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SPECIAL 25% OFF until Jan 15 - - by Nick Powell13929

Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
I expect some of you are getting tired of my constant recommendation of 3DVista. If not, I would be!

If you've followed my comments on 3DVista during 2020, you know that I first opened this complex application back in the spring to create (for a paying client) this complex tour with over 170 panos and 5 Matterport models all linked together:

I have two big Thank You's to credit for my survival of the project - first the client who was very patient as I learned 3DVista on-the-job and also Nick Powell (in the UK) who I engaged multiple times over Zoom to tutor me out of desperate corners I painted myself into.

If you are interested to learn and master 3DVista, setting yourself way apart from the competition, then you needn't struggle as much as I did. Nick Powell has just launched which is a collection of tutorial videos taking you through this powerful program.

3DVista has a solid collection of their own tutorials on their YouTube channel, and Larissa Lindeman at the company is a very good presenter. However, Nick goes into much finer detail. Also, Nick's tutorials cover the entire process right from shooting to processing the panos in preparation for the 3DVista part. He's a detail nut, exactly what I want from a tutorial.

Access to Nick's training videos is a one-time purchase and he's RIGHT NOW running a special until January 15th offering 25% off, at £149 (he's a brit, remember!) which is about $200. If you want to learn 3DVista, this will turbo-charge your effort. $200 is a lot less than I voluntarily "tipped" Nick for his help last spring, and even what I sent him was worth every penny.

Here are some more tours I accomplished thanks to Nick's instruction:

DISCLAIMER: I get no cut from 3DVista or Nick Powell if you take advantage of this excellent set of videos. I'm just an enthusiast for 3DVista and grateful for Nick's help.
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MarkJohn private msg quote post Address this user

Just to add to your post ... Ive just followed your link to Nicks website and its probably worth adding that the course is free if you buy 3dVista through him as a reseller. See bottom of home page.

I too have no link to either Nick or 3dVista although I have seen some of Nicks videos before.

Thanks Mark
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filinto private msg quote post Address this user
I cannot register for this. Is anyone having the same issue when trying to buy the training course?
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MarkJohn private msg quote post Address this user
What problem have you got? I can fill out all the fields on this page with my personal details

but I have not completed payment as I dont need to buy.
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