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Simple DIY backpack for 360 camera to capture Street View11698

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Queensland, Australia
Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
I promised to show it a long time ago but was forgetting about it. Here it is with the pictures.

Basically the whole idea is to build a frame to fill all space inside a backpack as tight as possible. I have used aluminium bars called Connect it(if you in AU Bunnings sell them) because I have had some of them and also because you can buy them with corners to build a frame with them. The rest depends on your backpack and your pole. I am using a Neewer backpack for photographers but it is not cheap. The pole I am suing is also from Neewer monopod and it has 3/8 screw hole at the bottom. However any backpack with rigid back side and opening at the top and any pole you can fix to your frame should work.

How you are going to fix a pole to it depends on your pole, material used for building a frame but just make sure you create two fixing points. My frame has 3/8 screw for the pole bottom and at the top of the frame there is a bracket that holds the pole. The frame sits in my backpack super tight and there is no movement at all if I zip the back side of the backpack. If you are going to put some heavy camera(I built it for my Pilot Era which is 500g) on it make sure you are using a backpack with straps to lock it on your waist. Also shoulder straps are better to be locked on your chest. That all should guarantee that the backpack is not moving on your back.

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Thanks for sharing your DIY backpack for GSV.

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