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Transcript: Nodalview Webinar for VIP Reality Launch11971

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Video: Nodalview Webinar for VIP Reality | Video courtesy of Nodalview (Yan Bohyn with Nodalview) | 6 May 2020


Media Release via VIP Reality

"Visit This House from Your Couch" offers solution to buyers, sellers, Realtors and appraisers during COVID-19


VIP Realtors introduces innovative approach to real estate combining 3-D walkthroughs with real estate agents for 24/7 viewing from the comfort of home

FORT MYERS, FL, May 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- VIP Realty is using technology at a higher level than ever before, combining two technologies – Nodalview, a 3D-Tour platform designed for Real Estate and Call Page to provide potential buyers with a live conversation and real-time home visit available 24 hours a day.

The new virtual real estate tool, "Visit This House from your Couch™," powered by Nodalview's Live Session technology, allows buyers to experience a 3-D agent-guided virtual tour visit. Scheduling a safe visit is easy using CallPage. Go to VIPRealty.Com and click on the phone icon to receive a call back within 28 seconds for an appointment.

Available on, potential buyers connect directly with the agent online, within minutes, day or night, to schedule their real-time walkthrough. During the conversation, the agent takes the buyer on a guided, interactive visit of the home, both inside and outside, providing them with the property features and addressing any questions they have in real time.

"With the current environment prohibiting buyers from physically touring properties, this technology allows buyers to view the home any day of the week, 24/7, from around the world," said Charlie Ashby, president of VIP Realty in Southwest Florida. "With interest rates historically low and supply and demand fairly even, market conditions are ideal right now, especially in Southwest Florida. By using these two technologies simultaneously, we can connect buyers and agents directly as they shelter in place. Additionally, this transforms the appraisal business because appraisers can conduct live walk-through visits without going into the homes, allowing for virtual desktop appraisals."

For more information, visit or call 239-470-6600.

Source: VIP Reality via PR Newswire


Transcript (of video above)

- [Sean] You're all good to go, Robin.

- [Robin] Okay, terrific, thanks, Sean. Good morning, everybody. Thanks for joining our workshop this morning. It's going to be hosted by one of our partners at Nodalview, Yan Bohyn. He's been working with Mike and been working with this technology for some time. This is a workshop format, so he'll be going over a lot of things. I don't want anybody to get nervous about this.

This is going to be ongoing training. It's new technology. It's really designed, and has been in the wings for a while, but it's really designed for this exact type of situation, to help us through this troubling period. It is an alternative that I think is going to help us enormously.

So I'm going to turn it over to Yan. You guys are muted, and he'll go through the roles with you of how you can ask questions and interject what you need. Good morning, Yan, and thank you.

- [Yan] Thank you, robin. Morning, everybody. New times call for some new tools. This is the first time I'm doing a webinar so this is pretty exciting for me. There's some pretty neat tools for you all to be able to use. There's an ability to ask questions in your toolbar.

So throughout the course, if you have any question, you know, type them in. You also have the ability to raise your hand. What I'll try to do, I have just broken up into three sections. So maybe, after each section, you know, I'll take some time to go over to look at some questions.

And Marcy and Mike are here, as well, together with Robin, so they're able to see our questions come in as you ask them. Just because you're muted, I don't want you to feel like you're hopeless, especially, when there's something you don't understand or need some to elaborate more, just let us know. The great thing is that this broadcast is being recorded.

So we're going to have a record of this that I'm going to send over to Robin, and she's going to make it available for you guys to be able to come back to this.

And, you know, if there's things that I went too quickly on, I just don't want to keep everybody for a whole day. There's a wealth of information to cover, so I'm going to try to do my best to pace through it in the perfect balance or speed, but also, clarity and make sure everybody understand what's going on. So I'll do my best to communicate everything. So my name is Yan. I'm with Nodalview.

We are a 3D software company. We're based out of Belgium. That's where I am from originally. I moved over here into Florida back in 2002. My background was actually in real estate. So I got my license back in 2010 but I was forcefully employed by more father, who was a REALTOR back in 2007, to change lockboxes, drill locks on properties.

He was dealing with short-sales, and then, also taking pictures of homes. When I was doing real estate, I was making a massive use of 3D walkthroughs. I did business in the South Orlando area, which is an extremely international community. Almost every other homeowner over there is out of state or out of country. And so, using 3D tours became essential for me because I would do an open house and people would come in, but they won't make a decision right there.

But being able to send them a 3D tour at the end of it was a great way to stay connected and allow them to feel comfortable making decisions moving forward.

People buying homes remotely is, most likely, going to increase with everything that we have going on right now. I think, the latest reports that I heard was that 95% of all air travel had been, that had dropped by 95%, which is just crazy to think about. So selling remotely is going to be the key moving forward, because this isn't ending next week. This isn't ending next month.

Most likely, from our reports, this is going to last for a while. So adapting to this new environment and having the tools to be able to use 3D walkthroughs is going to help you stay productive in this real estates industry. Especially, not everybody is going to be making those adaptations. So even though the market might drop a little bit, there's going to be probably a bigger drop of REALTORS I think that are going to go on a three-month vacation moving forward. So that's a great opportunity to step into this new space and embrace some new technologies.

So 3D tours are very different from anything that you know. So the first thing we're going to cover today is what is a 3D tour, because it is extremely important to understand what a 3D tour is, and so, you'll understand kind of where it places and what it's supposed to do.

So we have two other tools in modern real estate today. We have photography and we have video. Now, a 3D tour is neither a video or photography. It is a brand-new media format all by itself.

