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Video: Don't wait to be an expert on real estate photos (to offer them)

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In these WGAN-TV Short Stories (#1600 and $1601 above) Norman & Young Founder and Real Estate Photographer Pro course creator Eli Jones describes:

Why you don't need to be an expert to get started with real estate photography

Here is my entire WGAN-TV Live at 5 interview with Eli

Transcript: WGAN-TV MSPs: How to Price Matterport, Photos, Video and Drone

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What was your first real estate photography shoot like?

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Transcript (video above)

- Bringing you back to my interest as a newbie photographer in Atlanta, thinking about... I was first thinking about virtual tours first.

But I think now I'm totally convinced I really should start with photos. Okay. So, I grew up taking pictures in high school, but I don't think of myself as a great photographer. Do I need to just kind of put things on pause and wait until I'm just awesome at my craft of taking pictures of houses.

- So, that's question we get all the time, and first I'll say, I was not an awesome photographer and I'm still not. I just know Real Estate Photography very well.

And so, one of the questions we often get is, "Do I need to go learn a lot about cameras "before I even start this?" No, and honestly, the more you know about cameras, the more I'm going to have to teach you to unlearn and learn in different way. Real estate photography, I tell people this all the time, is much more a science than it is an art. There's a right way to do things.

And what I love about that, and what's allowed me to scale, is it means you do the same thing every time. There is a right settings to use. There're right settings to use that you almost never change. There's a right way to shoot a photo.

And so, that's what I like is, not only was it easier for me to learn, I didn't have to have years of photography experience, but also, it's easy for me to teach a new employee. So, we're able to, at Norman & Young, and this will kind of show you how fast you can get up to speed. Took me longer because I didn't have... There was nobody to follow.

There was no courses to buy at the time. So, it took me a while because I had to learn, but we have new photographers go from zero, never used a professional camera before, in two weeks they can offer photos, videos, Matterport, drone, photos, everything, because of how fast we're able to get them up to speed. And that's not like, "Oh, we're skilled at training".

It's because it's a simple process if you only need to learn what you need to know. And that's one thing I like about real estate is, it doesn't require you to be a super versatile photographer, or a photographer at all. You'll learn stuff about cameras as we teach you, but you only need to know a very specific and narrow amount about photography.

We get requests to shoot portraits all the time, and shoot weddings and it's great people trust us. You do not want me shooting your daughter's wedding. That is not going to end well. The photos are not going to be great. Because I know so much about real estate, and that's what I zone in on, I don't know about other types of photography. So, you don't have to have experience coming in.

- Yes, but I just have this angst that I'm kind of good, but I don't think of myself as a great photographer, let alone I haven't done real estate. So, I don't know, maybe that segues into your course, Real Estate Photographer Pro, maybe you could talk about the course, why I should take your course.

- So, when we first built the course, It's something that I've wanted to do for a while, because I saw that we were doing it in a different way than a lot of other people. And the reason I knew it was different is because I'm in a lot of Real Estate Photography forums online. I'll see people ask a question. I assess 30 comments below the posts, and I'll read through the comments.

And like every comment is all the same, and it's all almost the opposite of the advice that I would give. And so, I thought that was kind of interesting. And so, when I first built my course, I started thinking, "Okay, I'll teach real estate photographers "how to do it the right way".

Transcript (Above)

And we don't say... A lot of things, they'll talk - Here's 30 different options you can choose, and they'll go through the pros and cons of each.

When I was starting my business, I didn't want that. I wanted, "You've tested all 30, which one should I do?" That's my course. We tell you exactly what we do and exactly why we use it. And we don't fill it with all that nonsense about "Here's what you could do, or you couldn't do this. "You also could do this." It's just like, don't do. Just do what we do. It's what made us successful. And it's what will make you successful.

- So, for context, for our viewers, Real Estate Photographer Pro course, the easiest way to get there, WGAN.INFO/repp WGAN.INFO/repp I'll talk about a special offer for Real Estate Photographer Pro course coming up.