WGAN-TV Real Estate Media Services and Pricing-#1591-You Must Offer Photos: discussion with Real Estate Photographer Pro Course Creator Eli Jones

Video: Getting Started with Virtual Tours for Real Estate? Offer Photos First

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In this WGAN-TV Short Story (#1591 above) Norman & Young Founder and Real Estate Photographer Pro course creator Eli Jones discusses:

✓ If you are just starting out with offering virtual tours to real estate agents, offer photos first
✓ how to earn $100,000 or more as a real estate photographer
✓ pricing differences - for same services - across the United States

Here is my entire WGAN-TV Live at 5 interview with Eli

Transcript: WGAN-TV MSPs: How to Price Matterport, Photos, Video and Drone

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What strategy did you use to price your real estate photography and virtual tours?

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Transcript (video above)

Which is the other piece of your business. Later in the show, I'll ask you about that course.

We'll also have some special offers, including one from We Get Around Network, for a Real Estate Photographer Pro course. So, back to those four core services then.

I'm just starting out, okay, I've mentally I've made the shift, I'm a business person first, more than I am a geeky artist person that wants to offer the tours, so, I understand if I really want to make a living as a real estate photographer, I got an offer photos. You started to talk about pricing. Do you want to talk a little bit about maybe strategy on pricing, even before you maybe give some specific examples?

- Yeah, definitely. And one thing I think, even before we get into anything strategy at all, is just understanding that different areas have vastly different costs of living.

And I think this is one thing that can really discourage someone, or make them think it's going to be easier than it is. Say, we have students in Oklahoma and other States, where the cost of living is nowhere near what it is in California or anywhere on the coast, really. And so, they might see that, "Hey, in my market, I can only make $95 shooting a house".

And then they see guys in California charging $350, and they're like, "Oh, I'm never going to be able to do this". But what they don't see and what they don't understand is that the guy who's charging $350 in California has an insanely high rent or mortgage payment, has a much higher cost of living, and pays way more in taxes.

And so, the way I look at it, and that's kind of the nice thing about the Real Estate Photography industry is that, regardless of where you are in the country, and we have actually students around the world that will say the same thing is, it's relative. How much you make is very relative to your cost of living.

And how you live will be about the same as a real estate photographer, regardless of where are. So, I think that's really important.

When I talk about specific pricing, my company is based in Fort Worth, Texas, which is a fairly middle market. So, some places you won't be able to charge as much as us. And when I talk about my pricing, someplace, you'll be able to charge more than us. I think that's very important to understand from the start.

So, you don't get discouraged or you don't start thinking that it's going to be an easy road to make a ton of money. Which, it's a great opportunity, It's a great industry, but it depends on where you live, and you're really noticing that in pricing.

- I won't get discouraged when you start talking about pricing, as long as you can show me in Atlanta, how I can make a gross a hundred thousand dollars a year.

- Definitely--

- Can you do that?

- Say that again.

- Can you do that? Can you show me how I can make ...

- Yeah, obviously, I can't say like specifically you as a person will be able to, because there's a lot of factors.

But what I would say is that, anywhere in the U.S, that is possible, and we have students doing it in most markets. Just like any business, there's skill involved, there's frankly, more than skill. Like, I don't think I have a lot of skill in this, I just work hard.

And so if you're willing to do that, there's great opportunity. Like I said, at the start, and this is what makes the opportunity so great is, one, the market has changed where photos have become so, so important, where media has become so, so important. And that just really makes the difference.

But two, and this is even more important, I would say, nobody for the most part wakes up and says, "I'm going to shoot real estate." They don't just wake up with that. And so, there's not a lot of like, just demand for it, not a lot of new photographers flooding it.

And one more thing too, that I think is funny is, a lot of people think real estate is like the bad side of photography where you don't make a lot. And I love that. And frankly, I'm fine with people thinking that, because there's more opportunity for those of us that do shoot it.