So it's very important to understand this. And, a lot of times, we try to put it in a category that we already know. But just put yourself in the shoes back then, I would say it was in the 1910s and try to explain to somebody who knows what photos are, and try to explain to them what a video is. And you can imagine that that would be a very daunting prospect, especially, if you've never seen a video before. The same thing is true with 3D walkthroughs.

So 3D tours are their own brand-new media format. It's using software to connect together 360-degree panoramas and allow you to navigate a home freely just like you would if you were there in person, but in a limited fashion, but much better than a video, much better than pictures.

The biggest thing is understanding kind of where these all fit within the buying process. So when buyers are looking online, they're going to be looking at photos and, if you've been through a buying process recently, I bought my home four or five years ago, and I remember what we were doing.

My wife and I were going through the pictures and we were trying to figure out the layout of the house from looking at the pictures.

We're going through and we're looking to see the relationship from the living room to the dining room. You see the picture of the kitchen, then you see the family room in the background. And so, you're starting piece together, well, where are all these rooms connected and how is this house laid out and how does it fit for me, the buyer. So pictures are a very quick method to kind of get an idea of a property, whether or not you like it.

Video is a great way to kind of capture people's attention, especially, in today's day and age of social media. Videos should be able to kind of pull somebody away from whatever they're doing, capture their interest to find out more information.

A 3D tour is the next step after that. It's, once you've caught somebody's attention, now you want to find out about more information.

So you're going through the description. You're reading about whether or not the roof is new, or that it has a brand-new AC unit, or a remodeled kitchen. You're going through looking up the school zones. You're looking at the tax data.

You're looking at the other properties in the area. And the buyer will do these things to kind of sift through and kind of eliminate homes from their buying process. A 3D tour comes at the end when they've kind of narrowed things down to a manageable number.

So what I wanted to do is, if you want, you can take this link and type it into your browser. I'm going to cast my browser real quick so you have an idea on what a 3D tour is.

A 3D tour is, now you should see my browser. So here, it shows, I'm not doing anything right now. It's a still image. But if I move it around, I can either use my mouse and click on the panorama, on the image, and kind of pull it to the sides to reveal more information. If you've ever gone on Google Street View on your computer, it's the exact same way to navigate around on Google. The other thing you can do is you can use these arrow buttons to look around. So there's arrows pointing forward, so you can see I can go outside.

I can follow down here. I can click on this arrows and it continues to bring me down into the hallway. And so, I, the user, decides where I want to go. Do I want to look at the bedrooms first, or do I want to go towards the kitchen? Every buyer is different and every person has different needs.

So a 3D tour, if you copy this link and you go through it yourself, every single one of you will go through this in a very different way, in a very unique way, and that's the difference of 3D walkthrough, because every buyer is unique, every buyer has different needs.

Some people want a big backyard. Some people want to see where the master's is located compared to the other bedroom, where the master's located compared to the family room. Some people want to see how big, where's the garage located, where's the laundry room located?

And these are things that, quite often, pictures don't fully tell the story. So a 3D tour is nice because, if I'm not touching, let's say, I go to the kitchen, grab some water, I come back, I can continue to navigate around the house wherever I see fit, and wherever I want to go to. So this is not a video where you hit Play and you sit back and it reveals information to you in whatever order a videographer showed you information. This really allows somebody to piece together the layout of the house. Now, this home is located out on Lake Wales, which is, you know, a two-and-a-half hour drive from Fort Myers. Even though you're not driving two-and-a-half hours, you are now able to get a sense of this home without driving out to it.

Because you've all had it before, if you're working with buyers, you'll walk into a property. On your day, you have six showings scheduled, seven showings scheduled. You'll walk into a property. You've fiddled with the lockbox. It's hot outside.

You drove out to this place for 15 minutes. You waited out at the gate for 10 minutes because their was a line getting in, and they walk into the home and they say, I don't like it, and they didn't even get past the living room. And just, instantly, they knew that they didn't like it. And you have other people that walk into that similar home and walk around for 30 minutes, taking it all in, and say, I love it. And every buyer, you can't force buyers to like the home.

They either like it or they don't. And so, the 3D tour is supposed to help people eliminate homes that they're wanting to go see in person, which is really important.

Just to give you an example here, I'm going to share my presentation again here. Sometimes, especially, as listing agents, if you're doing listings very often and you're not working with buyers, you know, some people are doing a hybrid, some people are working with buyers more than sellers. But, especially, if you're listing a lot of properties and you haven't worked with buyers in a while, sometimes, it's easy to forget what they go through. There's so many homes out there on the market, and a lot of times, when people have a budget in their head, they don't even know they area that they're interested in yet.

You know, I had a client that I was working with, a friend of mine was one of the last clients I was working with. And he didn't know if he wanted to live in East Orlando or West Orlando. The drive time to downtown was the same, but both locations were about an hour removed from one another. And so, I tell him, "Okay, show me the homes "that you'd like to go see."

So he sends me back five properties, four of them located in West Orlando, and one of them was located in East Orlando. Now, I'm thinking to myself, great, I'm going to spend an hour driving out to East Orlando to show one home, and then, an hour driving back home. Luckily, that home in East Orlando had a 3D walkthrough and I was able to send it to him, he looked at it and he's like, "I don't even know why I added it to the list. "Let's take it off."

There's so many homes that fit a buyer's criteria, and so, by going through a pre-approval process, meeting with a REALTOR, helping them narrow it down, going to open houses, people bring this number of homes down to a manageable number of, let's nine homes. This is not, this is just an average.

You know, you have some people that still come back with 15 homes or 20 homes and you're just rolling their eyes. And then, you have other people that don't even find one property that they like because they had unrealistic expectations.

