Screen Grab from PRRE Virtual Conference 2020 (for Real Estate Photographers0

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✓ Save $50 on PFRE Virtual Conference 2020 | 20-21 November 2020

Last year over 300 Photographers, Speakers and Vendors from around the world gathered in Las Vegas for the first-ever PFRE Real Estate Photography Conference. This year we're taking things online! With over 20 presenters, 30+ hours of content, networking and vendor participation, the 2020 Virtual Conference is sure to offer excellent value to anyone aspiring to take their real estate photography business to the next level!

Topics that will be covered:

✓ Lighting
✓ Editing
✓ Composition
✓ Branding
✓ Social Media
✓ Video
✓ Drones
✓ 360 Photography
✓ Flambient Photography
✓ Copyright Registration
✓ Licensing
✓ Live Image Critiques
✓ Budgeting & Pricing
✓ Scaling Your Business

Nearly 30 Speakers!

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P.S. I will be "there" ... How about you?