Video: Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents 2020 [Step by Step Tutorial] | Video courtesy of Mike Sherrard YouTube Channel | 24 June 2020

Hi All,

From the Mike Sherrard YouTube Channel:

"Facebook ADS for Real Estate Agents 2020 [Step by Step TUTORIAL] If you want to know how to properly leverage Facebook Ads for Realtors in 2020 for scaling your real estate business, this is THE #1 video you need to watch."

"This is an in depth step by step tutorial explaining everything that you need to know in order to understand Facebook marketing and start to generate leads for your business, including Facebook lead generation, Facebook lead ads, Facebook targeting, facebook retargeting, and both custom audiences and lookalike audiences."

Source: Mike Sherrard YouTube Channel


What tips would you add regarding Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents (or Real Estate Photographers)?


P.S. Is this video appropriate for real estate photographers to send to their real estate agents and prospects as a way to stay in touch?