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Hi All,

Do you have a need for automation for:

✓ exporting Matterport MatterTags
✓ importing Matterport MatterTags
✓ exporting Matterport Labels

How about exporting/importing for:

✓ hundreds of products for sale within a Matterport Digital Twin?
✓ Same space: different Matterport 3D Tour?
✓ Facilities Management (FM) annotation?
✓ Construction documentation?

In this WGAN-TV Training U Course in Automating Exporting & Importing Matterport MatterTags, HomePlan NZ Director Scott MacKenzie (@HomePlanNZ) shows and tells how the HomePlan NZ Platform automates the exporting and importing of Matterport MatterTags and Matterport Labels to make these kind of Matterport Digital Twin project possible.

Course includes:

✓ solving pain points for dealing with a large volume of Matterport MatterTags
✓ creating opportunities as a result of fast, easy and affordable automation of exporting/importing MatterTags


✓ online store front
✓ condition inspections prior to tenant taking over a long-term lease
✓ way-finding to MatterTag locations (in conjunction with MP/embed Matterport Showcase Overlay tool)
✓ construction documentation (mash-up punch list done with iAuditor with Matterport MatterTags at scale)
✓ copy Matterport MatterTags from one model to another model (re-process, model changed such as trimming)
✓ using a defect management system / digital property record (such as iAuditor) mash-up with MatterTags

Plus, it's great to see how HomePlan integrates two other platforms in its workflow:

WP3D Models WordPress Plugin

The @HomePlanNZ team developed this solution to reduce the time that this process took for their Matterport Service Provider business.

The HomePlan NZ MatterTag Importing/Exporting Platform leverages the Matterport API and SDK.

For WGAN Forum related discussions about this and other HomePlan NZ services, please see this WGAN Forum Tag: HomePlanNZ

Questions about importing/exporting Matterport MatterTags at scale?
What problem does the HomePlan platform solve for you?
What opportunity does the HomePlan platform create for you?



This WGAN-TV Training U Course in Automating Exporting & Importing Matterport MatterTags Includes

Screen Grab: 69A-WGAN-TV Automating Exporting and Importing Matterport MatterTags