Video: Matterport MatterTag Color Standards for Insurance Claims and Contractors | Video courtesy of Actionable Insights YouTube Channel | 13 August 2020

Video: Matterport MatterTag Color Standards for Insurance Claims and Contractors

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Actionable Insights recommends these six standard Matterport MatterTag color labeling for Insurance Claims and Contractors (as shown here) ...

Screen Grab from Actionable Insights.

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Transcript (Video above)

A really important part is color standards. If we're going to be using MatterTags, for example, to document our claims, to communicate claim info that has traditionally been submitted, for example, maybe in dry logs, it's important that we speak the same language. If contractors start using colors for all random kinds of things, it might be difficult to adopt Matterport in a universal way.

One extension of the MatterTag color standards should be mentioned is that in an update this year, we went from six colors in the back end to 16. Really what they did was shades, and so we think the most practical thing is to still organize it around the primary six colors that are listed here. Like red is red is red, irrespective of how pink or deep blood red the shade is, those are still your open items. I don't think that we need to create a standard around the nuanced 14. Is that mildly red? Is that blood red? We're going to stick to these core colors moving forward. We think that that's created a more efficient communication channel between claims professionals and contractors.