But people are using pictures and videos to kind of narrow a selected number of homes that fit their criteria down to a manageable number of homes that they then go and see in person to find a home that they're looking for. The problem today is that we have a new player in town that's kind of changing things for us. So people aren't eager to go and see nine homes in person, and not all nine homes are eager to open up their homes to 20-some people that would like to come and see it. So the 3D tour adds an extra step in the process to make us more efficient.

With the final selection from the pictures and the videos, they can then use 3D tours that they walk through these homes to narrow it down to a select number of maybe two homes. And now, the final step is only going into your car and driving around to go see two homes in person and making a decision based on one. The seven homes that we eliminated from here are your homes where people walked in and said it doesn't work for me. I don't like it.

You know, the kitchen is too old. It looked newer in the photos. But after seeing it in the 3D tour, I could see that, you know, it's a much older kitchen. Those types of things. They were a waste of your time anyway when you're out showing. Now, you can use a 3D tour to eliminate that time out of your day and make yourself more productive, and the buyers are still out there. It's just that many of them might not feel comfortable going out to properties and, a lot of times, you're just stuck showing vacant homes all the times, which is maybe half the homes on the market at the moment.

And, at the same time, as a listing agent, not all your clients are going to be excited to open up their homes to, you know, 20 showings before they get a contract on them. There's a couple of objections that come with 3D walkthroughs that a lot of REALTORs bring up to me, and these of the ones that I just kind of wanted to go through because you might be thinking or them and I just kind of want to address them piece by piece.

So the first one is, "I want to show my listings "to as many people as possible." I understand where you're coming from, and I've, you know, when I think of real estate and I'm thinking, okay, it's so hard to get interaction with people that are looking to buy a home, the more that I increase my interaction with people, the more I'm going to get chances to get other customers out of that.

But the problem in today's day and age is that not many people are going to go out wanting to see homes and the 3D walkthrough actually expands your ability to show homes. Instead of having maybe 20 people see your listing, you could have 30, 40, 50 because it's all online. You're capturing not just the people that are here locally. You're going to be capturing the attention of people that are out of state, out of country, unable to travel, but still wanting to buy, because everybody knows, whatever happening today isn't happening for the next, you know, 20 years.

It will pass and things will return to normal at some point, some normal. I'm sure it'll be slightly different from what it was before. But the 3D tour expands your marketing base, expands how many people are going to see your home. So don't let busywork, because a lot of times, we think, oh, if I'm just, if I'm not doing anything, I'm not being productive. But there's no clause within your listing agreement that says you get paid an extra 10% commission when you show this property 50 times. The goal really is to show it once and sell it.

That's really the dream. Do one show and get a contract on it, get it over with. I mean, we could all breathe a sigh of relief, of course, assuming that everything, you know, goes through and we go through, their loan goes through and the closing happens without a hitch.

But there is, currently, as far as I know, there's no clause within a contract that states that you get paid more money by showing it more times. So it's about making yourself more efficient and, at the same time, you're expanding how many people you can reach by using 3D tours because you're using the internet and not physical presence to sell homes. A very common one that I got, and I even still get it today, is where I have REALTORS that say, "I'll only do a 3D tour on my higher-end listings", and I just do not understand this.

The most beneficial thing for a 3D tour is that it saves you times and makes you more efficient. So basically, what you're saying is, I only only want to waste my time on my lower-end listings. That's basically what you're saying. On my lower-end listings, I'm willing to drive out there and waste my time. But on my higher-end listings, I want to make myself more efficient. It doesn't make any sense. You should be doing 3D walkthroughs on everything.

You have a rinky-dink dump, put a 3D tour on. Do you ever want to drive out there? Sure, you might have to drive out there one time, but you would like to never drive out there and get a contract on it and sell it.

That's really the goal at the end of the day. So don't just think this is a luxury thing. Look at this as a, I'm going to change the way that I do my business. I'm going to add a 3D tour to everything that I'm doing. It should be a standard moving forward. You shouldn't be listing a home with just pictures because, if a 3D tour's available, you should be doing a 3D tour on it.

And then, the final thing is, you know, "Real estate agents provide a personal touch "and 3D tours will take that away." When I was in real estate, in the beginning, when I got started, you know, I always wondered why would people pay me that much money?

And over time, I realized my benefit and what I brought to the table was my knowledge, my expertise in the area, the ability to answer their questions and put their concerns at ease. That was what my value was as a real estate agent for my clients that I was working with. And this is your value proposition as a REALTOR. 3D tours is still a value proposition.

If somebody contacts you on a property and you send them a 3D tour and ask them to take a look at it and see if they like it, and they come back to you and they say, actually, I don't like it, they will contact you back to let you know that because you just saved them time.

And when you save your clients time, they will come back to you because they think that you're going to save them more time, and most likely, you will because of your knowledge in the industry and the tools they have available. So embracing 3D tours is going to bring a benefit to you.

And this is just what happens when new technologies get introduced. You know, none of us are going out and bringing customers into the office and opening up a big binder to show them all the listings in the MLS. Technologies have expanded out horizons and made us more efficient.

People are able to go through more properties quicker, eliminate things quicker to find a home that they're looking for with less time investment today than they did 20, 30 years ago. So 3D tours is just the next evolution in that process. So, don't think that you have to stick to the old way of doing things because the new ways of doing things is going to take away your personal touch.

Your value proposition will still be there, especially, because you embraced new tools and new technologies. So the biggest thing with 3D tours, and I gave you guys a link earlier, and you'll be able to see it later it on, and I encourage you to come back to these tools and play around with the 3D tours. Because it is a new tool and it's going to take some adjustment. And if it takes time for you to adjust, it's going to take time for your customers to adjust. I've had many times where I send a 3D tour link to a customers and they do not know how to use it.

