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Matterport on Apple iPhone 12 LiDAR News (& Matterport Capture with iPhone)13359

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Video: Matterport ShopTalk #9 | New Features and Updates & Part 2 of Customizing your Model | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 14 October 2020

Hi All,

Starting at 21:25 in the Matterport video above, Matterport Vice President, Product Marketing & Platform Indy Sen gives an update on Matterport meets LiDAR; and what you can do today with Matterport Capture with iPhone.

Partial Transcript of the video above (starts at 21:25)

Good morning and good afternoon, good evening where you might be here in this world, just wanted to give you a quick update. As some of you might have seen, Apple came out with the announcement of the iPhone 12 yesterday. And this is something that we were anticipating. I think we know that when they released the latest set of iPad Pros that incorporated LiDAR, it was something that we just started very closely observing, working with them as well, and just wanted to kind of give you a sense of how we're thinking about incorporating these latest technologies into Matterport.

So what I wanted to kind of walk you through today is just give you a sense of obviously if you haven't caught up to the news, give you a sense of what the news was, what it means for the Matterport community and why we're so excited about it, and then also as a reminder of what you can actually do with your iPhone today. Back in May we did launch Smartphone Capture on the iPhone whereby anybody with a iPhone 6 and above can actually create Matterports by just using the phone in their pocket. We just also wanted to remind you that this technology, even though Apple has just announced LiDAR on their latest lineup today, is also the ability for you to render 3D spaces using just your iPhone and the Cortex engine is available to all Matterport users.

So I'll walk you through a couple of examples of what we've seen because I think that's not something that we've actually talked a lot about and you'll see there's a couple of things that we have planned for you in social media this current week as well to give you a flavor of that.

So yeah. When we think about the lineup, I think what's really exciting for us is that overnight Apple has now with the iPhone 12 and the Pro line specifically, so I think there were four iPhones that were announced, the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Mini, but then the iPhone 12 Pro and the Pro Max. Hard to keep tabs on all of these, but the Pro, think of it as really the ne plus ultra of the iPhones, the latest wizardry in terms of onboard hardware and those kind of things. And this specifically meant that they incorporated LiDAR on the iPhone.

In their demos I think it's very clear that LiDAR obviously with the technology that it is, promises some really strong capabilities in the AR field, as well as helps them with their night mode vision which is very popular in the past cameras and it will only make it better because of the rich depth sensing that LiDAR brings on board.

But the way we're looking at it is that LiDAR is overnight, we're bringing really capable 3D sensing hardware into the mainstream. Think about Apple's install base, like billions of phones at this stage, and the fact that now everybody has LiDAR in their pocket. That's not lost on us. And I think we're really welcoming it because I think it it's really going to help us complement our offerings.

If you think about Matterport for the iPhone today, it essentially is taking two-dimensional pictures but with the help of our Cortex engine that has over the years and across billions and billions of square feet of space that it's captured has really been able to kind of apply using machine learning techniques like take those 2D pictures, once they're stitched together like apply and render 3D dimensions to them.

If anything, LiDAR will help complement our ability to serve the needs of folks who are using Matterport on the iPhone. And with LiDAR onboard what you can expect is pretty much more accurate 3D model rendering, more accurate measurements and crisper doll houses as well. So think of Cortex and LiDAR sort of covering for each other. When LiDAR has no coverage, Cortex can kick in. And when Cortex has its limitations, LiDAR obviously can kick in. So we're really looking forward to applying that.

And what you can see here, this is something that our product teams kind of shared with us a couple months ago when the iPad Pro came out with LiDAR. Just to give you a sense here, is this is currently a prototype that we have for capture on the iPad. What you can see here obviously with LiDAR is that the live mesh is being created and generated automatically. This is one prototype just to give you a sense of what you're seeing here. It's not actually using the ultra white camera right now. Apple by default did not let us do it, but we anticipated that now with the iPhone 12, that that might happen. So our plans are for you to leverage that ultra wide camera. We might not have the same type of live mesh preview. We'll probably create a similar kind of preview on our end.

