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Anyone catch the latest Will 360 Video Replace Matterport Style Tours video12898

WGAN Standard
Las Vegas
VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
Did anyone catch GeorgeK's "Will 360 Video Replace Matterport Style Tours for Realtors"

I have to admit my first impression gave me flashbacks of Daniel LaRusso's Halloween Costume at the Halloween Dance.

I have to admit it's a pretty genius way to keep the focus off intermittent check up on the photographer and focus back to looking at the property... until a reflection pops up if you're looking that direction.

Do you think it does the trick at eliminating the photographer or is it a new distraction?
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MeshImages private msg quote post Address this user
Hahaha, LOL ... this is definitely a new distraction!

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Mason, Ohio
TimothyThomas private msg quote post Address this user
That would be a big NO
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WGAN Basic
pixelray private msg quote post Address this user
Yeah...'s so warped and weird looking from beginning to end. Not a fan...I still can't tell what that house looks like...but thanks for the trip down psychedelics memory lane!
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Club Member
Gilroy, California
Dataventurer private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for catching this! I came across George Kenner a couple months ago. He is an interesting character ("good" interesting...) who is a top real estate agent who is also a photography/video fan, a self-labeled "geek". He is the one who got me first turned on to Asteroom couple months ago.

I checked this out thoroughly today, even made a call to the PicturePerfectApp office and caught the originator of this product for a discussion, Steve (he's in George's video). I was very interested in what George showed in the sample video because the ability to have a viewer-controlled 360 video (not a regular Matterport-type tour) is something that I think is very useful. I have only seen it one other time, by Aleksey Volchek at Virtual Open House in Florida. Aleksey told me he used Adobe Premiere Pro to create the video tour that's a 360 in which the viewer can move the view as the video is playing. Example here: When you change the screen view you can see Aleksey holding the camera, but I didn't find that a drawback. Diving into Adobe Premiere Pro was more costly and time consuming than I was willing to pursue. So I kept looking...

Steve informed me today that they are preparing a "service offering". What they have planned is not an app that I could use or the "shield" (more comments on that in a minute). What Steve is envisioning is a complete turn-key solution provided by designated Saunter360 affiliates. He's in the San Diego area so there's no likely chance that his service will be offered in my area in northern California soon. When I learned the details, and that what I saw in George's video wasn't something I could "get my hands on" in the near future to use myself, I was disappointed. It seems to me that the industry is moving towards making it easier for real estate agents and photographers to produce marketing videos (ala Zillow's video tours) by putting cameras, apps, and platforms into our hands rather than creating another franchise operation.

You asked in your question under the last photo above if the "Saunter360" shield was a new distraction, I must say, I laughed out loud when George finally showed it in action. Really, it looks like a tall PacMan character in a hula skirt, flowing across the screen, with George's feet scuffling along beneath the skirt. For me, I would prefer to show my mug on screen and take the lumps rather than be jeered at for creeping around filming a house in a shower curtain. I'm not intending to be mean here, just attempting to communicate how I first responded to what George demonstrated (and, you asked!...). He seems like a very likable guy and I appreciate his efforts and his enthusiasm...

I like doing research and then connecting people with resources. So I end my comments here with my current go-to solution. Check out the EyeSpy360Play offering. It enables creation of a guided 360 tour with all kinds of graphic elements AND at any point in the video, the viewer can stop it and change the viewing direction to explore the space in more detail. Hitting the Play button resumes the video. A live-running video (Saunter360) creates a sense of urgency to scan a room before the tour moves on. I think it's likely that most viewers would want to pause the video at various points to explore rather than let it run and try to scan around a room as the camera moves through. If the video is paused by the viewer, then the Saunter360 benefit is almost matched by EyeSpy360 (and EyeSpy has some additional features like being able to easily add text and media links). EyeSpy is available now at a very reasonable cost and tours can be created by an agent or videographer. Check the thread on the Forum of the interview with Andrew, the CEO of EyeSpy360.
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WGAN Standard
Las Vegas
VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
@MeshImages - I love that you caught this image. I had to keep playing it for the wife and kids to see what they thought of what they were looking at. They were going with a hover version of Darth Vader while it hovered by the sliding glass.

@pixelray - Gotta keep the brain healthy while choking on wildfires all month.

@Dataventurer - I appreciate your digging into more details here. The video felt like an unveiling party that wears of quickly.

GeorgeK has been fun to follow and I gave him some crap about his beer with the Matterport CEO. In general, I appreciate his desire to keep trying when some days I loose the desire to learn more in a saturated 360 market. This post is not an attempt to discredit him. I wanted to see if anyone else felt this was a swap of one distraction to another to those watching.

Thank you everyone who gave it shot at kicking the tires on this one and sharing their impression. I'm leaning towards this being less important distraction than the person filming. Once reflections are brought into the mix, we got perspective buyers now questioning everything they just looked at.

Thinking the Metalhead Dogs from black mirror will end up doing the same in the future. Leaving us with Roomba robots that won't tip over, but have an ability to drive over carpets and sunken living rooms.

Or there's the drone flying through the house. With the obstacles related to flying in back yards near airports and kicking up loose paper and dust when flying inside. Talked to a company last week who should be starting a kickstarter next month.

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