I've had many times where I send a 3D tour link to a REALTOR and they do not know how to use it. They'll just click on the arrow and never move the image side to side and they'll just go all the way to the back of the house until they can't turn around anymore, until they don't see any arrows. 3D tours are new and it's going to have a learning curve attached to it. Now, it's your job, as a REALTOR, to practice, practice, practice, learn these tools so that you can lead your clients through this new technology. You know, you're going to have clients that pick this up and are off and running with it in a heartbeat. But you can have clients that just don't know how to use it.

And if you don't know how to use it, then what are you doing? So we have a tool enabled called Live Sessions. That's what we call the Nodalview, I believe, Robin, as a VIP, you're going to be calling it Live Visits. I think that's--

- [Robin] You know, actually, what we're going to do, Yan, and Charlie just came up with this last night, we're actually going to have a contest amongst the office what we name our tool, and that's what we'll . So I'm going to send that out separately because I know we'd all get sidetracked on a contest. So that's going to be for another day. So for right now, we can call it Live Visits, but we're actually going to have a contest and name it something real catchy for our office.

- [Yan] Fantastic, yeah. So the live session is a fantastic tool. So the 3D tour is a link that you can send to people. You can email it, you can text it, they can navigate the 3D tours by themselves. But you won't know what they're looking at. You know, they'll just be doing in on their phone. And they'll be moving through the home in their own way, however they decide to go through.

Now, the benefit of a live session is that it actually is the ability to be in a 3D tour together with another customer. And you will be able to see what they can see. Very similar to a screen share, what we are doing right now. So it allows you to host a virtual showing to multiple people at the same time, but ideally, you don't want tooverload it. We'll go more about that in detail a little bit later. But what it is, it's kind of like a screen-cast, just like this, where there's a 3D walkthrough. I think, it's switching over. Robin, is it showing my new screen?

- [Robin] The front door.

- [Yan] Yeah, okay. So I didn't know that had the ability. But one of the things that you notice when I'm doing this is that it's quite choppy and delayed whenever it's showing.

Whenever I turn this smoothly on my end, it's going to be very delayed and choppy and it's not a great experience. If I were to show you this house like this, you know, it would give me a fit when I'm doing a stream. So a live session is actually going to replicate exactly what your customers are doing on their screen onto your screen. So they'll be perfectly smooth because it's just a better tool, in general, and you'll be able to play around with it after the meeting. I think, Robin, I think you're going to assign some groups that they're going to be able to do it independently of one another. Is that correct?

- [Robin] Yes, absolutely.

- [Yan] Buddy assignment and kind of playing around with your fellow colleagues so you can test out the live session. But basically, the live session will alow you to bring a customer or, you know, a fellow REALTOR, somebody who's interested in your listing through the home. What you'll see is you'll have to go through ... You'll press the Login button. You'll log in with credentials that, I think, Robin's going to email to everybody a little bit later after the meeting. But once you log in, this is what it will look like for you. You'll be able to scroll down. It'll have all the properties that Mike has captured so far available there.

And there's a search function right here, so if you need to find a particular property that you know how been shot already and you want todo a live session, let's say, on your listing, that's fine. Just use the Search function and it pull it up. I would just type in the home number and, most likely, you'll hit gold that way and you'll find the home tour that is yours. But you can initiate a live session by pressing this button right here, this little Earth icon in red. Once you click that, it'll start a live session, and this is what it'll look like. This is what your control panel looks like. You're going to be able to enter a participant's email.

This could be, well, in the beginning, whoever you're testing it out with to see how it works. You want to click the little airplane icon right there after you type in their email to send the email to them. It'll send them an invitation to their email that they'll click on to join the live session. You'll be able to see when they join in right here, and they'll pop up with a green check mark next to them when they're in. I recommend everybody to be on a phone call with the customer, not using the audio that's built in. And the reason for that is because some customers have computers that don't have audio connected. Some customers have old computers with bad microphones.

You might have an old computer with a bad microphone. The best thing you can do is be on a phone call with somebody and send them that email and say, did you get the email? Can you click on this? Alright, join in. Great, you're in. Let me show you the home, and still be on a phone call with them while you're doing this. You could also get a link by clicking this and email it to them directly if you don't want it to be sent out from our server. That's perfectly fine. However you want todo it, you just need to, this sends the link automatically. This gets you the link, and then, you paste it into an email and send it to your customer, however you want todo it.

They'll show up right in here when they're joined in. When you open up a tour on Nodalview, it is very easy to use these buttons on the side. You see here where it says O5 Master Bath, Walk-In Closet, O6 Great Room? It's very easy to just use these to navigate, because they're just picture things and you click on them. But then, you're not using a 3D tour for what a 3D tour is supposed to be. So the first thing I want you to do is to never, ever touch this. I want you to burn this into your memory. Never touch this because, otherwise, you'll never learn how to use the tool.

I want you to learn how to navigate using the arrows and moving the panoramas around, whether that's with the arrow here at the bottom, or using your mouse to click and move the image side to side, okay? You can eliminate this by clicking this right here. Great circle. When you click this, it'll collapse this onto the side and you'll never have to look at it again. Your clients might see this. Don't worry about it.

The reason why I tell you not to use this is because I want you to become familiar with how to navigate a 3D tour using the 3D tour function, not these thumbnails on the side. So that was one thing that I just want to make sure that everybody understands because, otherwise, you'll be in a world of pain because it'll be a month later down the road and you won't be using the tool because it won't be giving you the functionality that I'm praising here. And when you don't get the functionality that I'm praising then, of course, you're never going to use it because it won't be any better than any pictures that you get off the MLS.

The great thing is that you'll be able to walk through the home, and your customer or whoever's joining you on the live session will be able to see exactly what you see. The other thing is that your customer can go through the home themselves. The can take control and go where they want togo and you can sit back and watch your customer go through the house. You have simultaneous control of the 3D tour, which means that, if you're both trying to control it, it'll be a mess.

