Video: Learn how PHORIA grew over 350% YoY in the Matterport Platform Partner Program | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 22 July 2021

From the Matterport YouTube Channel

Steven Kounnas, the Co-founder and COO of PHORIA, talks about their journey transitioning from a service-based business into a software-based business leveraging the SDKs/APIs provided through the Matterport Platform Partner Program. This allowed PHORIA to easily plug-in with Matterport to allow customers to optimize SEO, white-label solutions, customize floor plans, provide virtual staging and more.

PHORIA is a leading Extended Reality (XR) technology studio based in Australia that specializes in Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality (VR, AR, MR). With a globally recognized team of developers, creatives, and partners, PHORIA is on a mission to transform human experiences and enhance intelligent environments. PHORIA's flagship product, CAPTUR3D, extends the impact of 3D Virtual Tours and is used by thousands of Matterport Service Providers from around the world.

With the Matterport Platform Partner Program, you can create breakthrough solutions at the intersection of space and data. Find out how here:

Source: Matterport YouTube Channel

Transcript (from Matterport video above)

- My business partner and I went to

high school together and we'll always throwing business ideas around.

One day, he showed me the capabilities of what a Matterport camera could do.

I quit my job the very next day and we bought a Matterport camera.

It was one of the first 10 or 11,

I believe, off of the production line at that point in time

in 2014 and we started that business as MSPs,

so Matterport Service Providers.

About two years after this in roughly 2018,

Matterport came to us and asked us to become the VAR,

the value-added reseller within Australia and New Zealand.

We saw this as an amazing opportunity to partner with

Matterport as will already be educating the market here.

This also allowed us to shift from

a service-based business to

a software-based business focusing on our SaaS platform CAPTUR3D.

Our platform plugs into Matterport via the API and

SDK to allow them to have SEO optimization and branding bars,

white-labeling, customer's floor plans and site plans.

With virtual staging, we allow our customers to drop

3D assets and even animated assets within the environment.

The key problem here that we're solving for is to easily stage

any space within five minutes and provide this back to their clients.

We have one of the world's first AR,

integrated tools with Matterport.

When you're on-site, you can use augmented reality to

visualize exactly where those pieces are to centimeter accuracy.

We've seen a huge success over the past few years alone within our software platform,

we grow 350 percent since the previous financial year.

We saw 50 percent month-to-month growth approximately from July through to today.

It's one of those things that once someone tries

it and they start utilizing the technology,

it's very rare that they move away from it.

It's quite a sticky technology to make you solve

because they see the benefit that it brings them,

their organization, and at the end of the day, their clients.


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