Inman (14 December 2020 Defend your commission! 3 steps for showing sellers you’re worth it - Here's how to differentiate and showcase your value from the get-go at the listing appointment

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Why this article is written for real estate agents, the discussion also applies to real estate photographers.

Here's a small excerpt:

I ask sellers a simple question: “If you are going to have Lasik surgery, are you more interested in getting a rock-bottom price from someone offering discounts to get business, or do you want someone with extensive experience? Would you be willing to trust your eyes to someone with limited experience, or do you really want someone with extensive proven results?”

In most cases, sellers tell me they want the experience. At that point, I ask them, “If that is true, are you willing to trust your largest financial transaction to an agent with less experience?”

Source: Inman

I encourage you to read the entire article.

As a real estate photographer, what is your take away from this Inman article?




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