So you'll want to make it clear, you know, what I do when it starts and you see them come in is I kind of wait to see if they're doing anything. Because sometimes, you have people that don't know what they're supposed to do and they'll just wait and they'll say, okay, what is this?

And then, you'll lead them because, obviously, they don't know what they're doing. Some people will be clicking on these thumbnails and it means that you'll be teleported through different places around the house. Then, you can say, oh, hey, hold on, stop clicking on a couple of things. Let me show you the house. Just kind of sit back, don't use the mouse. I'll show you the house. You know, kind of adapt to your situation just like we do in real estate. You know, depending on each customer and, you know, every interaction that we have, we look at certain cues and we adapt our behavior accordingly.

That's what you're supposed to do. You're going to be in 3D tour together with another customer.

And the nice thing is, it'll be perfectly, buttery smooth. There won't be any delay and the best thing is that they can control it at any time.

So if you want to tell them to walk around themselves, you know, you can instruct them and teach them the same way that you'll be learning, and the way that I'm, some of the things that I'm mentioning right now.

You'll be able to guide them around. When you're down showing this home, and, let's say, there's another home that fits their criteria a little bit better, same neighborhood, same area, and you know it's a listing of one of your colleagues in the office. You can hit the Search Tour function right here and pull up that listing.

Click on it, and now, it'll bring you to another listing, you and your customer together. So you can use this to navigate to different properties and show all the listings from the comfort of your own home, and you never even have to get into a car, fiddle with lockboxes, deal with arranging showings with homeowners and listing agents.

Everything can be done from this panel. Of course, you will only be able to show VIP Realty listings and have a 3D tour. But this is a fantastic tool.

There's a lot of ways to use it, and we'll go into that a little bit more in detail. One thing I also wanted to mention, if you just want to send somebody a link for a 3D tour, you have to just click on the Share Tour button and copy the link. There's two different links.

There a banded one that's branded to VIP Realty. And then, there's an MLS-compliant unbranded link. When you copy this, you can paste it into an email and send it to your customer. The advantages of live sessions is, of course, you're going to be able to show homes at a distance.

You can control the tours remotely. You can be in it, you can control it, or your customer can control it. And the most important thing is that you're adding a value to your job as a REALTOR and you're keeping a line of communication open with your customer. You're able to hear their questions as they're going through the home, and you're able to see, you know, what they're looking at because you're looking at the same thing, which is invaluable. You know, sometimes, people ask these questions and they're all cryptic and you have to ask more questions to kind of find out what it is and why they're asking it.

But if they're asking you a specific question while looking at the kitchen, you kind of have an idea that it might be, the question about how dated or how old the property is might give you a hint that they are afraid of, that they think the kitchen is a little bit too dated.

Now, you can use that information to kind of walk them through, you know, maybe, they've been afraid of a kitchen remodel, but you can kind of give them some pointers and let them know what's involved with that so that they can have a better understanding of it.

So it's a fantastic tool that, when you're doing the live sessions, you have that open line of communication while you're talking with them. So before I start here, I don't see that there's been any questions asked, so this is, basically, the bread and butter of this presentation, and the big thing is that you're going to first familiarize yourself with how to navigate 3D tours, play around with the live sessions. You'll be able to do all those things. The biggest question is how do I use them?

So good thing I have some water here. So the most important thing, we're going to go through these piece by piece, and the most important thing is, of course, the MLS. I have a couple of tips when you're using it on the MLS. The first thing, and I spoke with Robin about this, and one of the things I really recommend you to do on your listing agreements moving forward is, and you can take it or leave it, but add a clause in there that says, seller requests all potential showings to review the 3D tour before scheduling a showing.

If a REALTOR contacts you and says, my client would like to see the home, and you say, oh, I'm sorry, there's a 3D tour. Can you look at that first and see it? There might be some issues with the MLS. However, if you say that your seller is instructing you to do this, then you'll never be in trouble because you're just following the instructions of your seller. You know, I always had a thing on my contracts that said, seller request five days to review any offers.

And I just did that so that we'd have a little bit more time to get additional offers in. But I was just following my seller's instructions. So adding something like this to your contracts is going to help you make sure that people see the 3D tours first before they come out and schedule a showing.

Because what you don't want is REALTOR John Smith calling you because him and his client want to see the home, and then, you ask, well have you seen the 3D tour yet, and they say, oh, you know, we just want to see the home. Can you just arrange a showing? And then, they come and you arranged a showing, and they walk inside, and John Smith and his client are like, actually, no, this isn't the home for him. You wasted your client's time.

Your wasted your time. You wasted John Smith's time even though John Smith thinks he was being productive, and you wasted John Smith's client's time. Have the 3D tour be a stop-gap between showings, between people that are interested and showing the home in person.

Especially, with all the measures and risks that are involved with showing a home in person at the moment. The other thing is, use your public remarks, and the MLS has gotten a lot more lenient on these things. But this was already available to be done beforehand, because I'd used to do it on my listings. Place in your description, your home might have the most beautiful travertine floors, and the newest AC unit from the future, and it might have a new roof on it, and those are very important things to mention in your description.

But they should never, ever, ever take precedence on the description over the following information, which is, "3D tour available to facilitate remote showings. "For Zillow, click on View Virtual Tour "underneath See More Facts and Features, "and for, click on the VR Tour button "to tour the property virtually." It is, the 3D tour is going to give you more information than any description will ever give you.

