Transcript: WGAN-TV - Show & Tour Property Websites and Project Delivery Demo - Show & Tour Media Player Connectivity With Other Platforms

We just looked at a Property Website, we're going to jump down and look at a media player. And this is a real estate example. And so the media player, I described it quickly before, but it's a way to combine multiple forms of media into a single player that can be embedded on any website. So this is a live example.

This is embedded on our example page. But you can use this media player, as a standalone website as well. So that's why I wanted to show you this now, is if we go to this media player. Online, you can input this media player, as the virtual tour link in MLS, if you prefer. It's just another way to display your content and of course brand yourself with it as well.

So we do have the link to your website, in the bottom left corner. And so this, in this example, we've got a photo gallery that you can just click through. We've got a video, I won't play that, it'll start blaring some music. And then we've got virtual tour and this example it's a Zillow [3D Home] virtual tour. So that's another way that a home buyer will experience the end-product.

And again, this media player can be shared from an agent, text, email, social media, whatever it may be.

- Okay, so let's pause here, just for a second Josh 'cause this is super important. Show & Tour player works with Matterport, Zillow, 3D Home, what else?

- It works with everything. So basically anything you can embed, you can input as a tab in the player.

- Isn't that awesome?! So regardless of the 3D or 360 Virtual Tour platform a photographer is using, Show & Tour is platform agnostic, meaning it will work with with any 3D, 360 Virtual Tour platform, as well as video such as YouTube, Vimeo?

- Yeah, exactly. And that's, we're all about freedom and giving the photographer the ability to basically do whatever they want. I know I'm all for that. So that's what we're trying to provide to our users.

- Okay, so does, you're a real estate photographer, you're a virtual tour creator. So this is a, Show & Tour is a platform created with vision by vision of a real estate ... the DNA of a real estate photographer?

- Absolutely.

Show & Tour live media player example