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Video: How to make a good living on two $155 real estate photo shoots daily13875

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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
WGAN-TV Real Estate Media Services and Pricing-#1594-How Important Is The Time For The Workflow And The Possibilities For Earning More Money

Video: How to make a good living on two $155 real estate photo shoots daily

Hi All,

In this WGAN-TV Short Story (#1594, above) Norman & Young Founder and Real Estate Photographer Pro course creator Eli Jones describes:

1. How 2-4 $155 real estate photo shoots - with 36 photos - can equal $81,840 or more
2. Why workflow is important to making the numbers work

Here is my entire WGAN-TV Live at 5 interview with Eli

Transcript: WGAN-TV MSPs: How to Price Matterport, Photos, Video and Drone

In the above WGAN-TV interview, Eli talks about why if you are focusing on residential real estate, you need to offer photos (even before you offer virtual tours).

Special Offers for WGAN Community

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2. Receive 12 months free of WGAN-TV Training Academy when you buy Real Estate Photographer Pro Course by Eli Jones using the WGAN Affiliate Link above.

Got questions about Real Estate Photographer Pro course? Please post to this WGAN Forum discussion. (I have watched 60+ percent of this course.)

Happy New Year,


Transcript (video above)

Okay. Well, the number that you gave for 36... Forgive me, was a hundred--

- $155, yeah.

- $155. So, $155 doesn't sound like a lot of money. So, can I make a living on $155 for shoot?

- Yeah.

- So, depends on where you are. So, yeah, like I said, here in Dallas, Fort Worth, we're a middle market and there's a couple of things. And the first thing I want to hit now right off the bat is, if you're spending six hours in a house for $155, you're never making money doing that. And so, like I said earlier, our method takes about 45 minutes in a house.

So, you could say that 45 minutes, so, you have 30 minutes of driving between shoots. A realistic day for our photographers, and for me, when I was shooting, is about four houses. If you really get in greedy, you can shoot six, but it depends on how much you want to work. So, four houses times 155, that starts to look a little better, right? Because at that point we're looking at way more.

- Hey Siri, what is 155 times four, times 22.

- [Siri] 155 times four is 620.

- All right I didn't get far enough with this. So--

- So, 620 Times... So, 620, a day potential, not saying you're going to make that every day, there's rainy day, stuff like that, but 620, and then you have 22 business days in a month. It's $13,600. And so, that shows you, you don't have to...

You're not going to have to work yourself to death to make a good living. In our area, I would say, a really good living, that someone's going to expect from a decent job here, is somewhere around the $50,000 a year mark.

And so, at $13,000, we're seeing that we're 3 times that, and again, that's busy. Four shoots a day, you're working, but a lot of us work a lot and so, I'd rather work a lot doing that.

- Okay. But I wanted to get to the number for... Let's say I worked 22 days a month, times, 12 months, times four shoots. I can't do the math, can you help me out here?

- So, that would be?

- Yeah. I mean, to pick it to a specific example, I was actually talking with the guys in our course. And when I say a guy he's 20 years old, so, he's really young. He's been doing this for a year, and he just hit $14,000 this October. So, that is possible, you just have to have no rain. but I mean, if we're doing, let's say you're averaging 10K a month, times 12, that you're looking at $120,000 a year.

- Let's just say I'm doing two shoots a day.

- Yeah. So, what I found is, approximately if you do one shoot a day, you make about $50,000 in a year. If you factor in the average amount of Add Ons you'll book.

So, if you do just, and that's something we didn't even factor into that last calculation, but if you're doing just two base shoots a day, you're always going to be at $310, 310 times 22, $6,820 a month.

Standard expense rate, maybe 20%. But a lot of that you're already paying for anyway, your car and stuff like that, that you can deduct obviously depends on where you are.

But $6,800 times 12, I mean, that's another good one. Two shoots a day is like the easiest job ever, honestly. It's you work in the morning kind of thing. And that's, I just closed it out here, $81,840. And so, that's the cool thing to me.

And that's why I think it's so funny when people talk about Real Estate Photography not being a great photo niche. Yeah, you only get $155 per project, but you get super consistent projects. They don't take long. And that's one of the reasons I love it. It's just great earning potential.
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JoeyMac1965 private msg quote post Address this user
What Eli is saying is 100% realistic. I don't know his methods, but my guess is that they are similar to the methods I've developed for myself over the last 7 years. I can easily shot an average home (interior, exterior, drone) in about an hour and I charge $160 and I deliver 35-50 photos per shoot. Processing, from the time I take the SD card out of my camera when I get home, takes about 20-30 minutes per property. This year I will shoot about 530 properties and my average work week is 32-35 hours. On top of that I shot about 100 Matterport tours this year with a Theta V at $0.04 sqft. Needless to say, I make a decent living doing a job that is VERY easy and one that I enjoy.

I might also add that I have NEVER advertised to get clients. I grew my photo business from 1 customer to now over 175 clients 100% by referral. I don't have a website, I don't even have business cards. My clients are my business cards.
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
$155 a shoot does sound good and two shoots a day sounds good, but that does not take into consideration any overhead, processing and supplemental add on. He glazes over a few of the extras, if you use a MP Pro 2 and when shooting an average size house 2400 square foot you are there several hours. That is for a basic walk thru since I know I would be extracting photos or walk thru that adds more time. I would do $155 dollars a shoot every day of the week, if I just walked in in with no intent to extract photos, exterior shots or interior shots or add on of a clean walk thru. But I find most agents are looking for the extras, even if you charge more the time on the job requires extra time. Then the processing of extracting photos, adding a walk thru and then doing one or two exterior shots and processing. But in my area I would sub-contract to any photographer or agent wanting to provide everything else and I provide a MP basic walk thru with a guarantee of 8 shoots a week.
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WGAN Forum
Founder &
WGAN-TV Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Thank you for your metrics. So helpful as a "reality check" for those with ongoing business and for those just starting out. Glad to hear that you are thriving.


Eli's real estate business photography business, Norman & Young, use to use a Matterport Pro Camera. They switched to Ricoh Theta Z1 cameras because the workflow is much faster and the results are "good enough" for the price point that his clients are willing to pay.

Happy New Year,

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