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Video: Matterport in 90 seconds | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 2 February 2021

Transcript (Video Above)

Meet Matterport, the market-leading 3D platform, that lets anyone turn a physical space into an immersive digital twin.

Homes, offices, factories, shops, museums, schools, you name it. Scans are captured from any compatible camera, including the phone in your pocket.

This recent innovation is only possible because of Matterport's huge data library, and behind it all is Cortex, our powerful AI and deep learning neural network that automatically stitches together images to construct dimensionally accurate 3D models.

Once a digital twin is created, it can be customized with MatterTags, labels, and guided tours.

And easily shared with anyone on any device. They can virtually view, collaborate, and engage with 3D spaces.

Thousands of companies in over 150 countries use Matterport and realized unparalleled value.

Millions of spaces of every kind of been captured, comprising billions of square feet and 3D data points, resulting in the largest spatial data library in the world.

And it gets bigger every day, allowing customers across a property lifecycle to unlock unprecedented spatial data insights and analytics.

Matterport has been digitizing the built world for a decade. Now, we're massively scaling towards achieving our mission of making every building and every space more valuable and accessible.