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The WGAN Forum Question of the Day for Tuesday, 8 September 2020) is:

Does your average shoot include 2 or more Add On services?

Such as:

1. Photos
2. Video
3. 24/7 Open House Virtual Tour
4. Zillow 3D Tour
5. Floor Plans
6. Drone Photos
7. Drone Video
8. Twilight
9. Virtual Twilight
10. Virtual Staging




This WGAN Question of the Day was inspired by the following post in this WGAN Forum discussion:

Originally Posted by @JonJ

I understand that there are photographers out there that are not interested in photographing homes for $150-$200 per home, but I do not understand why you say that it is difficult to make a good living at this price point.

My lowest price package is $150 for homes up to 2000 sqft, but my average appointment is closer to $230. That being said, doing just 2 appointments a day will yield an annual income around $100k after expenses.

What kind of income do most photographers expect/desire to make? In my opinion, there is a huge opportunity to make significant income in this business if you are able to build a healthy client base. I average 5 properties a day and also shoot on the weekend if necessary.

It took me about 3 years to build this client base, but building relationships take time. To me this is a great field to be in for a few reasons.

The startup cost is relatively low, there is no need for a 4 year degree, you can earn while you learn and you have a lot of flexibility with your schedule.

This has been a great fit for me and I do not see a lot of other opportunities with these kinds of benefits.