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How to combine 3 virtual tours for apartment model units? 🤔13762

Sherpa Media + Show & Tour
Leawood, Kansas
sherpa_media private msg quote post Address this user
Hey everyone 👋

Do you pursue apartments, senior living, or other multi-family housing clients for virtual tours of their model units and different floor plans? Here is a great way to combine all the virtual tours for your client to easily share and place on their website.

Example with 2 model units.👇

Example with 3 floor plans.👇

The Show & Tour media player allows you to combine any number of virtual tours, videos, photo galleries, and more into one single player that can be shared with one link or embedded on a website.

>>> There are also a few great benefits to wrapping your virtual tours in a media player:

1) If you ever shoot an additional unit, or reshoot an existing unit, you client doesn't have to do anything on their end to add more links to their website. Once the media player is in place you can make any edits to it.

2) You get a link to your website. This is a huge SEO and branding benefit. Notice the "Created by" link in the bottom left corner of the player.

3) Maybe you shot these tours with Matterport and you are thinking about switching to another platform. You then found a way to export your panoramas and recreate the tour on another platform. You can change up the tours at any time under the same media player link. You client doesn't have to lift a finger to make that change.

And don't forget... 👇

WGAN Standard or Premium Member? Receive the free use of Show & Tour Starter Membership using this WGAN Order Form. For the password, Private Message @DanSmigrod

+ All WGAN Forum Members get the first three (3) months free of Show & Tour Starter Plan, Private Message - @DanSmigrod - for the coupon code.
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
@sherpa_media This could not have come at a better time, one of the bigger builders I do models for is always looking at different ways to showcase his homes, his models and coming up with different styles. He just started building larger homes with either an attached ADU or two bedroom apartment. He does not want the models attached by walking thru the model then going thru an open door out to the second unit. This is one of the most progressive ways to do it. Now can anyone address the issue of overlaying two 3D models and combine the units to make one dollhouse?
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Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
If I had this assignment I would combine them using 3DVista. Examples:
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fred30 private msg quote post Address this user
hi all, i try to use your software but your api google dt work for france ?
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fred30 private msg quote post Address this user
i make this example

can i change name virtual tours ? and add good adresse google maps? because i dt find ths company.
when i put pdf. just appear download but no more thing? no virtual tours...

thanks for help
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97348 5 5
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