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Matterport Tour showing FUTURE construction/renovation???14406

DigitalTwin private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Folks,
I have a client (historic theater)and the Executive Director wants to know if its possible to visually show potential sponsors what a FUTURE renovation might look like(showing a before and after-but with no real "after" existing). At its simplest form it could be a mattertag link to an artist rendering, but are is there a better, more immersive way to overlay the actual 3D walkthrough showing, for instance, a new lobby (remodeled, new paint, etc.)??? I'm assuming that gets into some digital CAD modeling or something, but maybe theres a virtual option of this (like virtual staging)? Hope that makes sense!
Thanks for your genius hive-mind!
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Virtour private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Todd,

Depending on the theater's budget and expected deliverables, this sounds like something the folks at 360Pros can most certainly help with.
Boris and Adam are a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend their platform and services.

Wishing you much success on this project.

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Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
In this case it seems to me that your top priority is to impress people with the before / after transformation of areas in the theater.

While Matterport's dollhouse is a cool effect, the people you're pitching to probably know the theater already. I would consider foregoing the use of Matterport in this case and instead create a 360° virtual tour, making use of the innovative Dual Viewers effect in 3DVista. Watch this video and you'll see what I mean.

3DVista Dual Viewers

You can build a 360 tour in either of two ways, showing the before and after. The before would be what you shoot and the after would be either revisions of the original panos or computer generated equivalents of the same spaces, captured within CAD spaces as 360s to match your original positions.

Now, you could start by capturing the theater areas in Matterport, exporting the .obj files into CAE and creating the "after" space to match. Then you could export the 360 panos from the Matterport and create matching 360 panos in the CAD "after" model to match, importing both to 3DVista using Dual Viewers split screen or twin effects. I think the split screen effect would be the most impressive, as you can slide the before/after line back and forth while rotating panos as you wish to look around.

Just an idea.
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102024 3 3
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