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Compare Aryeo and Show & Tour?13450

Dunetop private msg quote post Address this user
Which one does more and is more flexible? opinion?

Looking to do Business 3D tours and GSV as well as Photo, video, drone.

Zillow, GSV and invoicing?

Property web sites? Any experience?
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bryanhscott private msg quote post Address this user
@Dunetop I had never heard of Aryeo till you posted your message. I am a prior customer of Full Frame Systems and a current customer of Show & Tour and like them very much, but after sitting through Aryeo's nearly hour-long 2.0 launch video, I am impressed with their capabilities and what they intend to bring out of beta testing later in the year.

Knowing what I know about Show & Tour and having just learned more about Aryeo's capabilities, I could easily be drawn to them away from Show & Tour, but this depends on your offerings and your customer needs. Were I you, I would take advantage of their free trial to verify features and confirm thinking, and if all I saw on the launch video is true, I would seriously consider becoming their customer.

You may wish to consider trialing Show & Tour as well, just so you can accurately compare. Then, armed with more info, you can apply their offerings to your business/customer needs and pick the one that best suits how you do what you do.

By the way, you may have noticed that Aryeo can replace your YouTube Premium or Vimeo subscription. As well, they can replace whatever invoicing tool you currently use, both of which will help pay their monthly subscription fees.

The other items I took note of is that they have a virtual still photo tour creator and a brochure builder. Add these items to the mix of video, 3D, etc., and their platform seems as complete as needed. Show & Tour has a basic invoicing tool and the ability to watermark content, etc, but Aryeo's offering appears to be more mature. Likewise, S and T does not have the ability to create brochures or still photo virtual tours, both of which can be good add-ons, or throw-in features for agents who have been in the biz for a long time (don't know why, but they still like these two features).
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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
WGAN-TV | Show & Tour Property Websites and Project Delivery Demo and Discussion with Kansas City-based Josh Mais, owner of Sherpa Media and Co-Founder Show & Tour.


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Gilroy, California
Dataventurer private msg quote post Address this user
@dunetop Your questions are highlighting one of the reasons that this Forum is so valuable and helpful! I didn't know about Aryeo! I do now after watching their July re-launch video, so I can opine...

I signed up for a Show and Tour account and have created 13 property sites in the past couple months. I found that platform easy to use. I did not make use of any of the billing and accounting elements of Show and Tour. I have found the support to be responsive and helpful. I received a 1-on-1 intro from Josh, the founder, when I signed up. I have been very satisfied and pleased with the platform. Until this afternoon...

Challenges that are prompting me to consider changing to Aryeo:

1. All my media (mostly walk-through videos) are hosted elsewhere, some on Streamable, a couple on YouTube, and a few on Vimeo. Almost all my 360 tours are done with the Zillow 3D Home app and are hosted on their site. I wanted to get some analytics for the videos - something that both YouTube and Vimeo provide. In fact, I was getting ready (by tomorrow night) to migrate all my videos off Streamable to Vimeo and subscribe to the Vimeo starter plan. But I have found that having the media hosted in one location and the property website on another has created some "churn". It looks like Aryeo has a slick way to integrate the media on their platform. Aryeo also appears to have useful traffic stats. Nice!

2. Another challenge is the viewer variations I have been experiencing with hosted videos on Streamable and the way the screen appears in the Show and Tour player. Too much to describe here, but I spent probably over an hour today trying different things to get the video as large as possible without a frame around it. (And it took several messages and time at the beginning to get something that I liked in the viewer.) I hope this issue will be solved by Aryeo's video hosting and display on the same platform.

From what I can see on the Aryeo gallery and from the launch video, their website offering looks comparative to the one that can be created with the Show and Tour site. I'd say the Aryeo site looks a bit more refined from the demo sites. And their launch video mentioned customizability regarding colors, type font, etc. I like the look of the full-width top photo that has some slight motion as it changes to a second big photo when the web page loads. I have seen that on other property sites and it is an eye-catching feature that Aryeo provides. With Show and Tour, it's a one-flavor design. Hey, I have been very happy with the web pages I created on the Show and Tour platform! And I think Aryeo offers more flexibility and options.

Aryeo integrates with some partners, like Cubicasa. If you have a Cubicasa account to create floorplans, there is a slick import button on the Aryeo site creation page that can import the floor plan. This eliminates some of the frenetic copy-and-paste of links that I referred to earlier as "churn".

Aryeo also has the capability to create a PDF flyer for the property. I am not inclined to do any printing, but it would be a nice extra to add a flyer that a visitor could download.

Automated slideshow creation - there was a discussion here on the Forum about the redundancy of including both a photo gallery and a video slideshow. That made sense to me - I am not providing a Ken Burns-style slide show after thinking about it. If you are presenting a video walk-through on the web page plus a 360 tour, I don't think folks will be willing to add a 2-3 minute slideshow with music to their visit when they can flash through the photo gallery at their own pace.

I like Aryeo's pricing model: 75 tours per year at $29/month. That is around the same cost as the Show and Tour 10GB plan at $19/month, plus a Vimeo account. I think Aryeo offers more for a similar monthly cost. I'm going to sign up!

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your inquiry! As I wrote out my comments, it became clear that a move to Aryeo makes sense for what I am doing with my real estate media!
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mib94 private msg quote post Address this user
I switched from tourbuzz to Aryeo earlier this year, and it's been great. They're responsive to feature requests and if issues come up they are fixed quickly. The platform is robust and surprisingly has been a key competitive advantage for us compared to others in our market. They added some nice support for building interactive floor plans with a direct integration with CubiCasa. Our customers love it.

I have no experience with show and tour, I will say we shopped the market at the time and nobody has come close to Aryeo. I can't recommend them enough.

- Adam
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