Matterport Video: Connecting the Matterport Pro2 Camera to an iPad with Matterport Marketing Content Manager Amir Frank | Video courtesy of the Matterport YouTube Channel | 22 January 2021

Matterport Video: Connecting the Matterport Pro2 Camera to an iPad

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From the Matterport YouTube Channel:

Learn how to connect your Matterport 3D cameras to your mobile device so that you can quickly begin scanning and uploading your 3D VR models to the Matterport Cloud.

You will learn how to use your iPad's WiFi connection to link between your iPad and your [Matterport] camera.

Connect the Insta360 camera
Connect the Ricoh camera
Getting started with your iPhone

Source: Matterport YouTube Channel

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Transcript (video above)

Amir Frank:
Hey Matterporters, I'm Amir, and today I'm going to talk about connecting your mobile device to the Matterport Pro 2.

In case your using any other supported camera, like the Ricoh Theta, Insta360, or your mobile capture device, I've added links to those videos in the description.

In order to control the Pro 2 camera, you'll need to connect your mobile device. Once the scan is complete, capture data are transferred to the mobile device. The camera and your mobile device communicate over WiFi. This is a special WiFi network only between the camera and your device. To connect to the camera's network, first turn on the camera and wait until you see the wifi icon flashing on the back of the camera.

Amir Frank:
A flashing WiFi icon indicates the network is active, but that nothing is connected yet.

Now on your device, go to settings and then WiFi. The camera's WiFi network starts with Matterport and is followed by the camera serial number. Tap the camera's name to connect. When you see a blue check mark next to the wifi name, you know you're connected.

You may notice the message, no internet connection. This is perfectly fine. Remember the connection is not to the internet, but only between the device and the camera.

You can now go ahead and open the capture app and begin scanning. The wifi range is about 50 feet or 15 meters. This means instead of walking behind the camera while it's scanning, you can also go into another room, hide behind the wall and then tap the scan button.