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Google Street View tour with blue lines...16011

Lymeartist private msg quote post Address this user
I have developed several virtual tours with 3D Vista, and it has the option to upload the 360 photos to Google Street View with linking between nodes and setting the field of view.

When I upload them in 3D Vista, the 360 nodes appear as dot locations, but my client wants them as connected blue lines like other professional tours have (eg, the Smithsonian). There is no option within 3D Vista to do this. I have contacted 3D Vista and I was told that it's a limitation of the API provided by Google.

How can someone have the connected 360 nodes with dots converted within Google Street View to have the blue lines connecting the nodes?

Thank you.
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Club Member
Queensland, Australia
Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
It may take 5-10 business days for linking to start working. It has always been that way.

Also in case you do not know there are google maps tours(business inside view) that are represented as linked dots (donuts shapes actually) and there is a Google Street View which is represented by a blue line. Tours are usually published for GMB listings or public places and need a place/business name to be specified. Blue lines are for streets/roads/ trails and they usually do not belong to any place and do not need a place/street/road name specified to be published.
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Lymeartist private msg quote post Address this user
Actually, you can have the blue paths in buildings, and it's quite common... Check out the White House for instance...

Notice also that one can click on paintings and have a pop up of the painting too. If you tour around Washington DC, all of the museums, such as the Smithsonian, have blue line tours in Google Street View.

I'm trying to figure out how to get Google to convert my separate 360 nodes to connect as a blue line GSV tour. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Is it a matter of using a different tool than 3D Vista? Does one have to contact Google? If so, where would one start in terms of reaching them?

Thank you.
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Lahaina, Hawaii
Skeeter private msg quote post Address this user
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Repair Service
Gainesville, Florida
MatterFix private msg quote post Address this user
Indoor Blue Line tours can only be created by Google I believe...if you look at the attribution on the White House tour, it was collected by Google. The best achievable result for indoors is to uploaded edited and connected panoramas via 3D Vista, Pano2vr or GoThru etc...this will get you Blue Dots that will eventually be connected for navigation (but they will remain as Blue Dots on Google Maps.
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Lymeartist private msg quote post Address this user
Yes, my tours were already created in 3D Vista and the nodes are already connected together. I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to submit the tour of blue circles submitted to Google as a blue lined tour.
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Club Member
Queensland, Australia
Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
You can create a blue line from spheres but they need to be really close to each other. I do not know of any specific distance but I believe it should be less than 2 meters. As for the blue line inside a building, originally this tech is based on location data written and sticking to some path on Google Maps. It can stick to no path too if it cannot find anything close.
Google assumes blue lines should be created as a special GSV video(many cameras support it) with location data written in every video frame and then submitted as a video only.

However and only I had a problem with publishing one as a video I figured out that
a)blue line can be created from close by spheres
b) blue line published as closeby spheres can belong to a place or GMB.

Here is that example where I have been getting video errors(location data missing or file corrupted) trying to submit it as a blue line. I have stripped frames from it every 1-2 seconds, published it as a tour for that park. To my surprise in two days the tour was changed to a blue line.

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