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Here are the business courses that Ben Claremont added to his course:

1. Top 10 tips for starting a virtual tour business
2. How much should you charge?
3. How to package your virtual tour services
4. Starting from scratch with no website or portfolio
5. Building the confidence to charge for your work
6. Which niches should you target?
7. Which niches shouldn't you target?
8. How to find leads on Google
9. BONUS: How to find almost any business email
10. How to find and contact 1,000 new virtual tour leads
11. Should you specialize?
12. How to nail the email pitch?
13. Incorporating COVID-19 into your email pitch
14. What to say when a client responds to your pitch
15. Emailing versus calling versus showing up
16. When to reveal your prices
17. Should you contact a business a second time?
18. What to do when there are cheaper competitors?
19. What is hosting and should you charge for it?
20. My top 5 virtual tour up-sells
21. How to win big clients through facebook tagging
22. Working with a new client for the first time: what to do
23. How to deal with invoicing and payment
24. Using social media to grow your business?
25. BONUS: Big future platforms for virtual tour leads
26. BONUS: Selling virtual tours in your day to day life
27. BONUS: Small versus medium versus big clients: what to expect
28. Final tips for success as a virtual tour pro

The course includes a 30 day money back guarantee.

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