And yeah, that's really it. We just want to kind of use snapshot and a sneak peek at what we're doing. I think we're again, very excited of this technology and its applications and look forward to giving you more updates on this, but rest assured that this development's not lost on us and we're really excited about it.

And then that was a lot of the news about the iPhone 12. If you're like me, you're probably looking forward to getting your hands on it. For those of us who are not there yet, and even for me, I have an iPhone 10 right now and I do use Matterport with it, I just want to give you a sense of like, of course, that you can still obviously use Matterport for the iPhone. And I think you can check our blog this past week. Yesterday we had a good post that kind of recapped what we've seen to date with the iPhone, and I'll just give you the highlights over here.

One of the things that we saw in the last three months is there's just been a huge amount of interest and support with what we're doing with smartphone capture specifically on the iPhone. We had about 100,000 downloads of Matterport Capture in three months, and I think, and lot of that was due to our announcement that we were bringing our technology to the iPhone. And out of those hundred thousand models, the top hundred models have generated well over 120,000 views.

There's a retailer in Chile that took a Matterport for store, and this is during shelter in place, and that alone garnered about 6,300 views on that shop alone, and she added Mattertags which is like e-commerce capabilities or call-in orders for the store and people can just pick them up.

So we're seeing a lot of interesting use cases on the iPhone. Think about the things that it enables. The top use cases that we're seeing are really around of course residential real estate. I think the fact that any Realtor can now take their iPhone in their pocket and do ... create a virtual tour, retailers, a lot of small businesses and clothing furniture, anywhere where MatterTags can make a difference and encourage people to either go to the retailer and visit or just get a snapshot and say, "Hey, this piece looks really nice. I wonder what ... Let me get more details on it." So all these experiences where unfortunately with COVID and shelter in place you can't no longer go be there, the iPhone makes it again very simple for you to scan it, share it, and open up your space to people.

Other use cases have been art galleries, and as well as just what you can see here, consumers, people like you and I sharing our personal spaces with friends and family. I have my brother-in-law who lives about 20 miles away from me here in Walnut Creek in the Bay Area just redid his garage and turned it into a home gym. It's amazing. He just shared with his family. I showed him that he could take a Matterport with it, so I think he's working on it. But I think there's just a lot going on. And a lot of edge cases that we ourselves haven't immensely thought about when we think about who we serve with the Pro2 and other technologies, but this is really about bringing 3D in your pocket and doing the most with it.

You can take a look here, I think. Amir, you have the slides, and if you even just click on this video, over here this is just a very quick flyby of what someone did with their own home office. So this is actually, if I'm mistaken actually a colleague of ours who took a Matterport of their home office and just annotated things. As we're all getting into shelter and place mode, how do we make the most of our space. And he very helpfully shared what he did and kind of put together a Matterport of his home office.

So that's really it. I think what we wanted to do is just give you a sense of, one, we're working on the iPhone 12. Obviously, we have to get our hands on the hardware. But once that is, it is something that's incoming, it's definitely a device that we're going to support and then some, and then also give you a sense of what's actually possible today.

Hopefully this gives you a sense of what you can do and we can't wait for you to see. So do take a look on social media. Like I said, we're going to highlight some of these examples. We actually have a really fun mini camping going on around like the top 12 iPhone spaces to celebrate the iPhone 12. So take a look at that, ping us, and let us know what you think. But just wanted to give you that update, and yeah, and with that, Amir, I'll hand it back to you.

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Beautiful.... Matterport continues on its corporate strategy to do everything in their power to KNEECAP
exisitng MSP's

aaaaah vei

Gary Roberts
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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Screen Grab of a portion of an eBlast received from Matterport on Friday, 30 October 2020


Matterport Link goes to:

✓ Matterport Blog (13 October 2020) The Verdict: iPhone Users Embrace 3D with Matterport Capture app


Matterport Capture App + Apple iPhone 12 Pro LiDAR will increase the demand for professional service providers.

(This is actually good news for Matterport Service Providers; even if it does not seem obvious.)


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