And I know it's anecdotal, but my wife, when she reads a description and it talks about how beautiful the home is and how many, like how many times you went to the thesaurus and found, you know, adjectives, and things to describe a wooden fireplace, or a room, or how modern a home is, or how this and that is pretty. There is no substitute for what information a 3D walkthrough can provide you. You will see all those things. You might not know that that AC unit is new. You might not know that that floor has just recently been installed. But you'll see how beautiful and pretty it is on the 3D tour.

Having people see the 3D tour is the most important thing in your listings moving forward. It is the information that they're looking for. They read the description to find out more information on the property. What should provide more information? The visual evidence of a complete scan of a 3D tour, or your beautiful description? So change your public remarks to make sure that this information is front-and-center. Don't use all caps, use all caps, it don't make a difference for me. Have it be your first little piece of information.

Because, you know what? At the end of the day, it'll make you stand out from every other beautifully-eloquent description out there. It'll actually cause people to read the whole thing, which is the most important thing. So definitely mention to people that a 3D tour is available in your description.

And change you're REALTOR remarks, as well. Let them know that the seller requests all potential showings to review the 3D tour before scheduling a showing. You can add onto there, click on the Virtual Tour and share the link with your client, and make sure that the home is something that you'd want to see in person. The other thing to do is Facebook. Now, not everybody is using social media, so this is for everybody out there that it using social media. But you'll want to announce it to the world whenever you have the 3D tour.

Now, the biggest thing is understanding where pictures, and videos, and 3D tours fit in in your marketing processing, which is a different ask for each one of them. In marketing, we talk about time on property, or time spent on a webpage. And on websites, we have all these tools and analytics that show how long somebody spends on a webpage before they go somewhere else, which is your bounce rate, you know?

Are they spending 30 seconds on it, a minute, two minutes, three minutes? The longer that somebody spends on it, the more engaged the customer is and, of course, if somebody spends 10 minutes on your home versus one minute, that means that they're spending nine less minutes on other homes and nine more minutes on your home.

So when you're using pictures, video, and 3D tours, what you need to understand is that, pictures and video, and the reason why they're used in the initial stage of eliminating properties is because people spend less time on that.

A video is a two-minute engagement. You hit Play, it plays, it stops, that's it. You've been engaged for two minutes. Some people might exit out of that video if they don't like it, if it's not showing the information that they like, if you know, they're not, they can't be bothered with it.

So a two-minute video doesn't necessarily give you two minutes of engagement. It might give you just a minute of engagement. If you average out the amount of engagement that customers spend online on looking at pictures of homes, if you average it out, how much time they're spending per property, some properties, they look at pictures for 15 seconds and they're gone because they don't like it. Some people will spend a minute, two minutes, three minutes on the pictures. Some people might come back and spend some more time later. But, on average, people will spend about one to two minutes looking at picture of a listing to take the information in.

A 3D tour has, on average, five to six minutes of engagement. So when you're posting onto Facebook, people have a very limited attention span. They want something very quick and they want to absorb the information very quickly. So you want to use pictures. You want to grab their attention with a video or a picture to kind of make them stop whatever they're doing, look more in detail, and give you more time.

The Quentin Tarantino movie, Jango Unchained, there's a scene with Leonardo DiCaprio where he's sitting down and he's saying, you know, "You had my curiosity. "Now, you have my attention." That's really what you're trying to do. You know, somebody might be curious and, if you impress them enough, they'll give you their attention. So when reposting onto Facebook, what I recommend to do is that you select some impressive pictures about your listing.

A lot of time, these will be pictures that have windows that show the outside, drone photos, you know, just impressive photos of the front, things that kind of pop out. Blues and green really make something pop, so I highly recommend those. Pick five pictures, pick 10 pictures. Then, put for your description, "Beautiful Single-Story 4/3 for Sale "in Pelican Bay.

"Have a 3D tour available to facilitate "remote showings so you can stay safe." And then, put a link in their of the 3D tour. If somebody was interested enough to stop and look at the pictures, they will see your description. And then, once they're willing to give you their attention, they will spend time on the 3D tour and navigate it. The best thing about all of this is that, on the Nodalview page, there is a Statistics button right here. So you can actually see how many clicks of engagement you're getting.

Now, this is posted the day after. So if you're posting something on Facebook on Monday, check on Wednesday, check on Thursday to set how many clicks you're getting from that, and it'll show you where they're coming from. I believe, when you post a link, it'll give you, they're coming directly from the link. So it might tell you that they're coming from Facebook, but I'm not 100% sure. So your post will look something like this.

Beautiful, blah-blah-blah, and the link is right there visible in their description. You don't want tomake your description too long so that they have to click on More to see the rest of the description. Pictures will pop up of people's, on people's feed, and they'll give you more attention to click on that. So that's a great way to get eyeballs on your property.

So the other thing is how to use, well, there's this new tool out there, which is Virtual Open Houses. I screen-shotted this from the Stellar MLS that I'm a part of. The Stellar MLS is probably very similar. I don't know how much different this page looks when you're editing your listing on the Fort Myers MLS. But in the Stellar MLS, we have a Virtual Open House button. Robin, is that also present on your MLS?

- [Robin] Yeah, yeah.

- [Yan] Okay.

- [Robin] And they're working through some details of that. Marcy, you spoke with them yesterday and they were having some issues with their Is that correct?

- [Marcy] That's correct. With our MLS, there is a a glitch right now with that Virtual Open House button. It's not fully functional, so when you schedule a virtual open house, the link actually is not embedded into the Virtual Open House section. But they are working on it.

- [Robin] So, Yan, in answering, yes, it's going to be very similar to what we're looking at on your screen and it will be functioning, hopefully, by the weekend.

- [Yan] Fantastic. So basically, with the Virtual Open House button, this is what it looks like when you click on it.

