV viewers, WGAN Forum (

Dan Smigrod: You can save $50 with the coupon code: WGAN Zach, What haven't we covered that we should talk about?

Zach Molino: I think we got through everything. I think it was pretty well covered. I would say that as far as this conference goes, we're trying to do something different. We have a 4-year plan. I don't intend to make any profit, at least on this first conference. I've bought and paid for the conference, so everything is paid for. We technically don't need sponsors, but we love sponsors and so you'll notice in

Zach Molino: the coming weeks how different our sponsorship approach is going to be. We're excited for the companies that we're going to be working with and how we're going to approach this sponsorship. It's going to be a little bit different. Our goal is to get people, and we want this to be an education center. We want people to walk away. Maybe they come in skeptical, maybe they come in excited, maybe they come in hating. We want people to walk away and say, "Wow! That was different.

Zach Molino: I felt like not just inspired, I felt educated. I felt like I now know what to do. Not only that, but I've got the person who trained me. I can get in touch with them and if I have any other questions or I'm struggling with something, I can still be in touch. I have now a network of people more so than I had before to help me with this. Our goal is to make sure that everyone comes out of this with just pure knowledge, how to do something,

Zach Molino: how to apply what they learned. Specifically, what gear should I use? What products should I buy? Do I need all this? Then how to do it? That's what our goal is at this conference. Let me add to that. The conference in St. Louis, we understand that it's on a holiday weekend. A lot of people have holiday plans. We say bring your family, the place is beautiful. They have the Gateway Arch. They've got... You walk right across the street to Ballpark Village.

Zach Molino: The Cardinals will be in town the same weekend of the conference and we have a VIP dinner that's on the 360 Rooftop restaurant. I went up there and it was fab. You can see into Busch Stadium. It's just a beautiful venue. You've got the Mississippi, you've got the steamboat. Everything is right there and it's in a very safe place. Not only that, we want everyone to have a great time, we want them to learn, we want them to be educated.

Zach Molino: But our goal is to have you come back. We want you to come back again. We want you to continue to learn, we want this to be a big undertaking. Something that's just different than what has been offered before and I have nothing against what has been offered before. We're just taking a different approach. We're having more of a hands-on classroom-based training approach and that plays to all of our speakers strengths. When I was talking to the speakers about why they would be good for this and why it would work for them?

Zach Molino: A lot of their goals aligned with exactly what this conference is. They felt like we're better in a hands-on setting. We like getting down and dirty. We like to train people. We like to teach them exactly what to do, how to do it and so people that come to this conference, if there's any skepticism about it, we invite you to put it away. We think that you're really going to just enjoy and love and learn and grow from this conference. We hope our goal is, and our motivation is that you're going to come back every year because you're going

Zach Molino: to just learn something new that you didn't learn before and as the industry turns, we'll turn with the industry. Like I said, the iPhone 13 thing, That's something that I never would have thought to offer to a client and certainly didn't think about offering it at this conference. Then as I see how people are wanting to just learn that maybe to add another $150 to a shoot we'll teach it. We've got people that know it and can teach it. So we want this to be for the people and we want to stay flexible for them. We're so excited for what this conference has to offer.

Zach Molino: We hope that our speakers and our coaches and trainers that are going to be at that conference are going to stick with us for years to come. We want to lock them in because we know their capabilities and what they can do. So WE'RE REALLY EXCITED for that.

Dan Smigrod: I hadn't noticed that. ;-)

Dan Smigrod: Zach, at the top of the show, you mentioned another conference. If I attended that conference, either in-person or watching the livestream, do I really need to come to the REP Training Conference?

Zach Molino: A lot of the questions that I received after we had made the post as I had gotten, between 50 and 60 messages, might have been more than that, but a lot of it was, "Hey. This is the experience I had at this conference and I can see where the potential is with yours. Tell me what the value-add is going to be." Right off the bat, I was just engaging with everyone, saying it's going to be this, this is the whole approach. The vibrancy of the energy is this going to be what we want it to be.

Zach Molino: Again, I watched the other conference, PFRE and they do a great job. I love their website, I watched it, I watched all the speakers. In fact, I think I became friends with one of them on Facebook, a couple of them after. I thought it was fabulous. But ours like I said, it's just different and there's room for it. We want it to be more than just a networking and social event. We want it to be an education, we want it to be training. That's the approach that we're doing.

Zach Molino: Not only to answer your question, not only is there going to be a value-add, it's going to be a substantial value-add. You can pick and choose what you want to learn about in addition to having the database of video after the conference. If you wanted to be in one of the two classes or maybe there's three classes in the morning and you can only do one each day or something and you miss this one, you're going to have it on video, so you'll have it for yourself. It's going to be great, it's going to be awesome.

