Hi All,

Are you so busy that your head is spinning?

Do you feel like you are on a hamster wheel and can not get everything done?

Are you so busy that you are turning away business?

(Many in the WGAN Community have told me that COVID-19 has dramatically increased their business.)

10 Tips for How Matterport Service Providers can get off the Hamster Wheel

1. Charge more (at least for new clients)
2. Double your income with 15 minutes more per photo shoot
3. Engage a lower-priced Matterport Service Provider in your market (non-compete agreement)
4. Hire full-time employees
5. Offer Add Ons from Matterport 3rd Party Service Providers such as: Floor Plans | Virtual Twilight | Virtual Staging
6. Outsource Image Editing | Tour Editing
7. Offer Training ($$$$)
8. Offer 3rd Party Services that include monthly recurring revenue such as (AgentRelay)
9. Get a trusted client that has a need for Matterport Scanning in Multiple Cities (sub-contract to MSPs)
10. Test and Learn a virtual tour platform that take far less time to shoot than Matterport
11. Bonus: partner with a competitor to handle vacation, sick days and over-flow (don't turn down a job!)

How else might Matterport Service Providers get off the Hamster Wheel?