This is, basically, your only option these days. This doesn't even drop down an option to do an in-person open house. There's an open house livestream URL. Now, we're going to have, probably, a class at a later date on, you know, good practices out there to utilize this. One of the recommendations that I would have, because what you want to do is, there's so many different options out there, but the one that I've discussed with a couple of other agents is, since when you're doing a live session with a customer, you need their email to engage in the live session, and their phone number, ideally.

But you could do an audio through here. You don't want to have 20 people in your live session at the same time.

It's confusing, because they'll all be fighting for control and it won't be fun. You know, Johnny might want to go to the kitchen. Marcy might want to go outside. Thomas might want to go look at the master bedroom. They can only see what everybody else sees. So it's going to be a mess. So you want to do this one by one.

You want to bring, just like, imagine if you were to do an open house and everybody walks in at the same time. You don't want todo that. Of course, some people might trickle in throughout the day, but you just want to avoid the risk of two people, two different buying parties, or two different interests parties being in the tour at the same time. So the recommendations is that you use some kind of scheduling software like Calendly, where you can kind of schedule people at a specific time and get the relevant information which would be their email at the very least, or their phone number, ideally, as well, and then, set your times where you're, basically, scheduling people to see the home in person, to see the home through a live session.

The other thing you could do, I guess, is maybe, put the Virtual Tour link. Even though it won't be a livestream, people will have, you know, control over how they want toget there.

Oh, what did I do? Even if you just put the Nodalview 3D Tour link in there, I'm not sure, I haven't experimented with it, but really, right now, in today's day and age, we're in the experimental phase, so I'm giving you this information so you can go and experiment. Just keep in mind rules and regulations of the MLS. You know, don't post branded tours, or branded stuff in here, because it'll get you in trouble. You know, they'll continue to keep that as a tenet of marketing where you don't want toput your branded stuff out there for the public to see.

Another REALTOR's throwing in, too. Put some open house remarks in there. So play around with it, try different methods. But whenever you're trying to show a 3D tour and you want to show it together with a customer and want to see what they're seeing and guide them around the house, do the live sessions so you can be in charge and you can see what they see, and you can guide them along. There's one final question that I want--

- [Robin] Hey, Yan?

- [Yan] Yeah, go ahead, Robin.

- [Robin] When we talked about that was the conversation we had just, no different. Then, we did property advisory on Friday. Two agents can work together learning how to do that live tour. It's going to be more effective if one's beginning and the other's the teacher.

- [Yan] Yeah, exactly. Help each other out. I know how to use it, but I'm not ignorant to the fact that it is a learning curve to it. You know, I've had customers that I've worked with that just didn't know how to use it. I've had customers that have had 3D tours for a long time, and now, are only calling me telling me that they didn't know how to use it. So don't feel embarrassed if you don't know how to use it. You know, it's, again, one of those technology things. You give it to a Millennial, they're going to pick this up and run with it because, if you've done Google Street View, this is the exact same thing as Google Street View.

But I'm always surprised that there's a lot of people that haven't tried Google Street View. So it's the exact same way of navigating. It's just a matter of familiarity, and then, learning the tools that you're given like the live sessions.

I wanted to quickly touch on livestreams, which is everybody, from New York to California. Everybody's using livestreams and it's mainly because they don't know that there's better things out there. Livestreams is the go-to method to show properties on a virtual open house, or if somebody calls you for a virtual showing, what they're expecting you to do is that you jump in your car, drive out to the listing, turn on your phone, do a Zoom meeting with them, or do a FaceTime with the buyer's agent and their client, and then, you'll remain silent as you walk around the house and they tell you what to look for or where to go to.

And I can't even imagine how much this would drive me up the wall if I was the client. And, on top of that, if I'm the buyer's agent, I don't want to be in a call with the listing agent and my clients, because my client might say something that I just didn't want them to say.

So livestreams are the go-to method right now for people to show homes remotely because it is the only tool that the majority of people know how to use and my company doesn't have a big enough megaphone to announce to people the existence of live sessions. You can use livestreams if you want, but I would kind of liken it to, yes, living a cave puts a roof over your head.

But if somebody gives you a house, even though the both serve the same function, a house, an actual house is going to be a more comfortable living environment than a cave.

So if I'm giving you a house and VIP Realty is enabling you to have a house, then do not go back to living in a cave. Use these tools. They're better for you, better for the buyers, for people looking at the property.

They will love you more for it. Once of the pictures that I wanted to enter into this slide that I didn't is the famous picture from Stanley Kubrick's movie, A Clockwork Orange, where the person is sitting looking at the screen with his eyes peeled open.

I didn't put it in there because it's a disturbing image and I just felt that it's way too early in the morning to look at disturbing images. I'm sure we've all seen it and, if not, you know, Google it. Clockwork Orange Eye Scene is, probably, what you want to Google.

But I liken live sessions and videos tours to that experience of that person sitting there having to be forced to look at what the videographer decides to show them.

Imagine if you were to take five people to a live session to show a house. You're forcing those five people to look at the exact same thing that you are showing them.

People have independent mindsets, different needs, and a video does not give you that ability to show those things. 3D tours do because people can go off in their own directions and see the things that they want to see.

And when you're doing a live session on Nodalview together with a customer one on one, they can control where they want to go, if that's what they want to do. So do not use livestreams to show properties. Do not use a livestream to show them a 3D tour. Use the live session on Nodalview to show it to them, because it'll be 10 times better because they can take control when they want to, and they can go to where they want to go, and it's really the key to making this type of technology work.

What a lot of people are trying to do these days is we're trying to adapt technologies that have existed and were brought into existence for different purposes and we're trying to adapt them to this new way of doing business, and they were just never designed for that, while 3D tours are the tools that actually are designed for this particular purpose.