Dan Smigrod: Terrific. I would add for the We Get Around Network Forum Community, (www.WGAN WGAN-TV Live at 5, our audience today that's particularly interested in Matterport. I know I bought my Matterport camera in July of 2014, so I've been somewhat obsessed with all things Matterport related for seven and a half years. When I bought my Matterport camera it never even occurred to me that

Dan Smigrod: real estate agents would need photos or videos or aerial. I thought I could just offer Matterport. I think what you quickly learn is that most real estate photographers that offer Matterport or other 3D/360 virtual tour solution – or other virtual tour solution – is actually less than 15 percent of

Dan Smigrod: most successful professional real estate photographer business. Because real estate agents want photos first, perhaps video second, perhaps floor plans. Third, perhaps aerial, and then virtual tours. If you're thinking about getting started with Matterport – or other 3D/360 virtual tour solution – or you have bought a Matterport camera and you're struggling,

Dan Smigrod: trying to understand why you aren't as busy as you think you could or should be? Then REP Training Conference is absolutely for you because you've stumbled into the business through one of the doors. But it turns out those other doors are more popular. If you want to be in the space of residential real estate then you really need to

Dan Smigrod: be offering photos and videos and aerial drone, floor plans, etc. The REP Training Conferences is that opportunity to get that quick start, quick launch, get workflows, learn, etc. I would just add that. Then before I give you the second to last word, I would just say that, I am super-excited about being one of

Dan Smigrod: the trainers/speakers at REP Training Conference Thursday, September 1 and Friday, September 2, 2022 in St. Louis. I love that I'm going to have an opportunity to do a session together with Matterport Senior Evangelist Amir Frank. We're actually doing two sessions. I'm going to tee up the topics for Amir of: 25 Advanced Tips for Real Estate Photographers using Matterport.

Dan Smigrod: We'll also be doing a session on Matterport Platform Partner Add Ons for Real Estate Photographers to Make More Money. I'm super-excited about attending the REP Training Conference. Being there as well, not only to contribute as a trainer/speaker, working with Amir Frank, who has seven-plus years of deep-dive knowledge within Matterport, but also to be there to learn as well.

Dan Smigrod: Thank you for including me in the REP Training Conference, Zach, I appreciate it.

Zach Molino: We're excited to have you. We really are.

Dan Smigrod: If someone just tuned in, what's the elevator speech: 30 seconds that you'd tell them about the REP Training Conference?

Zach Molino: The REP Training Conference is going to be a fabulous conference that is hands-on training-based, education-based that is not only going to inspire people, it's going to have them walk out of there knowing exactly what to do. When those feelings of inspiration leave and you start to have that doubt, I felt so good at the conference, but I'm now starting to wonder if I can do this or if I have time for it. We're going to have people that attend and we want them feeling like, not only did I feel inspired,

Zach Molino: I now know what to do, I now know how to do it. I now have a support group of people that will teach me how to do it. I can be in touch with these people. We want people coming back year after year. We want this to be like a university, like an education center so that people that are just getting into the business, who are currently in the business but want to grow or want to offer something new. People that are looking to scale. We want this to be their source of knowing what to do and how to do it.

Zach Molino: Might I put another thing, I should say this also because I talked a little bit about PFRE. PFRE does have a fabulous database for those who were speakers that didn't make it onto the stage. They have some great training videos. Bethany had a great training video on Walkthrough Tours. I know Dom has created a video about aerials and so I invite people to watch that as well. I think that any kind of education to help people to be better at their trade is good. I don't view this as any competition. I view it as we just want to educate people.

Zach Molino: We want our industry to have a good reputation. My goal in all of this is to just, even though I'm not training, is to promote that. To promote that our industry has a good reputation, that people go out there, represent our industry well, that people get into it the right way. They take the right approaches and they learn all the techniques, skills, how to be efficient, so on and so forth. We're really excited for what this conference is going to offer for other people.

Dan Smigrod: Zach, thanks for being on the show today.

Zach Molino: Thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate it.

Dan Smigrod: We've been visiting with Zach Molino. He is the Co-Organizer of the REP Training Conference... That will be Thursday, September 1 and Friday, September 2, 2022 in St. Louis. For Zach in the Greater Salt Lake City area. I'm Dan Smigrod, Founder of the We Get Around Network Forum in Atlanta. You've been watching WGAN-TV Live at 5.
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Hi All,

The 2022 Real Estate Photography (REP) Training Conference has been canceled.


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