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Enjoying the rush of business? Don't and here is why11444

Nail Soup Media
Sarasota, Florida
GlennTremain private msg quote post Address this user
Finally getting a ton of business? great and you should enjoy it but don't rely on it unless you change your message to your client base. Most of you are not communicating like you should. Your message is one of you are a photographer, videographer, drone or matterport taker. You need to be positioning yourself as a scout that guides them through the ever changing world of internet marketing. First were photos to HDR, then video then drone and 3D . virtual staging, matterport, and all the rest. It will never end and if you attach yourself to just matterport that is all, well ONLY business you get. The clients I represent are talking to agents and broker that they HAVE to have all of their listings become "virtual enabled" because real estate agents will not be showing homes anymore this year and by showing properties via eyespy360 and matterport/zoom combo with all the marketing points the give them these matterport switched to virtual media marketing pros are landing all the agents'/broker's listings to get 3D done as well as teaching the agents how to use all of the social media (which most agents are terrible at).

By the end of May these media pros will rake in the jump in business AND lock themselves in as being the continuous source to their clients and forever will be performing at a higher level of sales while you wonder where the jump business all went and want to blame matterport again. I'll post more soon.
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Nail Soup Media
Sarasota, Florida
GlennTremain private msg quote post Address this user
Here is something to learn from
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Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
Great advice, Glenn, as always. This is a unique moment for us and we need to learn and advance while we're stuck at home. Thus far I'm investing in learning new ways to present 360° images for high-end properties, but I'll be thinking about your advice.

Going forward, many more people will be asking agents "will you be doing a virtual tour?" for their properties. I got a call today from an agent I don't know. Here's how it went.

"I saw a Matterport you did for (address) and I'd like to know what it would cost to do that for a listing of mine."

(me) "Thanks for calling, however I didn't shoot that one. How did you you find me?"

"I googled Matterport and you were at the top. Are you Matterport?"

(me) "No, I'm not Matterport. I create Matterport 3D tours, but that's the name of the technology. I am Kevin at Have you created Matterport for a listing in the past?"

"No, not yet. What does it cost?"

... I went on explaining that I do Matterport but also a number of other styles of virtual tours. Conversation was good and I followed up with an email with links to examples of various virtual solutions, my standard reply to new contacts.

What surprised me, of course, is that this agent saw a Matterport tour, found me at the top of page one when googling "matterport los angeles" and figured I must BE Matterport.

Search credit goes to Glenn Tremain, above, who has monitored and built up SEO for for the past four years. It took time for me to first appear and then climb the ladder of Google search in a city the size of Los Angeles. I'm not always the very first on page one, but I'm always up there and the calls come my way. Thank you, Glenn.

When the first question from a new contact is about services and quality, I know I may be working for this person soon. When the first question is 'what's it cost' I'm often upfront. "You can find other people in town whose prices are lower, and they deliver a different level of service."

Walk into your local Mercedes dealer and ask the question "How much does a car cost?" If you don't like the price, tell them "Over at Kia I can get a car for less. Can't you match that?" After rolling their eye's they'll show you to the door.

It's no different in our business. If your only selling point is price, expect to get paid less. If your selling point is quality, extra service and innovation, you can build a career in this or any business. The choice is ours, no matter where we live.

All this to say... Glenn is right. We need to be "virtually enabled" in many ways, not just Matterport, especially as Matterport seems to want us to be Uber drivers, all the same, replaceable, without differentiation.

My recommendation for those of you who are willing to put in the hours... Learn multiple platforms. Experiment. Try things. Fail sometimes and try differently. Success will come if you do.

Oh, and if you want great SEO for your website, talk with Glenn!
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