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122-WGAN-TV Training U (Free Course) | Matterport Service Provider? Free Single Property Website with Every 2D Floor Plan Order from My Virtual Listings | Guest: My Visual Listings Co-Founder and CEO Greg Paterson @MyVisualListings | Air Date: Thursday, 21 October 2021 | Episode: 122

Matterport tour courtesy of My Visual Listings | FloorPlan CreatorEXPRESS Service

Screen Grab: Example 2D Floor Plan Created from a Matterport Tour by My Visual Listings | FloorPlan CreatorEXPRESS Service

Screen Grab from My Visual Listings | FloorPlan CreatorEXPRESS Service

My Visual Listings

WGAN-TV Training U (Free Course): Free Single Property Website with Every 2D Floor Plan Order for Matterport Pros from My Visual Listings

Hi All,

✓ Do you want a great looking floor plan created from a Matterport tour?
✓ Would you like a free Single Property Website (example) for your Matterport tour, photos, floor plan (and more)?
✓ Would you like to save money?

On WGAN-TV Training U (Free Course) - that aired live Thursday, 21 October 2021, my guest was My Visual Listings Co-Founder and CEO Greg Paterson to do show and tell:

Free Single Property Website with Every 2D Floor Plan Order for Matterport Pros from My Visual Listings

About 2D Schematic Floor Plans created from Matterport Tours by My Visual Listings

✓ color
Interactive floor plan version for Single Property Website with radar showing photos
Next morning Express Delivery Guarantee: upload by midnight EDT; (pre-populated) Single Property Website; and Floor Plans delivered by next morning.

From the My Visual Listings Website

The huge problem with ordering floor plans has been delivery time. Agents want them quickly. We have our own in-house editing team that takes all the measurements accurately from your Matterport model, creates the floor plans, add them to your free single property website and create your exclusive interactive floorplan from your gallery photos while you are sleeping.

About Single Property Websites by My Visual Listings

✓ Themes include: Matterport | Video | Zillow | Luxury 1 | Luxury 2 Luxury 3 | Modern | Premium
✓ Royalty Free Music Selection
✓ Add Custom Video Free of Charge
✓ Matterport Tour
✓ Property Details & Property Description
✓ Photo Gallery
Interactive Floor Plan (showing photos)
✓ Google Street View, Map View & Local Amenities
✓ Presented by (real estate agent photo, name and title, company name and logo, email, website, address, phone)
✓ Lead generation contact form



About My Visual Listings

My Visual Listings helps real estate photographers, videographers and virtual tour providers:

✓ save time
✓ save money
✓ look better

My Visual Listings was founded over 18 years ago by Greg Paterson, a former real estate agent and longtime entrepreneur. My Visual Listings has become one of the top real estate virtual tour and marketing companies in Canada with over 75 real estate photographers using our platform. Now with our Matterport floorplan service and video editing service that includes a FREE Single Property Website with every order, we are expanding right across Canada and the USA.

Real estate photographers, videographers and Matterport providers can use our Single Property Listing Webpage Themes to add any media like photosvideosfloor plans and Matterport 3D models to create a dynamic visual presentation for real estate agent's listings. We even provide panoramic stitching services that save our certified photographers countless hours, and these full screen 360 panoramic scenes are a fantastic solution to agents who don't want to spend the extra expense of a Matterport virtual tour.

We are extremely pleased to have just joined the WGAN as a sponsor and help real estate photographers and Matterport Service Providers save time, money and get more clients by using our platform, products and services.

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