Video: How to use Panoskin to upload Virtual Tours to Street View | Video courtesy of Street View Eysteinn YouTube Channel | 20 February 2020

From the Street View Eysteinn YouTube Channel:

In this video I explain how to upload 360 virtual tours to Google Street View using Panoskin.

Link to the tour:

0:00 Panoskin Tutorial Intro
1:54 Signing up to You create an account and then connect it with your Google account. I recommend creating a new account for all your street view tours so that it will be easier to change your branding in the future.
4:41 Create a tour. Find the Google My Business listing for the place.
5:32 Import panos to Panoskin. The panos need to be equirectangular. Since this tour has three floors I needed to import each floor separately to the .
7:28 Connecting panos. Start from outside and correct the GPS coordinates. Use the satellite image to get an idea of where you are and then use the map for accurate location.. Fix the compass, for example by aiming the green center line to the end of the street and turning the red marker accordingly. Next aim the pano to where the next pano was taken. When clicking on the next pano Panoskin will try to aim it in the correct direction. Fix the orientation of the pano in case it was not correctly done by Panoskin. There are essentially three things that make up a correct connection #1 the orientation of the first pano, #2 distance to the next pano, #3 orientation of the next pano. Preview connections to make sure they are correct.
17:49 Connecting floors. You need to open the next floor to see the panoramas. That will automatically hide the previews floor from the map. If you want to connect the two floors like I did then you need to hit the small eye icon to reveal the previews floor on the map. Select your first pano of the new floor and move it to the the correct location on the map. Hold down shift and hover over the pano you want to connect to. This will reveal a grey line. By pressing the line you create the connection.
20:20 Blur faces and licence plates. To blur faces go back to "Upload photos" and press the waterdrop. There you have three tools; Pan, Blur and Erase. First you pan around to find what you want to blur. Then you select the blur tool and paint over whatever you want to blur. If you want to blur over a large section you can make a circle with the blur tool and it will blur anything inside the circle. The erase tool will remove any blurs that you have done.
23:25 Blur tripod. In the publishing window you can select how you want to remove the tripod (if you haven't already). You can make a #1 stretch blur #2 account level or #3 tour level nadir (or none). The stretch blur is what I usually do, it just takes all the pixels from the edge of a circle and stretches them into the center of the circle. Account level nadir is usuful for your own branding, if the client doesn't mind or if you are doing things on your own (like a park). To use the tour level nadir you need to upload an image in the tour level nadir uploader in the blue bar at the top of the page.
25:55 Upload to Google Street View. Now its time to press the upload icon. It's a good idea to preview the tour once you upload. Go back in 24-48 hours to check that all the connections are correct.
28:20 Troubleshooting. Here I show you: #1 How to change the orientation of the entire tour or parts of the tour. #2 How to change the size of the tour. #3 How to remove panos from the GMB listing. #4 How to remove a pano from the tour.

28:08 Here I show you the time it took to build this tour:
Import panos: Almost 6 minutes
Connecting panos: 28 minutes
Blur faces: Almost 13 minutes
Publish: Just over 4 minutes

Source: Street View Eysteinn YouTube Channel



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