Video: Deep Overview on Labpano Pilot One 8K 360 Virtual Tours / LIVE / In Camera Stitch | Video courtesy of Yuqing Guo YouTube Channel | 16 June 2020

From Yuqing Guo YouTube Channel:

Labpano Pilot One is designed to be a truly standalone 360 camera with 4 lenses. I think it is really important to take you through the user interface design of this camera so that you will get a deep overview of this interesting camera.

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00:00 Intro and my Pilot One video series plan
01:53 The Industrial Design of Pilot One
02:34 Overview about the User Interface
02:45 Introduction of the Camera Mode
03:09 Photo mode and its options introduction
05:50 Timelapse Mode and its options introduction
07:13 Pilot Tour Brief Intro
07:20 Video Mode Brief Intro
07:45 Unstitched Video Mode and its options
09:00 Stitched Video Mode and its options
09:42 Google Street Video mode and its options
10:11 Introduction of Pilot One Gallery
10:55 Built-In Camera Raw feature
11:42 Optical-Flow stitch enabled
13:42 Pilot Tour in Gallery
14:40 LIVE Features Explained!!!
14:54 Pro Settings of LIVE and Pilot One Steady Explained
15:52 Live Options
19:18 Pilot One Settings
23:00 Very Useful Manual Inside Pilot One

Source: Yuqing Guo YouTube Channel


Dan Smigrod Recommendations

If you are going to sell Google Street View "Blue Line" creation and updates, get the Labpano Pilot Era instead of the Pilot One because the Pilot Era:

1. has the GPS module within the camera unit (avoids the challenges of the Pilot One + GPS Module connection)
2. 7200mAh removable high capacity battery (3.5 hours versus 2 hours with the Pilot One built-in battery
3. the Pilot Era mounted to a rooftop car mount will be a much safer experience than the Pilot One + Pilot One GPS unit

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Do you have questions about using the Labpano One One + Pilot One GPS Module to shoot Google Street View?



P.S. Thanks to Labpano for sending me the Pilot One and Pilot One GPS module to beta test and to report about to the WGAN Community.