Video: Built-In PTGui Pro for Labpano Pilot One EE and Re-Think on 360 Photo Workflow | Video courtesy of Yuqing Guo YouTube Channel | 3 December 2020

From Yuqing Guo YouTube Channel:

What if we have in-built PTGui Pro for Labpano Pilot One? Well, for Professional Shooters, unstitched fisheye pano image is crucial in producing seamless 360 panoramas. And I wish Labpano could produce 5 images instead of single stitched image so that entry level users could wipe out all the stitching lines with masking trick in seconds.

Let us just re-think what we have benefit from PTGui Pro with one shot 360 cameras. Alignment and Blending are top two benefits. Rather that calculate alignment with software, the camera has in-built optics parameters which could easily produce panorama that are unstitched thus could help us get seamless result with human blending on the basis of in camera stitch result.

Source: Yuqing Guo YouTube Channel

Labpano Pilot One EE
Labpano Pilot Era

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P.S. With Labpano's open platform, I could imagine way more integrations; including seamlessly publishing to 3D/360 virtual tour platforms.