Video: Matter Hacks | Copy/Duplicate Space | Video courtesy of Actionable Insights YouTube Channel | 6 October 2021

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Hello. Welcome to another episode of Matter Hacks, a video series by Actionable Insights. Today I want to talk about a new feature or really a returning feature to Matterport scans where you can duplicate them.

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Today I want to talk about copying a space. As you can see here, I have logged into my Matterport account here. I'm in one of my folders. I'll just show here some hierarchy of our folders. We have other videos about recommended hierarchy but you can also see here the copy space example. I'm going to go in here. I have scan in here.

I perform this scan, it's in my account and I want to be able to send a copy of it, for example, to an Adjuster I'm working with. Or the policy holder has requested that a copy of the scan themselves, which by the way, every policyholder can have one scan for free for life, there's a free Matterport plan. You can send them a duplicate, we'll get into the implications of all this in a moment. Let's just talk about how this actually works.

When I'm looking at a scan from the folder view here, I'm not in the scan. There is this three button ellipsis, vertical ellipsis here, there's a menu button and you'll see a new button here that says Copy Space. As soon as I hit "Copy Space", it's going to say, Hey, started copying, started company, click here to open the space.

Always, there's a little notification the first time you do it, that'll say reminder. Whenever you copy a space, it will be placed in the same folder from which the original scan that you were copying from is currently in. Now that's not the only way that I can copy a scan. Let's do a quick refresh here and see if it's already ready. It's already ready. Same title with the word copy in it so I know clearly which one is the copy.

Additionally, there is a second way that you can copy or duplicate a space. I can go into the scan itself, I could be looking at the scan. You'll note up here by the name of the scan, we have that same More Actions Vertical Ellipsis button there and I have the ability to copy a space from here. Now here's that notification I was telling you about.

This space will be copied in the same folder, the copy will be included in your accounts total hosted spaces. I hit "Confirm" there, and we'll go back to the folder itself. You can see what's happening here. Note that each one of these duplicated spaces counts as an active space towards your accounts total allowed active spaces.

What are the implications of being able to duplicate? Well, one of the major ones here that we talked about in our Xactimate insight sheet database here, these are invoicing templates for invoicing in Xactimate. This one in particular is actually invoicing for Matterport Pro Series scans where we walk people through the best practices when invoicing for Matterport Pro series scans.

A big part of this, we've been talking about for the last two years is if you are going to be invoicing for performing the Matterport scan, invoicing the claim policyholder carrier, it would be a wise move to at least make it possible to send a duplicate to the carrier so that they can hold onto it as a claims file. We have, for example, this form here that the adjuster would be able to fill out in our F9 note should they want to request a duplicate.

While historically, in order to get a duplicate, you would need to email and wait for them to duplicate it but now you have the button yourself. This just sped up the ability to duplicate scans, share those scans, send those scans. Additionally, why is this important? Now you can hold on to the original scan.

If you are the contractor that perform the scan, you can hold onto it, you can archive it so it doesn't count as an active space, but it's still there. It available if you ever need to go back to that scan. Then you can quickly duplicate and provide them to the policyholder adjusters and anyone else that you would like to have that.

This is just an incredibly useful utility for contractors and adjusters to be able to share scans, duplicates scans, archives scans, and essentially make the administration around your account easier to create, duplicate, and share and transfer scans to another party if you wish to do so. Hope you enjoyed this week's Matter Hacks. Please, if you could, wherever you're watching, like share, subscribe, check us out: I hope you enjoyed. I will see you guys next week.


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