Remember, the video is not there to help show more information. The video is there to capture people's attention so that they can spend more time to find out more information at which point, the 3D tour comes in and helps you with that. So know the role of the 3D tour.

Know when to use your live sessions. You know, play around with it, test it, become familiar with it, become an expert on it, understand the difference between the three different tools that are out there, and you'll be really well-equipped moving forward, not just in the next couple of weeks but, I'm sure, when all of this is said and done, I think, this will be a new way of doing business and I don't think people will want to go back to wasting their time and showing nine properties in person. If the adaptation really gets made in the industry, then these are the better tools to use whether there is a pandemic or no pandemic. So those were my closing statements. So I wanted to, there's a question place there.

We could also maybe, I don't see any questions yet. Let me see.

- [Robin] Yeah, so the next thing that the agents can expect. They're going to get their own credentials to get into the Nodalview account.

Mike is going to finish up the filming of all of VIP's properties. And so, that all should take place within the next week. We're going to be practicing with the tours. We have some media that's coming out, some announcements that are going to be placed in different media outlets explaining that we have these tours available. And so, your recommendation is, over the next couple of days, that they just, when they get their credentials, they go in and start practicing with the tours?

- [Yan] Yes, correct. Once you're logging in, let me share the other screen here. You know, once you log in, this is what you'll see.

And, if you scroll down, there's all these different properties that Mike has shot. You can click on any of them and walk through them. Click View Tour or share it and copy the link and paste it into your browser. But you can look at all these tours and start walking around and navigating in these properties.

- [Robin] Alright, Yan, that's what we're going to go for. So, hey, I really, really appreciate, both, your knowledge and your enthusiasm for this, spending this hour with us. It was incredibly beneficial and we appreciate it. Thank you.

- [Yan] You're welcome, Robin. And I'll be open if, you know, if later on, you come up with questions. Or we'll probably do another seminar maybe a little bit later where we're a little bit more in-depth and probably be able to answer some more questions.

- [Mike] Can I say one thing? This is Mike. So you're going to be on the home page and, I believe, Yan, they're going to see everything. You'd want to upload them even if they've not been edited. We're going to try to keep up with he editing as fast as possible. But if you see a tour that doesn't have a complete address, it'll just say the street name, street number and street name, it's not finished. It's just been uploaded.

- [Yan] Yeah, so everything's organized so that the oldest tours are at the front page and, if you go to the last page, these are the ones that we've probably just done yesterday. So like you see here, these are not completed addresses. So these are not finished yet. So don't click on these because they're just in production, basically.

- [Mike] Yeah, you won't go anywhere.

- [Yan] You won't be able to do anything with it.

- [Robin] Terrific, thanks, Mike. And also, moving forward, we'll have more information about how this is going to connect with the Call Page button on everybody's website, and just better expansion of the viewability of all of these. Again, Yan, thanks so much and I want to thank Marcy and Mike both for their hard work on getting this rolled out as quickly as possible, everybody reacting quickly, and it's given us a better opportunity right now. Thanks again.

- [Yan] Yep. I see here, Jack has a question to walk us through a house tour. Basically, that's what this here is... So it starts off at a certain point. That can sometimes be an impressive part of the house. My recommendation is always that it starts out in the front of the house just because it gives people a perspective and a reference point.

What it then does is it just, you see all these arrows. So you can choose where you want togo to. Do you want togo towards the dining room?

Do you want togo towards the family room? Or do you want togo towards the bedrooms?' so these arrows are really up to the individual user to click on. So let's say I want to see the backyard.

I'm going to click on this, and now, I have the option, I can go further out into the patio or, let's say, I wanted to start to go towards the dining room because I've changed my mind, or because my wife just walked in and said that she wants to see the kitchen. So it just depends, you know?

There's no specific way to walk through a tour. It's really up to each user. So now, I can go towards the backyard, or I can go towards this additional house and I can explore this here. So if I want to see the garage, I can see the garage. Does that kind of make sense? I hope that answers Jack's question.

- [Robin] Yep, and this is where the practices comes in. They just have to dive in and try it.

- [Yan] Yeah, yeah, exactly. It's just going through it and really understanding that what this is is not, it's not a video where you hit Play and it just happens for you. It really is up to the individual user to control where they want to go.

So it is a completely different type of format than a slideshow of pictures, or a video, or anything else that you might be familiar with. This is complete control over where you want togo. If I want to stay in the garage and keep on looking at the garage, I might want to look at the garage for 10 minutes. Somebody else might only want to look at the garage for 20 seconds. And so, they'll turn around and go away, but each link is individual. So you know, everybody's experience is unique and different from one another.

- [Robin] We're going to practice a little.

- [Yan] Yep. And then, Robin, Charlie and Jack have their hand raised. So I don't know if you want me to go through it now, I can unmute them, or do you want to talk with them separately, or Charlie has his hand--

- [Robin] You can--

- [Yan] Oh, Charlie is in here. Charlie, are you there? Hold on. For some reason, I can't unmute him.

- [Robin] I had that opportunity in a manager's meeting.

- [Yan] But, yeah, should be good. I guess, Charlie wanted to say something really, the microphone is off, so. Alright, well, that's everything. I'll hand this recording over to you, Robin, so you can post it online for everybody else so they can go back to it--

- [Robin] Perfect-- Everybody has the opportunity to revisit this.

- [Yan] Yeah, and I'll share the PowerPoint presentation, as well, with everybody.

- [Robin] Perfect, alright, Yan. Thanks so much. I'm sure we will be in touch daily.

- [Yan] Great.

- [Marcy] Thank you, y'all.

- [Yan] You're welcome, Marcy. Thank you, everybody, and good luck out there.

- [Robin] Goodbye, everyone.

- [Yan] Take care.

- [Robin] Thank you.
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