Matterport Video: An easy guide to capturing spaces with the Matterport Pro2 | Video courtesy of the Matterport YouTube Channel | 2 August 2021

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I noticed this new Matterport marketing video today (2 August 2021): available in various languages.


Transcript (video above)

Matterport lets anyone turn any space into a digital twin: An accurate and immersive 3D model that can be shared, measured, and customized by you or a team.

This is the Matterport Pro2 camera; the gold standard for professional 3D capture. On the front of the camera, you will find three infrared sensors taking measurements at each scan point and six photo lenses taking high definition visuals.

First, place the camera on a tripod and press the ON button in the back to turn your camera on. Use an iOS or Android device to take control of your camera. Go to Settings, Wi-Fi, and find your camera Wi-Fi. To start scanning, use the Matterport Capture app. Press the scan button to take your first scan point.

You can turn around the camera or hide in another room in order to not appear on the scan. The layout of the room you are scanning will appear on your tablet. Just continue scanning, one scan point at a time. Move the camera every two to three meters after each scan point, until you have the whole floor plan on the tablet.

On average, it takes 20 to 30 minutes to scan 100 meters squared, depending on the nature of the space. When you have finished scanning, simply click on upload and we will take it from there.

Following your scan, we will create your digital twin, as well as HD photos, videos, and floor plans. From your Matterport account, you will be able to get the links to share your models, take extra pictures, download videos, add labels, add MatterTags, and easy way to enrich the model with photos, videos, documents. Take measurements of the floor plan or anything inside the model.

Matterport is revolutionizing the built world in multiple industries. To find out more, book a meeting, give us a call or visit our website,