Video: 10 Reasons Real Estate Photographers are Not Getting New Clients | Video courtesy of Build A Photo Business YouTube Channel | 26 October 2021

From the Build A Photo YouTube Channel

In this live event we looked at some of the reasons why you're not getting new clients, or why you're not getting as many as you'd like. Now obviously we talked about pricing and differentiation because they're the big ones, but we also looked at a few less obvious reasons that might spark a new idea for you.

So if you're looking for some practical suggestions for what you can change in order to build your business then I hope you enjoy this show.


0:00 - Intro - why you don't get new clients
1:02 - Your prices
3:16 - You're doing it on your own
4:30 - You seem to be no different
5:30 - Your photo packages are confusing
6:45 - You're invisible
7:48 - You're presenting services, not solutions
8:49 - They forgot about you
9:55 - They don't like you
11:14 - They don't trust you
12:10 - You don't have enough knowledge
13:00 - Q&A and Summary

Source: Build A Photo Business YouTube Channel

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