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Public Pocket Listings Website Re-Launches 19 January 202113892

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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Screen grab: []

TheRealDeal (31 December 2021) Pocket listing service is back with a new website |
Zillow competitor PLS will allow public to search exclusive listings

"The PLS [], formerly a private listing network for real estate agents, will relaunch Jan. 19 as a public-facing site," reports TheRealDeal. "The site will be a competitor to third-party listing sites such as Zillow and On the new site, both agents and members of the public will be able to search “PLS only” listings that automatically convert to just active PLS listings after one business day, according to Inman."

'“In the current market where inventory is extremely tight across the board, will give agents the opportunity to exclusively share ALL listings on the platform first,” the company told Inman via email," reports TheRealDeal.

"The new site takes advantage of a term in the Clear Cooperation Policy, which allows agents to advertise a property for one business day — up to 72 hours if the property is advertised on a Friday — before it must be submitted to the MLS," reports TheRealDeal.

Your thoughts on how this affects real estate photographers that do virtual tours?

Happy New Year,

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Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
Seems absurdly silly to me. Yes, it’s a tight sellers market now with low inventory. However, are agents really going to bother with a site that offers “something special” for just one day? Trying to mechanize this tiny exposure window will certainly draw NAR’s attention if it seems to have legs.

NAR can just change to “NO marketing until a listing is live on the MLS, which should have been the edict in the first place for reasons of anti-discrimination and equal opportunity.

And I see no affect on photographers or tours. One day earlier exposure?!
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Virginia Beach, Virginia
carloscardo private msg quote post Address this user
This happened back in the 2006 hot market. I do not believe that this is of value to a home seller. Say I represent a Seller and say Mr Seller we are going to limit the number of people that view this home for th first 3 days. Sure, it'll be less competitive, and therefore you may not get into a great bidding war; BUT I will look important because I have the listing.

I don't get it. The only thing a pocket listing will do is limit competition. As far as photography, I do not believe it will change anything.

The one that usually makes out a pocket listing is the buyer, since the seller is represented by the "Listing" agent, one would believe that the more people that see a product (advertising)the more that have an opporutnity to buy. The whole purpose of photography, advertising, video, social sites is to gain MAXIMUM EXPOSURE. Pocket listing is minimum exposure. Can you imagine a buyer meeting the seller and saying "man, I would have paid much more if I knew your home was for sale"!
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