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20-second elevator pitch to realtors for Matterport12331

johnwheatley private msg quote post Address this user
The local real estate association holds a weekly "pitch' meeting via Zoom (tomorrow morning). Listing agents pitch their properties to all attending agents, about 30 seconds per listing. During a break for "announcements," sometimes third-party vendors (i.e. insurance agent, mortgage broker, etc.) quickly pitch their services.

I plan to pitch our Matterport services tomorrow during the break.

Does anybody have an effective 20-second "elevator pitch" that they can share with me? Or advice on key benefits on which to focus? Any thoughts on a "special offer"? Keep in mind these nuances:

1. This will be the first time these agents will have heard of us.
2. We are in the insurance restoration industry and used Matterport exclusively for that work, but after much thought research and practice, I am confident I can provide quality work for the real estate market, too.
3. We are a small rural market with relatively inexpensive houses (average $350K . . . in California!).
4. We have a housing shortage do, in part, to the Camp Fire destroying 14,000 homes in our market, so realtors are not keen to spend for marketing when houses will sell no matter what they do.
5. I plan to end the pitch by offering an introductory special as an opportunity to show them what we can do (i.e. First 3 bookings for free , or Half Off the first 6 bookings, or First 5 bookings get free collateral (photos, floor plan, etc).

Any thoughts n scripts or offer?
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briangreul private msg quote post Address this user
I'm interested in this topic....

Here's what I can contribute:
- Agents want "full service" meaning Matterport, Listing Photos, and Aerial (drone).
- The biggest value is to get listings....
- Next biggest value seems to be helping people walk the house when they look at the listing at 10pm or 7am etc... when the agent isn't available.

Pain points:
- Agents pay for marketing costs out of pocket whether the house sells or not. So they are price sensitive.
- Agents want great work and good service that helps them sell the house.
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North Myrtle Beach, SC
cswartz private msg quote post Address this user
Many Realtors still think iPhone photos and a photo tour with the Ansel efect is all that's needed to get a house on the market. And it's true. You can do that. What they do not understand is that the market has changed and the focus is now on the online audience. They are the ones buying most of the properties. You need to convince Realtors this sells houses in today's market. Especially in today's market! It could not be a better time for them to get ahead of their competition. Share some key statistics on Matterport (most of which are available on their site)and offer them something for free. It's mostly about building a relationship and proving yourself.
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